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Lactose intolerance or some such in pregnancy

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I am 11 weeks pregnant and am starting to think that I have developed some sort of a dairy intolerance/sensitivity. I felt rotten for about a month (which I sort of expected based on my first pregnancy) but also had a really hard time finding foods I wanted to eat. I also found myself really not wanting cheese at all, which I had a hard time coping with because cheese is a staple of my diet and I typically have it at most meals and it features in most of the dishes I cook regularly. Finally this week I bit the bullet and tried a couple days of minimal dairy and I did feel better. I had a piece of cheese and half a latte yesterday and felt okay, so today I had a bowl of cream soup and a cup of hot chocolate, and I felt like crap! I think some of the feeling like crap is correlated to dairy. 


I have a friend who is lactose-intolerant and her lactose tolerance actually improved when she was pregnant. I seem to have gone the other way. 

So, anyway, anybody else dealing with anything like this? It's kind of blindsided me. I never even knew this was a thing. Is it a thing? (Also, any recipe recommendations? We don't have any other dietary restrictions.)

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My lactose intolerance startednjn pregnancy though now I am starting to think it is a dairy intolerance.
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Im sorry you are dealing with this. When I was pregnant my lactose intolerance improved also..it was wonderful. My doctor said that it was the up in progesterone that made for slower digestion in pregnant women which means women who are normally sensitive to dairy suddenly are not. I t would be hard for me to believe you were having the reverse affect. Is it possible it was the coco or the sugar that made you feel awful? What were your symptoms? *hugs* to you.

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I found a long thread on another board with lots of women who had similar experiences. Although their symptoms didn't seem to quite match mine. My main symptom is just "feeling crummy" and it's hard to break it down further than that. Still, I can see that if I develop a dairy sensitivity/intolerance during pregnancy, I am far from alone. I'll also keep an eye on sugar. I do not think it is helping either, and I haven't been eating as much as I normally do. 

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I noticed the same thing the first time around with my son.  It definitely lingered after he was born as well (although it may just be getting older too).  This time around I've noticed I can eat a lot more than I usually do with no ill effects, so the opposite is happening.  (This one's a girl, interestingly enough.)

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 Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes.


I was allergic to dairy as a baby (drank soy formula when it had to be gotten by prescription) and as a child (to the point of anaphylaxis). I eventually grew out of it. When I was about where you are (10-11wks) I had an overwhelming desire for a vanilla malt from a wonderful little place near me. It was delicious. But then it soured in my stomach and made me ill. A week later, I had a little scoop of butter pecan ice cream, and that made me the same kind of sick, but proportionately less. Maybe ten days after that, the filling in a crème puff gave me the same quality of ick.


I can still handle aged or fermented dairy. Hard cheese in particular isn't a problem. But I've had to switch to coconut milk for lattés and just lay off creamy sauces and soups altogether. I tried a cup of tea with a tablespoon of cream last week and learned that being in my second trimester hasn't helped the situation. I wonder if it's my body telling me that baby has my childhood allergy?


I will be very interested to see if baby is allergic and also to see if I can have cream again once he's born. In the mean time, it's nice that my favorite frozen yogurt place always has sorbet available.

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I had that problem too, so basically ate mostly vegan during this last pregnancy.  The problem disappeared as soon as the baby was born.

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Today was my 4th day of no dairy. At work I ate about a medium-sized bunch of grapes and my "feeling crummy" returned with a vengeance. I conclude there is something sugar-related there. Now I don't know about dairy. I don't really want to eat any right now but maybe I'll give it a few more days and try a bit of dairy again. 

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I am expecting and suddenly having trouble with dairy. I usually drink a ton of milk so its been really frustrating. I usually drink fresh unpasteurized milk but I tried to switch to pasteurized store milk in the first trimester. I had a splitting headache and rolling stomach for 4 days before I finally realized what the cause was. I am now 36 weeks and I had some ice cream and the same thing happened. I am curious if I will be able to drink it again after this little one comes.

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