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What's your favorite word your toddler says?

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My favorites were:

Wack-a-mole for guacamole

And hamster or monster for lobster
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My son used to say ah-go-pa-gi for pumpkin. He was really easy to understand and great at communicating, but for whatever reason that's what pumpkin was. My sister and I still call them that because it was so funny.

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To-food is my all-time favorite. I also really miss doorknobber.
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My girl just started saying her name yesterday... that's currently my favorite :)

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Happy-klopter for helicopter is our hands down favourite wink1.gif
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I like "bummoon" for balloon and "dramma" for grandma. 

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My daughter said " I'm dropping wet" instead of sopping wet
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We had "up-and-down" for a bus.  Because "The people on the bus go up and down!"

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Raindrella (Umbrella)

Wall-leap (Wallet)

Roganic (Organic)

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Delicilous for delicious and tacky-toes for taquitos.

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Ha! These are so cute and fun!

I love "dramma" for grandma!
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she used to say "dah-beet" for peanut butter and "nanu" for love you...and she calls herself "kanin" for kaelyn ;-)

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My daughter - restronaut for restaurant
My son - cake you! For thank you.
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Current faves include: belly buppon for belly button; scunsceen for sunscreen. used to say din down for playground and bockedy for broccoli. and of course, the all time most important NUNK for mommy's milk.

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It will be a sad day when our daughter no long says, "mupples." It's her word for "nipples."

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Loved reading this thread. My little one says 'bocky' for broccoli, 'amidals' for animals and 'akshy' for actually, my favorite. He used to say ''baba' for mama and that morphed into 'babuck' when he learned duck and truck. He still (at 21 mos) calls me babuck on occasion and I looooove it. smile.gif I always get sad when he starts pronouncing something the right way!
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He has a word he created, Hump-bash. That is where the whiskers grow out on the pets and Daddy's face.

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Lol adorable stuff!! I forgot to add "sunscream", another crowd pleaser wink1.gif
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oyt-meal  for oatmeal.  It was adorable especially said in that sweet little voice.

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My 7 year old still says oyt-meal too! My middle one said lala for every liquid. My first said oosh for shoes.

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