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EXHAUSTED! OMG I'm so zzzzzzz......

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I seem to have about a 3 hour limit on staying awake. I think my body might actually be mimicking a new born. I want to wake up eat, and go back to sleep. I'm falling asleep at my desk, yawning my way through the day and spending most of my early evenings asleep on the couch. I have absolutely no problem sleeping, yes I'm getting up a few times a night for the washroom, but I walk there like a zombie and crash again. It's not an overtired feeling, I'm just plain exhausted. 


Anyone else?


How are you coping? Especially if you're working full time as well. 

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Have you had your Vitamin D levels checked or had bloodwork done? I know that exhaustion is completely normal in the 1st trimester, but here's what I discovered:

Until last week, I would have exactly enough energy to wake-up with my toddler and do morning meal/errands/playtime, but as soon as 11 am hit (nap time for DS), that was it: I was d.o.n.e. Mama was crashed on the couch for the rest of the day.

After my 1st prenatal appointment, I had blood work done, including a Vitamin D test. My CNM called to tell me that I had a vitamin D deficiency, and to start taking 4000 units of D3 supplements daily.

Now I'm back to my old self! I do get my sleepy moments, but they were nothing compared to before. I suspect the combination of the Vitamin D and nearing the end of the 1st trimester is helping.
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I picked up some vitamin D, can't hurt. I'm still waiting for my first appointment with my OB. We're at an awkward transition phase between our fertility clinic which handled the early pre-natal care and now waiting to be brought on by the high risk OB clinic. Grrrr, hate waiting. 

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Me too! Totally exhausted, though some days are better than others. I'd also make sure you get your thyroid levels checked. I have been extremely tired and went to see the doctor who follows me for my thyroid today. She increased my levels and prescribed an additional med and wants to check my levels every 2 months during my pregnancy.

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I'm exhausted, too. If I don't sleep til 9 I have to go back to bed within an hour of waking up. But I'm not sleeping well, I just toss and turn. I srsly doubt it's Vit D for me since we have a pool in the backyard and I get plenty of rays but I'll see how much is in my prenatal and maybe add more, thanks for the tip!
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I am right there with you.  I'm so tired and unmotivated.  And lately I've been waking up at night as well.  I hope it lets up soon.  I'm 8 weeks today.  If I remember correctly, though, it doesn't usually get better for me until 14 or 15 weeks. 

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I'm 16w5d and I'm absolutely zombified. It's been this way for the past 3 days...part of it is my son has started waking up an hour earlier than usual in the morning (seriously considering blackout curtains for his room), but even when I take a nap, I'm still exhausted. I've noticed that I'm especially feeling tired after eating...and I don't have to eat much to feel full.

Anyone else in the 2nd trimester have a serious case of the sleepies?
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alaura24, I am 14 weeks 2 days and can barely get off the couch today. It's so frustrating. I keep thinking it's the second trimester, why doesn't this end!

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3 hours awake is what I feel too. And I am 16w tomorrow...


Have been taking 5000mg D3 daily.


Getting slightly less exhausted, but still need to either sleep in or nap or both.


baby loves it ;)

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I hear you--I am so tired, too, especially in the afternoons. I am 16 weeks today and maybe (?) it is getting a bit better, but I find that I can't really stand for very long before I need to be horizontal. I have a four year old, and I will fall asleep while he is playing because I literally can't keep my eyes open. I appreciate the vit. D reminder--I will get better about taking my fish oil and see if that helps. I was like this in my last pregnancy, but that time I didn't have a young child, though I did work full time.


I got through the work day (sometimes holding my head up with my hand and closing my eyes for a while so it "looked" like I was working...so sneaky, I know...sometimes taking a nap in the bathroom...) mostly I think work was okay, but when I got home, I really needed to crash and would rest on the couch until bedtime, which for me then was 8pm. I remember that by week 18 I had my energy back and was talking one hour walks and such. Right now getting to the car feels like an achievement, but I also just keep reminding myself what my body is doing and not to be hard on myself. We'll get through it!!!

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I'm 16w and change and I've been exhausted pretty much the entire pregnancy. The only thing that really helped was working out, but now I've been given the kibosh on the running/jumping/climbing I'd been doing and have been relegated to the pool. (As I don't have a pool membership this is a slight problem). But for anyone who is consistently exhausted exercise might help! Also, having your iron checked. I've always been borderline anemic and upping my leafy green and red meat intake has helped.

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I am here with you ladies! When I nap with my little guy I say a little prayer for you too. Aweful tired and nauseous days but I am telling myself: small price to pay for a little miracle. My very active 21 month old is not getting all the mommy he needs but what can you do, and maybe he is getting more grumpy momma too. Caillou - yes I know t.v. is a hot topic- has been getting far too much air time but such is life. I "try" to take my prenatals, B6 and D. Lab work is fine. Don't think it is the breastfeeding but got to admit if it were not for the 4 moves this year... we would be phasing it out (won't be going all tandem like I thought as that just seems impossible for me at this point). Was nauseated and moved at a snails pace with my first pregnancy for almost 9 months; was hoping this one would be different. What are the odds of all my pregnancies being like this... yikes thought they were all supposed to be different:( One day at at time. Who knows, maybe we will all get a boost of healthy energy as the second trimester progresses and the hormone balance changes. Best wishes!
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I'm trying to keep hopeful about this energy burst I keep hearing about - haven't seen it yet and I'm 15wk.  My fatigue is paired with a large dose of apathy, which is not like me at all.  I just don't have the energy to care what the bathroom looks like, how filthy the kitchen is, or when I last cooked.  Just put my gym membership on hold, which is probably the worst thing to do but I'd rather work out at home anyway (the dog keeps me busy and happy too!).  Maybe vit. D is the next step, haven't used it in a while.  

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