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These are so fun to read! When DD1 was 1.5 she called penguins ka-mem-mems and octopuses octo-mem-mems. No idea why!! DD2 is now 2 and also calls shoulders shurtles!! Both girls called nursing nanee
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My daughter has been saying a word that we couldn't figure out what it meant. We've been saying it back to her not knowing what she's saying, turns out "a-wak-a" means walk.

My brother who is 10 years younger than I used to say "addin" for yes. That was quite the source of amusement for family and friends back then.
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orport for airport


ard sale for yard sale

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"Hockey Dockeys" is Walkie Talkies (this took weeks to figure out)

"Pootie" is Computer

"Ringbell" is Door bell

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I forgot one - I love it when DD says "woofing" instead of barking. So cute.
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my 18 month old has been saying 'mac mo mo' for a while now and we just figured it out the other day when he said it while emphatically pointing at a motorcycle! 

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My 25 month old says "so-see" for soda and it is the cutest!

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This thread is so cute!!


My 3-year-old calls himself a "toggler" instead of a toddler, and asks for "gummins" instead of vitamins. He asks to watch car crashing instead of the Cars movie. My 5-1/2 year old used to call music... mucus. Both kids at around the same age called pasta... see-sa. We have a hamster named Daphne. My son calls her Daphme. I weaned DS at around 25 months. When he wanted to nurse, he used to come up to me and ask for "amyoo". I have no idea how to spell what he would say. When he wants to be picked up he says, "awa". I have no idea where he got either of those from!!! I'm sure there is more and when I think of it, I'll add.


I love toddler-speak!!!

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Chicken-->"kerchen"! Lol this is a recent development smile.gif
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Originally Posted by skycheattraffic View Post

Lol adorable stuff!! I forgot to add "sunscream", another crowd pleaser wink1.gif



My son says sunscream too!

He calls scooters and motorcycles "pookas"

"cam-n-zee-ah" is his made up word for cement mixer

"aminals" for animals

"bacado" for avocado

"manana" for banana

"scarabus" for asparagus

"keinapple" for pineapple

"peanut bunner and delly" for pb&j

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I'm seeing quite a few familiar ones here--we also have "Dramma" (now gamma), dah-ey for daddy (she just recently started pronouncing the middle consonant) and dee doo for thank you. Except now for "thank you" she says "tank you a welcome!"


I love that she's almost 2.5 and has hung on to "force" for horse--I have no idea why, as she pronounces the "h" just fine with other words.


Our latest favorite is "pocsiple" instead of "popsicle" and "tase-a-diya" for quesadilla. And "amole" for "guacamole." (and "Chipotwe" for Chipotle--you can tell we haven't had much time for home cooking lately...)

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Also, she mixes up her pronouns, as in "Her going to the store? You putting she to bed?"

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These are all so great! DS thought moths were called waffles, for whatever reason. Then he graduated to calling them "moffles". Still my favorite!
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Aww, these are so cute!

My DD1 used to have a lot of these. She said "amnids" for watermelon, and we eventually figured put that she'd gotten the names of watermelon and lemonade confused smile.gif
She also said "pol-nailish" for nail polish and "eye flashes" instead of eyelashes.

DS has just a few- "chop skit" for Chapstick. "Mimi" for nursing and "mimis" for breasts. smile.gif
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Rophie for Sophie, the next door neighbor's dog! Die for our dog Sky! Ma for mama milk. Asta for hasta la vista. Dadoo for tattoo, which may be a short cut for Dada's tattoos. 

Her sign language is really cute too, she made up her own sign which is a combo of more and please, she signs more on her chest. Its a short cut!

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Dussel-German for belly button, but DD uses it for nipples, electrical sockets, and the tied-off end of wufboons(Luftbalons/balloons).

Dodo-DD's name for her brother, Moses.

Moma- Grandma/Oma.

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Gooten Fee=Gluten Free



We are a GF organic family so we say those words ALOT!!!

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Eye-peen-doan = ice cream cone

Wa-wa-wee = Valerie (friend)

Lo = diaper (his favourite ones are yellow)

Holala bar = granola bar

Mook = milk

Am-am-ance = ambulance
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Mine says pock-a-doodle for popsicle and banklet for blanket.

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Can't believe I forgot: moon sauce for massage and nah-wish for sandwich.

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