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OMG guys!! Watching our babies grow is so much fun! It is so funny how different each kid is.  Aubrey lunges for food because she likes to taste it, but she doesn't actually want to eat it yet.  I have a really hard time stopping her from grabbing food from anywhere she can.  She refuses her high chair at meal times so that she can sit on my lap and attack my plate.  She is ravenous!! But her gag reflex is still pretty severe, and she gets horrible gas with almost everything, so I am *trying* to hold off.  Also, she just cut her first tooth and has accidentally let go while standing on several occasions.  She just turned 7 months, and is constantly moving.

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I love the video voondrop! Merbaby is the perfect description. I love her siblings surround her. It makes me excited for a bigger family.

Uh-oh! I hope you post a video! I love it when babies say that, it's so cute. I can't believe it's talking time. Genevieve is not interested in talking yet, It takes lot of encouragement to get anything out of her, other than laughs. Should I be concerned about the lack of "talking"?

We're also in the disgusted with food boat but only once it's in her mouth, up until that point she acts starving with lunges and grabs. She was loving eggs when we first started but not right now so I'm waiting a week or so to offer them again.

It seems we've experienced our first bout of sickness, Genevieve sweat all night last night and was super clingy today and had a slight cough but I mixed a few drops of orégano oil into some coconut oil and rubbed it on her feet before her afternoon nap and again at bedtime and she seems to be much better than this morning. I'm amazed at the effect the orégano seemed to have. It's a good thing too because I'm pretty much against most conventional medicine due to what's in them.
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Sick babies are really hard! It's so sad to see them uncomfortable.  Aubrey has had a cold or two and a fever that got almost up to 103 :(.  I'm also in the camp of letting things run their course as much as possible.  I definitely have to get some more oils to use in situations like this, but I get scared of doing something wrong.  


Voondrop, I meant to say that was an awesome video too - my son wanted to watch it like 65 times or something, lol! It does make me want a big family too :)  

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I just noticed the video, how cute! I love er machine gun noise ^_^

The older sister showing off her chewed-up fudge reminds me of a recent video I tried to take of ame crawling and pulling up to stand on the fridge. Only we didn't make it to the Standing bit because her charming big sister hopped in front to steal the spotlight, and then promptly put her backside toward the camera while completely obscuring the baby from view. Aaahh, siblings...
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Poor sick babies, hope they're feeling better! Babysmurf, that's funny about your son. Mine also always choose to love the most inane videos. Kitteh, yes. It's funny, but the more siblings there are the more spotlight thieves. I know 4 is considered a big family & I'm even in the Moms of Many group but I still don't feel like a big family. I am just loving where we're at right now.

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Hi Everyone!  I don't get a whole lot of time to types, but I am enjoying the posts!


Our little bug is now turning into a rug rat.  Started to sit on his own two weeks ago and started really crawling last night.  He rolled and squiggled to get places before.


He is also starting to love playing games like peek-a-boo and has found his screaming voice.  Now when he wants to play, he'll "make eyes" at the person he wants to play with and then starts screeching as loud as he can.


Upper teeth are coming in any day now . . . lots of whimpering in his sleep and wanting to be carried all the time.  Bottom teeth came in the week before christmas, so we've been starting solids.  He looooves avocado and bone broth, not so excited about sweet things like carrot and beet but just tried homemade coconut milk and really liked that.


Oh!  And he started signaling for poops once he started solid food, so I think I've only changed 6 poopy diapers in the last 3 weeks, yay! 


I am looking forward to his 9th month.  That's when we'll start out with short bike rides.  We're ready to go back to only 1 car payment/insurance/gas/etc.  Time to get me back on the long tail bike. Even if I need to go at a walking speed.  : )

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Ooh, I've been wondering when I can try Amelia on the bike. We don't have any car, so being able to get her strapped in on the WeeRide would make life much easier and more mobile. I didn't have a bike til Ela was a year old, but I feel like Ame's head and trunk control are really good already. Maybe when she is 8 months old I'll give it a go...
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So we have had an eventful week....aubrey got her first two teeth, she's starting to cruise between furniture, she shakes her head like a crazy to get dizzy, and spent her first night without me. Our house got hit with the norovirus, and I got slammed and ended up needing to be admitted to the hospital for dehydration and acidosis...it was sudden and I had no milk saved, so DH had to hope that she would not only take a bottle, but a bottle of formula and parent both her and my night nursing toddler on his own. It was scary and really put things in perspective. Everything is fine, and my supply rebounded with all the fluids, but man, what a crazy few days we have had....
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:HugWow babysmurf. What an adventure that must have been. So glad everyone's recovered and doing well. Scary though!!


Congrats on the teeth Aubrey! 

Trilly got her two in just last week also!

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How scary babysmurf! Glad you are all feeling better.

We are fighting the flu over here, and it has my nerves on edge... I think I'll start another thread about it...
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Yikes, Shanacat...just make sure you guys stay hydrated. Fortunately everyone else in my house way fine after a day, day and a half...my dehydration symptoms mimicked the virus symptoms, so I didn't realize what was happening. So even if it ends up coming back up get some fluids and electrolytes into everyone...I still can't believe I went into ketosis after only 24 hours of being sick...but I waited out the night and most of the next day thinking I just hadn't kicked the bug. By the time I got to the ER for fluids my blood acid level was at a 7.1 which is dangerously acidic. If you think you guys need fluids, I would go in for it for sure....it can get out of control pretty fast.
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Sitting pretty for like 20 minutes. DS 1 can barely do that now.
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Last night Berkeley learned to push up to sitting from laying down. It was pretty impressive!
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Congrats Berkeley.
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It's crazy the amount of strength they need for these maneuvers when you think about it...Yay Berkeley!!

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Yay!  Teeth and sitting!!!


Baby A has discovered the joys of a metal bowl and a wooden spoon.  I might be able to get 10 minutes to cook a meal without chasing this rugrat!  He also discovered electrical cords and outlets 2 days ago.  (yipes!)  I can't put him on my back for meal prep any more because of our kitchen configuration . . . there's either the dish rack (always has dishes in it) or the stove right next to us and he's leaning over and grabbing at anything in reach.  Hmmmm . . . maybe I can set up meal prep on the dining table. . . . will get back to you on that!


Kitteh, how do you like your WeeRide?  I am short (5'1") and wonder if I can manage to have baby in front of me.  I would love to have him where I can see and talk with him while we ride.  I've had the Yepp mini recommended to me.  I have the bike geometry set up for me to ride more upright, not so much like a mountain bike.

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Aww... our babies are growing up so fast!! I hope that everyone is taking lots of photos!
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Aubrey is into every thing too - it makes for some creative problem solving techniques for distraction and piecemeal work, lol! I'm not exactly sure when she learned, but I realized that Aubrey has been giving kisses lately.  Really juicy, wet, smooches, lol!

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OrmEmbar, I'm short too (5'2") and I think it fits just fine in front of me. In fact, I rode around with her in the weeRide up until my 8th month of pregnancy. And a glance back through our old belly thread will show that I was NOT a compact pregnant woman!
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Awesome!  Thanks Kitteh!  


Yay for wet smoochy kisses!  We have grab-your-hair-while-squeeling-and-slobbering-all-over-your-face kisses around here.  Fun, but definitely wet!

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