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Tonatiuh is not particularly fond of rolling, but he is rotating, yeah he is moving himself around during tumy time.   They grow so fast!

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The laughing! We got out first giant chuckle tonight and I burst into tears... Yes I'm 'that' mama... It was precious.

My oldest son can get him to really laugh but tonight was my first 'just mama' laugh.
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Awwww, I long to hear Holly's laugh.  She is *very* close to showing it off.  She is really pleased w/ herself of late as she has discovered her squeal and screech.  Its really cute now ... might get annoying later. ;-)  Other than really discovering her voice and realizing that it is HER making those noises, she is starting to discover her hands.  Holly is really starting to get more and more fun.


I know many of you are mourning those newborn days as our babes grow up so fast but I am personally so excited to depart those days and embrace some more active days.  I know, I'll probably resent those words before too long!  lol

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Oh my, we have had back to belly roll over and worm, worm, worming around.
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Baby is able to soothe himself to sleep on his own sometimes now. He has a small crocheted blanket that my aunt made him, and he loves to snuggle with it and suck on it when I put him down in his crib. Two nights in a row now he went to sleep by himself! Most of his naptimes he still likes to be cuddled sleep. He helps me get my exercise in as most of the time when he is trying to fall asleep he likes me to be up and moving and hold him upright over one shoulder. 


Two nights ago he slept from midnight to 9:30am. He started stirring a little around 8am, but kept sleeping. Very first time he slept that long! Usually he wakes every 4-6 hours at night. Last night he was awake and stirring at 3:30am, but not crying.When I got him up to feed him then, he got so excited. :) I wonder if I just missed his cues the night before and I was so tired I slept through it (his crib is right by my side of the bed). 

The last couple days he also started "talking" more. He'll sit and go on for about 5 minutes or so just making noises with me. The other day we visited some relatives baby didn't know and the whole time the older man held him (about 10-15 minutes) the baby kept talking to him! I guess he liked that man - usually he doesn't respond much the first time he sees someone new. 

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My babe started sucking his thumb to comfort himself to fall asleep last week. He's been sleeping through the night, getting up about once (around 330 to eat, then it's right back to sleep). He jabbers and squeals, giggles, and lots of smiles. He still isn't reaching for objects yet (he's 2.5 months).
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Spotty, i am also happy to leave behind the newborn days. They were nooooooooooo fun for us! Bring on crawling and playing lol
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Oh my goodness I LOVE the newborn stage! I would say 0-9 months are probably one of my favorite ages. I do remember being pretty excited for my LO to grow up with my first, but now I'm so aware this is my last that I'm savoring every moment and am loving this little baby stage.
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With my first I LOVED tn e newborn stage since I had all the time in tbe world to drink in bis babyness. And I loved each new stage better than the last, with my absolute favirite probably eing from 12-18 months. Newborn phase has been very different circumstances and I find myself very relieved that she's growing fast and I can't wait until christmastime. Not that I'm not sad to see the ndwborn pbase go, I am. Especially if this does end up being our last. But having a baby that can interact and isn't quite s dependant on just me has been a welcome change in many ways.
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I can't choose a favorite, just when one is beginning to get old, it's outgrown, much like the seasons. Maybe 3 months is the limit for everything, lol.

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I've been LOVING the newborn stage! Easton is such a very sweet, cuddly baby- he hardly ever fusses. I love his smiles, his squeals and coos. I'm trying to take in every little moment. I'm upset that he has to be in daycare, but at least I only have a 7 1/2 hour work day so I'm not away from him for a super long time. I wish very much that I could be with him all of the time, but we just can't make it on one income.
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Aubrey is rolling over!! I don't push "tummy time" since she sleeps on my chest and has plenty of opportunities to strengthen the muscles other ways.  I have been noticing that she has taken up an interest in her play mat, so I have put her on her belly on that a few times so that she could explore.  She had gotten really strong, so she tipped over onto her back, lol.  Totally weirded her out.  The next day, she was determined to roll over from her back to belly to explore.  She was getting so frustrated! It was so cute.  She has been rolling onto her side for a couple of weeks now, but didn't seem to know where to go from there.  But yesterday, she finally did it, and she was,SO proud of herself! Now any time I put her down on her back she rolls over...then quickly becomes frustrated that she can't crawl.  She has also been trying to sit up a lot, so I let her sit down with her hands out supporting herself like a tripod and she can balance for a few seconds on her own.  Again, she was so excited.  This girl just can't wait to be in on the action!  

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Yeah Amelia has been doing the same! She loves tummy time but kept rolling onto her back and then getting pissed off, LOL. But yesterday she finally got the roll from back to belly. She'll be 3 months old on Saturday. smile.gif
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Camden spits up so much he doesn't do much tummy time so he's not even close to rolling and he's 3.5 months LOL
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Yeah Amelia has been doing the same! She loves tummy time but kept rolling onto her back and then getting pissed off, LOL. But yesterday she finally got the roll from back to belly. She'll be 3 months old on Saturday. smile.gif


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Camden spits up so much he doesn't do much tummy time so he's not even close to rolling and he's 3.5 months LOL

LOL, poor Camden! When DS was a baby he just didn't have that much interest in moving....not until it was crawling time.  I think he rolled over once or twice by accident and was "over" it  ;)


Aubrey rolled over at 16 weeks on the dot. I forgot to mention that.  Now that she's mastered it she's not a rolling pin any more though.  Just rolls when she feels like it.  

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Huh, 16 weeks.  That got me realizing and wondering.  Once Holly hit 3 mos I have quit marking weeks and now just focus on her birthday number each month.  I've had my sights set on 10/20 that I didn't realize today was 14 weeks.  She's been doing the side thing forever, but still hasn't rolled over.  She is getting better and better w/ grasping and holding things.  Lots of "talking" and lots of hands in the mouth.

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It's not the greatest milestone, but last week Leora low-crawled off of the bed & from her position, must have done a somersault; she was on the floor, laying on her back w/ her head facing the bed. So all naps have been in the bassinet when she'll take them. Generally she would stay asleep the first time I lay her on the bed, it usually takes 3 or 4 times for a successful nap in the bassinet. I don't think she likes the mattress. I didn't see it, but I think she was more scared than hurt, there wasn't even a red mark on her.


She is sooo close to laughing but I can't extract a proper laugh from her, it's more like a shrieking grunt. I keep trying though.

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Baby has started teething! Not the most fun milestone, either. She isn't much into the teething toys, but a Mama or Mommy finger does the trick.

She also goes Ppppppbbbbttttthhhhh a lot, starting a few weeks ago! And she laughs! She isn't much of a belly-laugher, but every once in a while we get a good one, and boy is it sweet!

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Coco, do you have an amber teething necklace? Camden has one and wears it as a bracelet currently. It helps with all kinds of discomforts not just teething.
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We don't have one but I've heard of that! Sounds cool. Where would I find one?
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