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Lost and found: my search for knowledge

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Quick intro:  Hi!  I'm starting my first pregnancy adventure at 33 yrs old with mixed emotions (thankfully planned, sometimes psychologically prepared, always overwhelmed).  We're at 8wk 4d today, family support is many miles away, DH jobless for 9 months, and I work in a NICU.  


Grateful:  that my DH was more excited than me with the news, that my sister is overwhelmingly supportive in every possible way, that I have stumbled onto this website for guidance and information in my search to learn what is happening to me sans drama/fear tactics.


Could use more: exercise, stretching, water, sun, laughter, family within a 2 hr radius, tricks to get DH to READ some info on what's happening with me. 


Could use less: personal opinions from coworkers on home birth/natural birth/limited intervention birth options, morning all day nausea.


Epiphany:  My search for a pregnancy website that supported my decisions/opinions was very similar when I was planning my wedding.  All the mainstream wedding sites felt like they pushed spending more money, getting married in a church with a huge crowd, lavish dresses because you're a pretty pretty princess, etc.  That never sat well with me and we eloped to Florence, Italy - my decision made some family/friends very upset, but also showed me other friends/family who honored and supported my choices.  While I haven't told people our pregnancy news yet (except my sister), I think the same people who supported my marriage decision will be the same people who support my search for birth options and parenting style.  While my parents weren't on our "supportive person" list, I'm hoping I can at least improve my reactions to their statements instead of dropping a few f-bombs.  Sometimes it's good to have 1,500 miles between us.  

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Hi cj-crafty and welcome to Mothering! I think you'll find our community to be quite warm and welcoming and definitely on your side of the fence! lol.gif


Have you joined your Due Date Club yet? If not I highly recommend you do. Lots of moms all due the same month, sharing experiences and supporting each other throughout their pregnancies, births and beyond. You'll find our Due Date Clubs herelove.gif

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Thanks for the info on the due date club - will join asap!  And a big thank you for the warm welcome :)  

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You're very welcome! thumb.gif

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