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My Canada Day Baby!

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I have been meaning to post my birth story but haven't had a chance to sit down at the computer until now. (I am too slow to type out much more then a few words from my iphone lol) I had my youngest baby boy on Canada Day. joy.gif


I have had 3 natural, non medicated hospital births now. This one was by far the most painful and confusing.


Baby #1, I had about 12hrs of pre-labour, nothing painful, just weak contractions that slowly got closer together over the course of a day. Active labour was 6hrs long followed by almost 2hrs of pushing. Coached pushing. Really bad third degree tear. Baby was 9lbs8oz


Baby #2 Felt crampy for weeks before birth but no actual contractions were felt. No pre labour, active labour was 3.5hrs long, I was 6cms on arrival at the hospital, contrax were 3mins apart. Baby was posterior THE ENTIRE LABOUR no matter what labouring position I tried. All contractions were felt in my back.  Only 6 minutes of pushing. This labour was my easiest even though baby was OP. I really don't understand why but this was without a doubt my easiest labour. Second degree tear, baby was 9lbs even.



Baby #3. On Saturday night, I woke up around midnight feeling contractions. They were not super strong but enough to keep me awake. After laying in bed, timing them for about an hour (contrax were irregular, approx. 10-15mins apart) I decided to get up and take a bath. They totally went away after my bath so I went back to sleep.

Now, Sunday night, around 3am, same thing happened, weak contractions woke me up. I laid in bed for a while then decided to get up and go for a walk to see if they would get stronger and they did....I woke up hubby around 4 and told him that I thought I was in labour so we got our stuff ready to go to the hospital. Contractions were painful but were still not close together or in a regular pattern but we had an hour long drive into the city to the hospital and I thought I would be in full blown active labour by the time we got there...I was wrong..We got to the hospital around 6am, contractions were still far apart but we decided to go in and get checked since we had drove all the way into the city.  I was at 3cms and 80% effaced. Contractions showed up on the moniter but the "big" contrax were irregular, roughly 10mins apart. The nurses suggested I walk the halls so I did for a few hours. Contrax got stronger when I was walking but slowed down when I stopped. Got checked again around 8am, no changes.The doctor offered to break my water and said I would have my baby by lunch if we did that but I declined. I didn't feel comfortable having my water broke when my contrax were so irregular and I was only 3cms so they discharged me and I went home.


Took a nap, contraxs went away entirely. Took a walk, contractions came back but still irregular so I just went on with my day as usual. The contractions grew stronger and more painful by the evening but were still 10-15mins apart. By midnight-ish, they were starting to get very painful, pain was radiating from my hips to my thighs but they were STILL super far apart...I laid in bed until about 1 in misery then finally decided to go back to the hospital. Contractions were so intense but I was totally comfortable for the duration between them. We arrived at the hospital at 2am Monday morning, shockingly, I was at 6-7cms and 100% effaced even though contrax were 8-12mins apart so I was admitted. I laboured in the shower for about an hour, then my doctor came in to check me, was at 8cms and she suggested breaking my water to speed things along. I've never had my water broken until JUST before baby was delivered so I was nervous about that. She talked me into it, water was clear, baby sounded great so I went back into the shower after the monitor came back off..


About an hour later, the contractions really intensified and I started to feel completely done with labor. I started complaining and whimpering for a while but my hubby was great and talked me through the pain then started to feel faint, like I would pass out so I got out of the shower and went over to the bed for a little rest but I was checked and found to be 10cms with a little lip so I just stayed there until I felt the urge to push. I pushed only when I felt the urge (or my body would voluntarily do it for me) Pushing stage lasted about 20mins but it was only about 7 pushes. Baby boy was born and placed up on my stomach for bonding and we had planned to delay cord clamping but he was greyish/blue. The nurse was rubbing him for maybe a minute but he was limp and not pinking up so they cut the cord and moved him to the incubator and checked him out, turned on oxygen, Ped was called, etc. He pinked up pretty quickly then started to cry so they handed him back to me. It all happened so quick.

I was bleeding a lot this time compared to my previous pregnancies so I got a shot of oxy in the thigh then delivered the placenta easily. Bleeding did not stop though, they lowered the head of the bed then I had two nurses press on my stomach hard to stem the bleeding...that totally, totally sucked but it worked, bleeding stopped. I was stitched up (only 3 stitches!!!) while baby found my breast and started nursing. Bliss. He was 9lbs 5oz and looks just like my other boys. He has been a great nurser and we are just so in love and happy with our newest addition. :)

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3 nine pounders! Wow! My daughter was 1 ounce shy of 9 lbs. and the Dr.'s were all saying they needed to monitor her blood sugars because she was so big...Did they do the same with yours? Congrats again!
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Yes, all 3 times. My oldest actually did have mildly low blood sugar on his second check but it was back up by the next reading so he never needed any additional supplementation. My 2 other babies both had normal readings at each check. smile.gif
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Congratulations, mama!!! My third labour was very similar... Contractions never got closer than 10 minutes! They say #3 is the wild card!!
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Big congratulations on your sweet baby! Just think, he will always have fireworks on his birthday wink1.gif
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Congratulations! I've heard so many BTDT moms joke "the third one's the curve ball!" and I guess now you can chime in :) 

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joy.gif congrats mama!!! 

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Great story~  Congratulations!

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Thank you all so much :)

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Congrats!  Sorry to hear about the bleeding, the pushing on the stomach is so awful

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