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What's your preference?

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Do you prefer to drop your kids off for their visits or pick them up when the visit is over?

I feel like I should request that the receiving parent does the driving, that way I'll have no one to blame but myself if they're late coming home from a visit.
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Some people do that then find out the kids aren't ready (not dressed, packed etc). In cars like that if that person drops off they might get the kids ready in time. I think it so depends on the situation. I am just working this kind of stuff out too.
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Right now, we have the receiving parent picks up, with the thought that the parents will be more motivated to be on time when they are getting the kids...not working out so well!


He's been late picking the kids up (not super late, like 15 minutes or so) and doesn't have them ready when I get there to pick them up.


Frankly, I doubt he would be on time if we switched either though-I'm not sure I want to be in the position of waiting around for him to drop off the kids. 

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According to our state guidelines, receiving parent picks up so that's usually how it works. We're pretty flexible about it depending on schedules, etc.
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My ex and I always meet halfway in between our houses at a specific location. I give him a ten minute grace period if he is late picking up/dropping off our daughter and he does for me also . If that ten minutes is exceeded, we call one another to see what the problem is. Any later than that, late parent has to pick up/drop off child at other parent's house. I know it seems a little harsh but it makes it easier to see the other parents point of view when YOU are the one late lol.

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Our state says receiving parent does pick up. We have mostly done this. We tried meeting halfway for a few months but ex was ALWAYS late. It drove me crazy. I would rather just drive the entire distance, get there on time, and not waste 30 minutes waiting for him to arrive. He is pretty consistent with his pick up times...usually within an hour anyway.
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That depends.  When my ex and I first split and when overnights started, he did the pick up at the daycare and I picked up on Sunday.  That was actually easier on my youngest.  Now, it's flipped to where I drop them off on Friday and he brings them home on Sunday when it is his week-end.

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