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My babe is immobile too. He sits up and rolls, but no crawling or standing yet at 6 months- I'm ok with that, still haven't baby proofed the house!!
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Likewise on the baby-proofing.  Holly is sitting, but still hasn't cared much to try rolling at all.  But she loooooooves to stand.  No signs of crawling, either.  Her legs are very developed but her arms seem to be lacking.  No matter what, she is FUN now!

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Aren't they so much fun now?! I love this stage.
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Amazing that Amelia and Aubrey are pulling to standing. So great! We just moved into mobile territory via scooting/army crawl, Genevieve is thrilled, I'm less thrilled since like JNajla and spotty, The house isn't baby proofed yet.
Also, she just had her first tooth poke through! It's barely in but it' s SHARP! I'm shocked that our babes are old enough to pull up and have teeth! Weren't they just born? It's a wonderful age but goodness it's going by fast. Blink abd you miss something.
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My phone won't let me start a new thread so I'm going to ask this hear. Anyone have problems with solids? I've tried giving him avacado, broccoli, and apples on different days of course and the day after eating he cries pretty much the entire day. Super cranky, wants to be held and nurse, miserable for us both period. I don't have a clue what is going on or what I should do. He's 6.5 months and growing like a weed with breast milk only but tries to drink out of my cup or grab my fork etc. we are trying baby led weaning so I try not to put food in his mouth but he can't/won't pick it up from his high chair tray. So what he's had has come from my finger not a spoon. Any thoughts?
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Well, broccoli and apples can be difficult to digest, so maybe that explains the crying? But I don't think that applies to avocados though, so I'm at a loss there. If I were you I'd just back off the solids for a bit. As they say, food before age one is just for fun, so he can certainly thrive on just your milk alone for another half year. Amelia seems interested in food, but pulls a disgusted-looking face whenever she actually gets anything in her mouth, and ends up just spitting it out. So we're backing off solids right now.
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I would back off the solids for a bit...how are his poops when he eats? Aubrey has big issues withapples and avocados are actually quite aallergenic. We have backed off solids here too since we have had some bugs going through the house, anx it helps to remember that food before one is for fun. If he's not showing an interest with food, its a signal that his body isn't ready for it yet. My first had absolutely no interest in food until closer to 10 months and only a slight interest until well into the second year. And that's not outside the realm of normal, although we do have food intolerances we are working tbrough.

In terms of milestones, aubrey has started to lift up the corners of our area rugs to look for things. Peekaboo is a really fun game, and we are getting ojr first real bouts of separation anxiety.
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When I eat broccoli it ends up affecting Easton through my breast milk- he gets gassy. He eats apples, mangos, and bananas without issues.
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His poop changes color, more orange-y - green versus yellowish-orange but no other noticeable difference in his poop.
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Oh bring me persimmon poopy. Oh bring me persimmon poopy and bring it right now.
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I don't have any food inisghts for you, Tenk.  Holly has had avocado and loves it!  She has had apples and is indifferent, but she loves them when I mix some w/ banana.


Holly had her 6 mos check up today (2 weeks late owing to insurance coverage and the 1st of the year).  She may have started out teeny tiny but she has caught up.  She is now 16 lbs and 26" long.  Yay!

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Good work, mama!
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I am in no hurry for B to start eating... I remember those 'real food' poop diapers and they are no fun.
B has had tastes of egg yolk, turkey/chicken/beef broth, applesauce, avacados, sweet pot, and squash. By taste I mean less than a T total for each sitting which is maybe every other day. He probably has the most of the broth and egg yolks as his gag reflex is still going strong. He loves sucking in a spoon dipped in broth though.
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Tenk the poop doesn't sound too far off. I would be concerned if tbere were mucous. It does sound like he might want a little more time before his system is ready though...at least in terms of things like apples, broccoli or other bard to digest stuff.
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We tried bananas and he really enjoyed them. I put a teaspoon sized amount on his tray and let him put his fingers in it. A few small amounts went into his mouth but that's it. I'm in no hurry to push food on him anyway. He's super happy and chubby with BM only.
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Leora turned 7 months on the 5th & she just loves food. I'm kind of taken aback, she gets freaked out if I don't share samples while cooking. I nursed my first 2 for 14 months & my 3rd for 17 & I don't remember any of them going after food so aggressively. My second never got solids until 9 months because she just refused to acknowledge solid food existed, lol. The diapers are not fun, but washing them doesn't take that much extra time; I have taken to separating & washing the pees before the poos to keep them as clean as possible.

We've got some version of crawling going on. I'm not sure if it's crawling or creeping, but she gets to where she wants to go like a walrus/ merbaby, dragging her legs behind her. Since I shot the video, she's only gotten more efficient at not using her legs, her upper body strength is amazing. I'm going to have another fanged baby, her top incisors are poking through before her front ones. Here she is in the bottom video, showing her stuff.

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Voondrop, how special is that?!  I look at Leora and think of myself - your family is my family growing up.  I was the youngest of 4 and the birth order was boy, girl, girl, girl!  Leora must love having all of her kid siblings playing w/ her all the time.


Holly is just starting to push up w/ her arms.  She has not yet figured out the plank or how to tuck her knees up underneath her.  However, she is very proficient w/ the machine gun noise. ;-)

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It's interesting how different each baby can be. My first positively LUNGED at food very early on. In fact, I have a video of her assaulting and devouring a hunk of juicy pear at 4 months old (I Didn't know better then.) She was full-on eating solids by 6 months, three meals a day. But that never seemed to discourage her from nursing. She will be 4 years old next month and she STILL nurses. Frequently. We call her a vampire, she nurses so much recently.

The baby just turned 6 month and is pretty much disgusted by the mere suggestion of solid food. We've tried some avocado, banana, and mango and she is insulted by all of them.
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I'm starting to crawl!
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Go baby Easton! That is pretty much exactly where B is at in his crawling. 

And Kitteh B is also slightly disgusted with food. There are a few things he is ok with tasting, mostly meat/eggs, but anything with any texture he turns up with a disgusted face and looks at me like i'm crazy. so we just keep trying tastes here and there and when he's ready he'll eat. 


Our big news is B can now say Uh-Oh and does allllll the time! It is super cute and everytime anything or himself falls he says loudly "uh-oh!" He is also waving a big whole arm baby wave which strangers love. So fun watching our littles grow up....

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