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We have used amber necklaces as well and really like them. I've gotten mine online at inspired by finn (hyena cart)

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I ordered mine on eBay directly from Lithuania where Amber is grown/harvested from it's naturally grown habitat. But you can google and order it from lots of stores. Etsy and some others. My 3.5 year old has had hers on since around 10 months old. We used to take it off at night but stopped doing that just after a year old.
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Ame is only 3.5 months now, but already drooly and chompy and seems to be uncomfortable. Anyone know why amber is meant to help?
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L has been doing a lot of the same - drool everywhere and everything into her mouth!  FWIW, those behaviors aren't necessarily associated with teething (though they certainly can be).  Our ped mentioned that the drooling has to do with the stomach getting ready for food by producing more saliva, and the hand chewing and putting everything into the mouth is part of oral-motor development.  

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Yeah, I've been feeling her gums and there doesn't seem to be anything happening yet. But the drooling and chomping tend to go along with some crankiness, so DH thinks she might be teething. But drooling, hand-chomping, and fussiness are also often her reactions to reflux, so who knows.

Still, I'm interested in hearing more about this amber necklace thing, since I'm not the pain-reliever sort (usually)
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I'd like to hear more about the amber, too. Is it just that it is hard but has some give and is natural? Or is there more to it?
Amadora is definitely teething as she cries until she gets relief from a finger, her hand, or frozen washcloth.
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The natural oils in the amber soak into the skin and act as an analgesic for teething or lots of discomforts. They were actually insteded for stomach relief and made for adults to wear and someone figured out they'd work for kids too smile.gif they're not intended for chewing just for looks and skin contact. Camden's is on his wrist for now until I feel more comfortable with it around his neck.

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Thank you for explaining!
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Leora is definitly gearing up for food. Very chompy & drooly, she bites as hard as she can onto my collarbone & has been inserting her fingers int her mouth while nursing for extra resistance. Ouch! She stops nursing & stares at my spoon/fork so intently, I swear she was reaching for it yesterday. I've let her sip water from my glass & smell spices when I cook, she's onto us.

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Yes!!! Camden too!! He's constantly trying to stick his fingers in WHILE nursing and so drool-y and chewing his hands, bib, blanket, burp rag etc. and I haven't made anything yet to freeze greensad.gif maybe I'll start in the next few weeks so we have a stash smile.gif
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I'm not sure, but I think that Easton is either teething or wanting food?  He's CONSTANTLY drooling, to the point where he will soak the front of his shirts or a bib, always has his hands in his mouth or always putting his toys in his mouth.  We've given him TINY tastes of pureed veggies and not sure if he's interested.  He didn't choke and seemed like he knew what to do with his tongue.  He's just shy of 4 months so I know that it's early.  He's holding his head up nice and strong and holds his head up while on his tummy and tries scooting around (I posted a photo of this in the Shameless baby pictures thread).  He's growing up too fast...

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Great milestones, guys!  I love to read how everyone else's kiddos are coming along.


Holly has discovered the zerbert raspberry ... ppphhhffffftttt noise.  She has also recently found her feet!  She looooooves to hold them and screech and squeal.  And her voice, my oh my, does she love to screech and squeal.  She is showing a ton of interest in sitting up and even standing.  She loves when we stand her on our laps.  She just screeches and squeals and PUSHES hard w/ her little legs.

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We got Ama the Johnny jump up and she is loving it. She doesn't jump yet, but she loves to be able to move herself around with her legs.
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And yes, I know we need to fix it so the bar is covered by the padding. Lol, whoops.
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What do you have it secured to there?
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A tree branch! None of our doorways are the right kind for it but luckily we have a nice sturdy apple tree in our backyard. Too bad it rains so much here. Lol
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Ah yes we have put Aubrey in the jumpy too anx she loves it! Freedom! Lol....she actually loves to jump too.....so all of the pocs are blury wink1.gif
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Awesome!  So glad to hear you all are starting to put your tots in the jumpers!  We have one, too, but haven't had a chance to try Holly out in it.  We are moving next week so everything is all packed up for the movers to load up.  Our new house will have a few doorways that will be good candidates for the jumper.  How long do they last in the jumper before they start to get frustrated?


Do any of our DDC members live in OH?  That is where we are moving.  I am sad to depart Sweet Huck and her boy Ethan. :-(

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Amadora was in hers for at least ten minutes the other day. I also popped back on here to say, She rolled over!!!! She has rolled from tummy to back before, but this is the first time she rolled from back to tummy on purpose! She even figured out how to get her arm unstuck and she was smiling as I cheered for her. So cute. Then I put her diaper on and she couldn't quite roll over anymore. Lol. Those cloth diapers are cute but bulky! Here is her victory smile:
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Is it johny jump up time? Yay! I gotta dig mine out. Spotty we're in IN. Where in OH? We make it to Cincinnati often. Columbus last month.
Quest drank out of a cup. Kind of scary. Didn't want to loose the liquid gold but didn't want a bottle either. Tried with water first and he dug it. Then onto the good stuff. It didn't all go down his chin!
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