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How are everyone's first appointment's going?

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I had my first appointment today.  It went VERY well.  I have issues with ob's.  My first birth was traumatic and I have a lot of regrets so I hate doctors. I'll have to have another c-section... my 4th.  I resent that.  I digress.


I met with a certified nurse midwife today.  It was a great appointment.  We are on the same page on everything. And I learned small things that really help me.  Like I can have all of my blood work and even the glucose test right in the office.  No more driving to the hospital getting lost and freaking out the way I tend to do when driving to an unfamiliar place.  


I told her we are vegan and she didn't flinch.  She just wanted assurance that I take a B12 and get lots of leafy greens.  She even recommended that I NOT take the yucky syrup crud for the glucose stuff since people who don't eat processed sugar do NOT respond well to it.  Instead I'll be given two juice boxes.  I can deal with that.  The bloodwork, my diet, and the glucose test were my major sources of anxiety.  She relieved them all.


I have been spotting very faint brown very irregularly.  Just enough to make me nuts.  She was really reassuring that it's nothing to worry about and we scheduled an ultrasound for Wednesday.


So... I walked away feeling like a million pounds was lifted.  Still want to the see that bean on the screen just for the last might of feeling great about things.


Only hitch is she's only in the office closest to me on the days I have no childcare.  Go figure!  I'll figure it out though!


How are your first appointments going?

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I'm amazed that so many people are already talking about their first appointments - here, you don't see a doctor/midwife until you're 12 weeks (unless you're high risk, I assume?). Mine is next monday!

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Actually for me today was a totally informational. I did pee in a cup, get my blood pressure done as well as well as a weight check.

After that we sat in the office and just went over history, expectations, and questions. My actual first real medical appointment is at 12 weeks.
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I had a very reassuring first appointment. I, too chose a midwife because I don't trust OBs after my first traumatic birth experience and C-section.

DH went with me for my first appointment which was at 8 weeks--when I booked the appt, they told me to bring him, since they would be doing a sonogram and dads are big fans of sonograms.

I got a chance to discuss VBAC with the midwife, and she was very reassuring: their practice had a 70% success rate for VBACs, and they don't believe in induction unless the mother goes past 42 weeks, and even then it's a case by case thing.

She also was willing to estimate my due date based on my cycle length (33-35 days) rather than my LMP. The sonogram showed our little Nibbler to measure right on with my estimate: 8 weeks, 3 days.

She also discussed with me the recommended genetic screening options I had, since I'm over 35, but made sure I know that they are *my* options, not requirements. I'm opting for the Harmony test, which ill be doing some time this week.

So while I'm happy with the care I'm getting, DH just informed me that there's a chance we could be relocating back to Ohio in the next year...possibly before the baby is born! If that happens, I'll be at square one again...hopefully I can find a VBAC friendly practice in whatever area we live...
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alaura24, let me know if you end up in Ohio. We'll be neighbors!


My appointment was towards the end of last month and it went well, although next time (if there is a next time) I'll avoid getting 6 tubes of blood drawn when I am already feeling crummy. 


There are 3 CNMs in the practice and I have only met one (she was in the practice that delivered my first daughter) so I look forward to meeting the other two at my next appointments. 

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I had my first appointment last Thursday at 9 weeks. It went really well! I go to a midwife, who runs her own practice, which is super small. I'm already so grateful for that, as I can tell the level of attention I'll get will be fantastic. I had to call them yesterday to ask a question and a nurse actually answered the phone herself and I immediately got to talk to one of the midwives. No being on hold, no leaving a message. It was great! The appointment itself went well - the MW called up on the spot to get me an ultrasound that same afternoon, one hour later, since I was concerned that I wasn't having symptoms. She was super reassuring about everything, complimented my breasts, saying they would be "great for breastfeeding" (haha, sounds weird, but it wasn't...) The only downside for me is that the clinic is super far from where I work and live - like 30 minutes. I'll deliver at a hospital that is just a few miles away, though. It will just be annoying for the appointments.


My ultrasound came back right on target, too! It was such a relief to see the baby kicking away and hear that everything measured right on target. Whew! Now just want to get past the genetic screening in a few weeks and will then feel much better.


I am wondering about this glucose test. I gag at the thought of having to drink that stuff. Is it REALLY necessary/highly recommended? I also eat super healthy and don't eat processed food or drink soda. I forgot to ask my midwife about it when she mentioned it...

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Where I am, the glucose test is not mandatory and if you have no risk factors and eat well and exercise, I don't feel it's necessary if you don't want it. Most midwives allow you to opt out of standard tests. The only standard test I don't opt out of is the GBS screen because in case of a home to hospital transfer the hospital assumes you're GBS positive and treats you for it (Meaning: IV antibiotics during labour).
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If you do decide to take the glucose test, the sugary drink is like flat orange soda or super-sweet fruit punch. I didn't have a problem with it, and I gag very easily when having to take pills (and I'm terrible at drinking shots of alcohol). It's not that bad an ordeal. And by the time you take it (around 16 weeks) most morning sickness is done.
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Also, the first glucose test is actually a screening test. If you fail it you neef to take another test where you fast overnight and then you drink the syrup and then draw blood. Then you wait for one hour and they draw blood again. I did this one last time and the fasting part was difficult. By the time the test was over it was past noon and I was pretty faint. As it turned out I dis not have GD. There are simply a certain number of women that will fail the screening.
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It's great to see so many excellent first appointments! joy.gif I have had several appointments with my OBGYN already due to some red bleeding at 5 weeks. Those all went well. I will continue with him throughout the pregnancy and won't start seeing my homebirth midwife until 20 weeks.


I hate the glucose test! I will probably just monitor my blood sugar on an at home glucometer . . . not sure yet. I was gestational diabetic with my last pregnancy.

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I don't want to take the glucose test. i can't imagine how horrible I would feel at the end of that hour. I would rather monitor with a glucometer for a few days. Some practices will let you eat a particular food and then be tested an hour later, instead of drinking the glucola. I was offered the option of grape juice or a banana with my last one. I still worried about getting hungry within the hour, but I was constantly ravenous during that pregnancy. 

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I have an interview with a midwife tomorrow. I have never met her but she lives right down the street. Thought that was convenient. Still, we will probably UC again.
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I went only to have my progesterone checked. I don't plan on doing any visits until I actually move and find a MW there. I don't want any doppler/US anyway, so what's the point. I don't get having visits before 12 weeks...
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I had my first appointment this week, at 10 weeks. It was an opportunity to check in with my midwife (the same one I had with DD) about how the pregnancy is going and get some baseline blood work. I opted for iron levels and thyroid, as recommended by my naturopath and also RH antibodies (I'm RH negative).

I think the purpose of appointments before 12 weeks are for genetic testing. I opted out of this, but my midwife still wanted to see me at 10 weeks because she's on vacation next month and I'll be seeing one of her colleagues while she's off.
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Sorry, joined this due date club, accident, I needed the March due date! Sorry for bothering u!
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My midwife uses one of those veggie drinks you can buy at the store... it's green, comes in a bottle, has all natural ingredients, lots of kale or something... anyway, you might want to ask if that's an option. Spiking your blood sugar during pregnancy is never a good idea but synthetic crap and sugars? No way. You can skip the test as well if your provider is up for it... 


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Had my second appt and got to hear Nibbler's heartbeat on the Doppler! The sonogram at the first appt had no sound, so this was the first time hearing it... Music to my ears...
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I did not see a doctor until I was 7 and a half months pregnant for my first pregnancy. Will probably wait as long as possible this time around as well. I am healthy, I take care of myself and want to let nature do its thing.

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I haven't posted on here in awhile - busy, busy and super sleepy in the evening! I was in MN for an extended summer visit and was planning to stay the whole summer, visiting family and friends, with my kiddos, but decided to come back home to WA a month into our MN visit. Was a lovely trip, but was missing DH and it was hard to be away from home during early pregnancy! Now that we are back home, I was able to check in with my midwife today for the first time. I am 10 weeks. We heard a little heartbeat!! I had a miscarriage in January, so it was such a relief to hear that sweet sound! I literally cried tears of joy smile.gif!
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Dragged my DH to the first appt (I don't think he was nearly as excited as I was) and heard the heartbeat!  Pretty sure I saw tears in his eyes :)  It was music to my ears - I listen to little hearts all the time, but this one (of course) was very meaningful.  Kinda makes baby more "real" as opposed to just feeling symptoms (if that makes sense).  Now when I start feeling crummy I think about the little "thumpthumpthump" we heard.  Eyes on the prize!

Glad to be working with a midwife group - there's 7 of them and I hope to meet them all before our big day.  Next appt is in a month when I get an US.  Grateful that the midwife we spoke to discussed the option of not doing some early testing since we're low risk - nice to have someone who spouts facts rather than fear in the medical community.  

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