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Oh and as for clothing, Amelia mostly wears 6-12 month stuff right now. Any leggings-style pants have to be 12 months to fit her, and 9 month onesies work the best, but that's a really hard size to find.
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I've just ordered some babylegs for Leora, the ones from the previous 3 pretty much unraveled. The loose blousey pantalette style of pants have fallen out of style for baby girls & the tighter leggings style just don't look as comfortable over cloth bottoms to me. The older ladies are always ready w/ their comments about babies being dressed properly on our weekly town trips so I'm trying to please them too; a blanket over legs isn't enough according to granny wisdom.

She cut her first tooth yesterday at the free veterans lunch/ ceremony & I was shocked at the bloodbath. The other 3 never had any bleeding, she was chewing her bib & doing her usual screechy happy purr. There were marked reactions along clear lines that I thought were amusing. The WWII vets were all deaf (or at least had hearing aids turned down), the Korean War vets have been away from babies for so long, we were getting the evil eye. The Vietnam vets are mostly in their grandpa years & thought she was adorable. The Desert Storm vets were anxious to give tips & the other Iraqi/ Enduring Freedom vets had children of their own they were handling & just gave sympathetic looks.

Also, have any other nurselings w/held their bowels? She went 2 days w/out a significant movement & in the car turned yellow from her knees to shoulders, even dripping down into the car seat  base on an hour long drive. There is always something new w/ her.

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Berkeley's newest greatest milestone? Thumb sucking while nursing... YES he can officially suck his thumb while eating. My son is very talented

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Camden typically only poops every 4-5 days, Voondrop. Pretty sure Leora is completely normal (:
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And sat at the dinner table tonight in his very own seat... Very fuzzy pics because he was SO excited he couldn't sit still

And I also agree about the poop issue - Berkeley generally goes every 5-6 days. And he is EBF
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Holy cow, Berkeley looks SO grown up. He makes Camden look like a newborn. C could never sit in a seat like that. I wonder if his age should be adjusted since they considered him premature?? He was 36w4d but c section so he wasn't "ready" to come out. Hmm he seems much slower than all your babies greensad.gif
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Amelia scoots and army crawls all over the place, but she can't sit up unassisted like that yet!
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Amelia scoots and army crawls all over the place, but she can't sit up unassisted like that yet!

That's funny because Berkeley doesn't move at all, he's only rolled over three times ever. But he has super strong back muscles and is a good sitter. He was also strapped into that seat- he still flops forward if I don't keep a hand on him while sitting on the ground. He really never had that floppy baby thing, even as a new born his neck strength was amazing
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Hahaha! Aubrey can sit up unassisted now - basically once she decided she wanted to learn to crawl (she's pushing up on all fours now, and horribly irritated by her ability to only move backwards), her back muscles got strong enough to sit up.  She can also go a couple of days at a time without pooping.  

Little Miss is also throwing me through a loop because she is DIVING at my food.  And not just because she is interested in what's going on.  I broke down and cut up some avocado for her to play with and her temper comes out because she wants desperately to get it in her mouth, but isn't adept at it.  So I took it away....she was so pissed at me she burst into tears....so I gave it back and eventually she worked out how to get it to her mouth.  And now she's even more demanding of my food when I am eating.  I was totally planning on waiting until 9-12 months to feed her.  Since then I have let her chew on some apple, pear, banana, and chicken stock.  She loves all of it.  I'm kind of at a loss as to what to do next, lol! She doesn't get a lot of food in yet, but she can swallow broth off the spoon...sort of.  

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I couldn't imagine waiting until 9-12 months to feed Easton.  He's READY.  He's a big boy, just shy of 19 lbs and opens his mouth when he sees us eating and eats about 36 ounces a day.  We've pureed avocados and apples and have given him bites and he LOVES it.  He opens his mouth big and seems to enjoy himself.  It doesn't affect the amount of milk that he drinks, the solids are in addition to milk.  He's not sitting up alone yet, but almost, just needs some assistance when he starts tipping!  I know that we're supposed to wait until at least 6 months but he just seems so ready already.

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Berkeley has some impressive skills!

I'm glad Charlie is not trying to crawl quite yet. He pushes up on his knees but that's as far as it goes. Our babies are going to be mobile soon! Aack! The eating solid foods things is another big new thing to look forward to. I don't think C is really interested yet. He is just starting to notice food and when we eat. We just set up his high chair so he can sit at the table with us. I was surprised that the Ped mentioned feeding him at his recent 4 month checkup. I thought we should wait until 6 months also. He will be 5 months at Thanksgiving so we might try something then to see if he's ready. At his appointment he was 15 and a half pounds. 16 will be double his birth weight, and he is probably there now. He is 100th percentile for head size and 80 something for height but around 50 for weight. I wonder how long he will stay long and lean. He gets the big head from me. His eyes are still blue too which is surprising. I'm Italian and have very dark hair and hazel eyes. I assumed the dominant brown would win out. My Grandpa had blues eyes though so it seems to be hiding out in the genes somewhere. I am curious to see if his eyes stay blue.
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Holy cow, Berkeley looks SO grown up. He makes Camden look like a newborn. C could never sit in a seat like that. I wonder if his age should be adjusted since they considered him premature?? He was 36w4d but c section so he wasn't "ready" to come out. Hmm he seems much slower than all your babies greensad.gif


Don't worry, Tenk.  Holly was full term and she is not at all mobile like the other babes.  She's rolled over a few times but is nowhere near crawling.  She gets on her elbows but hasn't gotten to her hands.  She looooves to "stand" though and be in her jumperoo.  Maybe she'll simply bypass crawling and rolling.  Like the other babes, she has shown an interest in our food.  We have not fed her any yet, though.


Here's Holly in her beloved jumperoo!


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You're right, Holly made me dizzy! You know, crawling isnt even a necessary developmental milestone, so maybe they WILL just go straight to walking!


I have to say though, I love that Berkeley can only go backwards. How stinkin cute is that!


Amelia seems to be going through wonder week #4, complete with the 4 month sleep regression. Also she seems to have found her voice, and it is LOUD! Man, can this girl moan and complain! She does this sort of wolf howl moan when she's pissed.  AAaaaaOOOoooooooo. LOL

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My husband and I just joked that Holly must have reached her resonant frequency for how much she can bounce!  lol


Holly has quite a voice, too.  She is a tiny pipsqueak but she has this gutteral growl.  She also knows how to squeal, really LOUDLY!  We were at a fancy restaurant the other night for a fmaily celebration and she decided to turn on the squeals.  At least they were happy baby noises.  All the same, I think folks around us were getting a little annoyed so we took turns taking her out to the lobby.  A high-pitched loud squealing baby is better than a super frustrated and upset wailing baby any day.

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Aww, the jumperoo looks like fun!  Easton would love one of those.  Unfortunately we have a TINY house and barely have room in our living room for more baby gear :(

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Yeah, we have a super tiny livingroom too, and the jumper will probably take up way too much of it. But Ela adored hers when she was this age, so I think we're going to get one and just sell it as soon as Ame looses interest.
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I couldn't really catch the essence of it in the picture. I went to sit Quest in his car seat. (Can't wait till he can sit so I don't have to lug that thing everywhere.) He went so straight body on me he was standing up in his seat just kind of supported by the handle. I didn't take my hand off him so he tried to eat it of course. Quest is way into standing.
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Hi everyone!  We'll see if the little guy will stay asleep long enough for me to get some two-handed typing time.  : )

Arren seems to focus on one thing for a week and then move on to another thing.  Last week it was all about wanting to have his own plate or bowl at meal times.  I thought he wanted the food, but he just wanted the dish to chew on.  Of course, it had to be the same dish we were using, not a wooden baby bowl.  So I ended up having to hold a ceramic salad plate for him to chomp on, while having drool dripping down my wrist, AND somehow eating with my non-dominant hand. 


This week he is blowing raspberries while sticking his tongue out and trying to chew on his fingers while nursing (ouch for mama!).  He was rolling a few weeks ago, but stopped until yesterday.  Now he's back at it again, but faster.  Time to start baby-proofing the house!  This kiddo puts everything in his mouth, so I think it will be very different then the other two.  I never put latches on cupboards before but I am contemplating the necessity with this one.  Ugg.


No crawling or sitting yet.  I'm happy to have my munchkin stay a baby a bit longer!

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The raspberries are fun, aren't they? Charlie was trying to do it for a while and then he stopped. He did it the other day and he seems to have figured it out pretty well. He thinks it's hilarious when we do it back.
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PokeyAC are you kidding me with that profile pic!!! Charlie! that is adorable.

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