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2 Month Vaccine Advice Needed

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My baby girl will be getting her 2 month vaccines this week. We've decided to vaccinate for a number of reasons, and she will be starting daycare in 3 weeks. Does anyone have any advice or "lessons learned" to share with me? Anything I can do to ease the pain- baby Tylenol? Anything I can do to minimize the side effects?
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Tylenol is not recommended after getting vaccines


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I wouldn't give preventative tylenol.  I would personally only give it if the baby developed a fever and was uncomfortable.  If you are nursing doing so during or immediately after will help with soothing.  If you use a pacifer sucking on it during shots may help as well. 


I am sure you have heard horror stories.  However, it also can be a simple painless anti-climatic experience.  For us, my son never got a fever, was never crabby afterwards and was content by the time we re-dressed him and left the office.  He never cried more than 30 seconds and there were no side effects.

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Nursing afterwards. My son never cried longer than 3 minutes for any of his shots.
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Mommy attention immediately after also helped my girls calm down. They always seemed more momentarily shocked by the pinch of the needle but were soothed rather quickly.
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I echo the nursing immediately afterwards, and tylenol only if a fever develops - not in anticipation of a problem. Our last experience (MMR booster at 3.5 yrs) was, thankfully the anti-climax that Dakotacakes describes.


Also be kind to yourself. I find it an emotionally draining experience to take the kids in for vaccines. Cuddles and comfort afterwards works for both you and baby. :)  

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/member hat

I haven't btdt - but I am wondering if maybe you drank some chamomile tea or something beforehand that could help soothe via your breastmilk?  It has all kinds of great benefits and can be a light sedative, anti inflammatory etc.

here is a link with some info: http://www.herbwisdom.com/herb-chamomile.html

Might also help you if you are nervous about the whole experience youself.

Be blessed!

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I didn't start until later, but definitely nursing and no Tylenol. I'm a fan of emla cream. I never allow the kids to lie down and be held down, instead they sit on my lap - an infant I'd hold and nurse. There was a paper that showed several ways to ease the pain. I remember that they concluded prevnar to be the most painful injection and suggested it last.
I'd carefully study which brands they offer. My office orders the brands I like. If I did all on the schedule, I'd prefer daptacel, acthib, ipol instead of pentacel to minimize aluminum exposure. I don't feel more needle picks are bad, I'm more worried about ingredients. I can't offer advice on hepb brands since i haven't researched those yet as we're holding off until later.
There are two rota brands. I find them both equal but we skipped them.
As for fever I'd only give Tylenol if it gets high. I undress baby or bathe to lower it. Luckily the kids never had fevers in the infant stage and we vaccinate later, dd had her only fever that was low after mmr. Oh if you get a large lump at the injection site I recommend clay. I used French green clay which helped within 2 days.
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Thank you everyone! So much!
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Best of luck. Hope it goes well, and keep us posted. :)

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At my ped's practice we nurse while the vaccine is administered. It works great, and my kid barely notices aside from a cry of surprise. Perhaps you could ask to do the same. 

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