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Amelia definitely says mama and dada these days, and we finally have a tooth! Not that she's planning to use it any time soon, she still immediately spits all food items out. She also has some distinct separation anxiety with me, she's a mama's girl!
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I sign to B but I still can't tell if he is recognizing them or not. He is not signing back to me.

And Kitteh I secretely love the 'stranger danger' stage. There's something very endearing to know that my baby wants me and only me. B has definitely shown some apprehension towards other people, mostly males for some reason. And MIL... That didn't go over so well :-/
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Genevieve is 8 months old today! What?

She's crawling, pulling up to standing on stuff and had her first "meal" (more than a tablespoon) of solid food. I can hardly believe it. This is such a fun stage!

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Yeah Genevieve!

Charlie is 7 1/2 months and he just started crawling on Saturday! It was very exciting! He hadn't been practicing much since he learned to sit up because he was all about sitting up. He just started crawling all of a sudden. When he was done going a short distance he sat down and smiled really big. He looked so happy and proud of himself. He is now working on pulling up.
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I can totally picture that satisfied smile! It's so much fun to watch them experience the joy of moving!
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Whew!  Our little munchkin had 4 teeth come in on the top, instead of 2!!  All breaking through within 2 weeks of one another.  Last one finally popped through last night.  And now I am looking forward to getting a little more sleep, yay!


He is now exploring every corner and basket he hadn't found before.  Time to start keeping the bathroom door closed!  The sewing thread basket is keeping him occupied long enough to type this.  


: )

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This is definitely a busy time! Aubrey has been demanding that I hold her hands and help her walk everywhere - I am constantly getting pulled in two different directions now. Not much is getting done...I cant wait until she can walk now so that she can play with DS. Or follow him around....although I will probably have even mlre fights to break up. All doors need to be closed...we have our baby gate up, but its slightly warped and doesnt latch properly....she figured out how to open it. This girl is trouble.
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So fun to read about what all of your little ones are doing nowadays! I haven't been on here for a while...

Amadora is 8 months old tomorrow! She walks while holding onto our fingers much better than she used to. She has started to stand unassisted, but she usually reaches for us and then we have to catch her! She is not crawling, but scoots on her bottom a little and can scoot a little bit on her belly (mostly backward or turning). We got her a walking toy, and she did walk with it, but now when we try to get her to use it she fusses and reaches for us, lol. Not feeling quite ready I guess, but then at other times she gets so frustrated because she just wants to GO! :)

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Quest went right up these stairs into a play tractor. I wanted to help him go down backwards but he only wanted to go up, up, up. I can't blame him.
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Made it!
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Wow! Go Quest!! 

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Good job, little man!
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Oh I love the crawling stage, so much exploration!
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Wow!  That's all I can say.


We are ... well ... nowhere near your babies in physical development.

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Well, Aubrey made her first attempt at crawling up the stairs....and succeeded.  Although, getting down was not so successful, lol!

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Genevieve also crawled up stairs, just last night. It's amazing to me, to watch them figure these new things out and how quickly the accomplish them. And the determination! I wish I had half that drive to put towards the dishes!
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Wow!  I am so very impressed.


I'll let you all know when my baby crawls.  Period.  


Seriously, are all of your babies just very quick to develop or is Holly just very slow to develop?  Its just as well - we haven't yet baby-proofed our house and Holly is quite content to just sit and play w/ the toys around her.

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Hi spotty! I wouldn't worry about it too much. I've read articles that say it doesn't matter much when babies crawl, how they crawl or if they do at all. Some babies skip right to walking. I think 7 months is on the early end for crawling. Holly will find her way of getting around.
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Holly isn't behind at all! Some babies just aren't that interested in movement - too focused on other things...or they just are observers and are content to watch.  It's all good ;)  I think missing milestones are more just to help pick up on big picture problems....and it wouldn't just be one milestone that the child is missing, there would be other things that would pop up as red flags.  I think average for crawling is 9 months? Off hand.  Aubrey is hell bent on moving and getting into things, and I swear she has already taken years off my life....can't even imagine what it's going to be like in the toddler (or teen!) years.  On the other hand, she is very interested in being social, but hasn't really started talking yet.  I think every so often catch her saying a word, but it's not so clear or consistent yet that I can be sure.  In terms of baby proofing...there wasn't much I needed to do for my son either, he just didn't really get into things.  Aubrey, though....ugh, this girl is CRAZY into everything.  It's utterly exhausting. 

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Originally Posted by spotty4 View Post

Seriously, are all of your babies just very quick to develop or is Holly just very slow to develop?

Wise words pokey! I'm not one to look up when babies should be expected to hit milestones and what not, and we aren't around any other babes ever, plus... being my first, I have no idea if she's late our ahead. For me, I tend to not care about the speed she is developing at (though my mil is constantly trying to compare her to her cousins) and focus more on (Is she happy?) All that to say, try not to worry. Holly will be off and into stuff soon enough!
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