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Possible gallbladder problems?

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Has anyone experienced gallbladder problems while pregnant? I went to the dr today after 3 weeks of stomach pain that has come and gone with no particular rhyme or reason. All he did was poke me and say it could be my gallbladder which they can't do anything for - just surgery but not until after the baby is born of course. Otherwise it may be an ulcer but the only way to tell is a scope which I won't be doing either.

He can do an ultrasound but I guess that's not until later. I will see what my midwife says when I go for my 1st apt, but does anyone have any suggestions for foods to eat or avoid? I know low fat foods but I don't know if all veggies are ok as we are doing a CSA and have tons of fresh organic produce all week. Thanks if you can help!
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I have a sucky gallbladder but chose not to do surgery since I have dpund that dietary changes have rendered it not bothersome. When I am having a flair up I avoid acidic food, fatty goods, dairy, and gluten. I try to eat as many whole foods as possible and cut out sodas and other packaged drinks entirely
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I also have gallbladder problems and am trying to avoid surgery. I haven't made huge changes to my diet, and find a lot of the traditional nutritional advice lackluster. I gave up fried food a few months ago, and have seriously reduced my soda because sugar can cause flair ups. I try to keep the fat in my diet consistent from day to day, since I have a tendency to binge and then purge fat from my diet from month to month. I also take some supplements -- digestive enzymes, vitamin C, turmeric. I take magnesium (natural muscle relaxer) when I feel an attack coming on. It's been almost 3 months since my last attack, but that's normal for me, so I hope my regimen is working and I can avoid having an attack. So far so good.

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Thanks ladies! I have been drinking apple cider vinegar in my water for a few days and haven't had any pain. Also trying smaller more frequent meals and yogurt every day. 

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Yep...me too....I have the mother oaf all gallstones...was diagnosed in November last year and was all lined up to get the surgery when I fell pregnant.
Have drastically altered my diet...no fat...so no dairy, no gluten, no alcohol (def not now) no caffeine or other stimulants...making for a health diet!! Am also veggie so have pretty much become vegan...it has really helped but do still get attacks every now and then and damn they are nasty...give me labor any day!!

After lengthy chat with my O&G I am getting the surgery at 13 weeks...better to have it out and feel better than leave it in and risk further liver function issues!

So I am booked in on the 2nd Sept....will let you know how it goes!!

We're not telling anyone about the baby until we're sure it's all ok post surgey!
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