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We all need to be taking videos upon videos of these babies taking their first steps and crawls and moves, because this period won't last long! It's so darn cute, and they fumble all over, but within days they are up and running around!
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Easton got his 2nd bottom tooth this week at 5.5 months. He wants VERY badly to drink out of a cup and use a spoon! He tries to grab glasses and cups out of our hands and opens his mouth and drools when we eat. I gave him a sippy cup and he tries to use it but ends up dropping it. I'm taking lots of photos but not many videos.
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Easton's first sippy cup!
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Ahhhh, love the hat!
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We had our first fever this week, she was so cheerful through it. It has morphed into her first snotty nose which she's less cheerful about. My 4th baby & I have taken my first rectal temp. at my husbands request. He's much more thorough going through a paramedics course this year. I think that was the worst part for her. Usually I go under the arm & add 3 points so I got to see the difference. Under the arm, 101.9, rectal 102.1. Not really something to be happy about, but I'll probably just stick to under the arm, I've always been scared of piercing a bowel even though it's just the end tip of the thermometer.

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I hope your little cherub feels better soon, Voondrop.


Here is Holly at 6 months.  We have a bonafide sitter now!


Prior to this she could sit but it was more of the "tripod" variety where she leaned way over and nearly put her feet in her mouth.

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Voondrop we have our first fever right now too, but I'm pretty sure it's teething. He's been sleeping most of the morning with just a slight fever. All my kids had mild fevers while teething.

Holly looks so happy sitting! B has got it down too and really loves to sit now, I took a bath with him the or other day and he refused to lay with me, only wanted to sit.
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Such grown up babies! I hope the sick ones are feeling better soon. Charlie got his first tooth this week. Not close to sitting yet.
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First trip to the ER!! A kitchen knife got bumped off the counter and while flinging through the air sliced through Berkeley's finger tip. So much blood and so scary! They glued him back together and he was a total champ through it all, smiling and laughing.

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Aww poor darling
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For about week now Amelia has been working really hard at pulling herself up to a stand. She usually uses the big plastic diaper wipes container on r other bigger toys that happen to be on the floor. Just over the past few days I've seen her reaching up on furniture but she hasn't made it all the way to her feet with that method yet. Well, tonight I woke up to find her standing up holding the safety bedrail that we installed on the side of our queen bed. I just about had heart attack, but she was smiling so big and just looked so darn proud of herself
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WOW Kitteh, unreal!!  You girl will be 16 tomorrow, I swear! lol


Poor Berkeley!  At least babies tend to heal very quickly.

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I swear my child is half reptile!  She is molting!  I just took her out of the bath and gobs of skin on her feet started to slough off.  The girl is growing so fast she is outgrowing her skin. :-)

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Holy smokes, poor Berkeley!! Hope all heals quickly!!

Kitteh, Ame is a mover and a shaker, WOW!!! Camden, well I just can't even imagine.

Spotty, Holly must be growing so darn fast LOL, out growing her skin wow!!

Camden is trying to crawl but not doing a great job. Only rolls from back to tummy, and reaches for me constantly. That's it, he's rotten, he's the baby, what can I say.
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I've noticed Ama chooses one sound to work on for a week or two. Maah, mmm, and waah she has mastered. This past week or so it has been all "buh bah bah baah!" smile.gif Little talker. So fun.
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Just in time for her half birthday (tomorrow!) Amelia has figured out how to pull herself up to a stand and is now obsessively doing it all over the house, and she's not always such a good judge of which items are most suitable for such action. Thank god we don't have a dog!

Here is one of her earlier attempts
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I can't watch the video due to privacy restrictions greensad.gif
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Whoops, I made it public now
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Lol! I love it!! Aubrey does it too, but she's not quite tall enough to do it on furniture. Her favorite place is the side of the bathtub (where we watch DS take a bath) and its the perfect height for her to cruise back and forth. Its so funny how much they practice these new found skills! I need to figure out how to post video - we recently had an experience where she made a makeshift walker out od DSs step stool and her expression is priceless.
I'm so impressed by all of our babies! Aubrey has been babbling new sounds lately too.
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Omg Kitteh that was amazing! My LO is still largely immobile, he rolls and sits, but that's it!
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