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Would you/Did you eat your placenta?

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I guess we should define eat. LOL  I didn't with my first child, but I did have it dried and encapsulated with my second.


So, I don't know if that qualifies as "eating"....


Did you consume your placenta in some way after you had your baby?

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I haven't had a baby before, but I am planning to eat my placenta in the form of a placenta smoothie right after birth and then I am getting the rest encapsulated, although I might save some to bury under a tree when baby is a bit older.

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I wasted my first baby's placenta. I had no idea it had any value. I paid for encapsulation with my second, and did the encapsulating myself the third time around. I highly recommend it. I have heard of all of the perceived benefits of consuming the placenta, but it didn't sway me. What did sway me is the fact that other mammals consume their placentas. That, to me, means that it is the biologically normal thing to do. Animals aren't weighed down by social constraints.

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No, I've never found the idea very appealing, even encapsulated. Maybe its a cultural thing today, that I can't wrap my mind around the idea of consuming something that came out of my body. But I understand why some people do and I fully support that choice. smile.gif
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I did not w my other DC, but I will with this baby (sept). I plan to eat as much raw as possible the first 48 hours or so, then start on the TCM prepared caps when they are done (hiring a specialist); I am also having tinctures made, so the rest will last approximately forever.


When I asked my OB about policies & keeping placenta, he said, "Oh, yeah, no problem; just bring a cooler! ... You're not going to -eat- it are you? BC they're really gross!" LOL!


I did tell him I found it a bit hard to imagine as well & it's taken me 6 months to talk myself into it-- so I don't need him reminding me how gross he thinks it is! But that I'm 2 for 3 on PPD & if they told me eating a maggot-infested-cow-pie everyday would help, that I'd probably consider it, bc nothing in the world for me was worse than PPD & perhaps one can't understand unless she's been there.


That said, we keep lots of mammals around-- yes, they all eat their placentas & they do great as a rule. (I've heard camels do not eat placenta, but I wonder if it's bc the herding dogs present with the humans eat it before the mom can-- this has happened with my sheep. One ewe will butt the guard dogs away 'til she's done eating the placenta, & then she'll let them come help bond w & lick the lambs bc they're all family after all... but I digress)


Maybe you mamas would like to see the survey re placenta experiences & results? I'll try to link it later-- sorry it's been a while & I don't recall how or where to find my survey!

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Although I was kind of disgusted by the thought of eating mine while I was pregnant (hello, morning sickness!), I had half encapsulated and put the other half in smoothies (with yogurt, blackberries, maple syrup, etc.) raw. I think we cut it into pieces and froze them and added them to the smoothies over the course of 2 or 3 days. I could not taste it, but it did make the color of the smoothie darker. I could not bring myself to eat it like a cooked meat, even though that's what my MIL did and she said it wasn't too bad.

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I did with both my home births.  I froze chunks and put them in berry smoothies a few times a day for the first week or so.  

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We had a wonderful woman encapsulate my placenta for our baby's home birth.  She came over the day our baby was born and the next day brought back 160 capsules and a broth that I drank during the first few days.  I took the capsules just as she instructed with more in the first few weeks and then tapering off.  I personally credit the capsules for making the transition from preggers to happy mummy so smooth for me.  I also have a tincture with the last few pills soaking as we speak that I hope to use "forever" as well.


I do think that we will process the next baby's placenta ourselves as it was described to us as pretty easy and my husband is a chef and open to this little DIY project!


In my experience, having my placenta encapsulated and having the broth really completed the journey to motherhood for me.  I highly recommend it!!

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I took a cotyledon from my last baby's placenta off with scissors and swallowed it whole.  I had major uterine cramps for a few days, but very little blood loss and tons of energy.  My milk came in faster that baby too.  Of course, this is just my anecdotal experience of it.  I like to tell people about it when they get grossed out by birthy stuff.

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I had 2 hospital births and didn't do anything with the placentas. I was considering it the second time around but it didn't detach and I ended up in the OR with a D&C to get it out after an uncomplicated vaginal birth. After having someone elbow deep in me, trying to dislodge the darn thing and finally pulling it out in ragged pieces, I've had enough of placentas for a while lol. I totally support anyone wishing to consume theirs for the many benefits, I'm just all placenta-d out myself wink1.gif
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Oh! So sorry skycheattraffic! Placenta plans aside, that sounds very traumatic. What an ordeal to go thru just when you think you're out of the woods after giving birth!

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No. It doesn't gross me out or anything, I just haven't found any evidence to convince me that it is beneficial (and yes I have looked into it, there just isn't any research on it that is very good either way)

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Originally Posted by Oread View Post

No. It doesn't gross me out or anything, I just haven't found any evidence to convince me that it is beneficial (and yes I have looked into it, there just isn't any research on it that is very good either way)



I kinda second this position.  I am very data oriented when it comes to medicine and don't follow homeopathy much either.  I don't want to throw out the baby with the bathwater but I have very little patience with anecdotal evidence.  

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I didn't with either of mine. Mostly because I'm lazy and it felt like one more thing to do.

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I encapsulated mine with my first and will now with my second as well- 2 days postpartum, we're doing it today
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