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Home Birth plan likely changing

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Ugh.  So a little background first: with my DD I had pregnancy induced hypertension starting at 36 weeks (tried everything from bed rest to herbs to acupuncture, etc) and it never came down. Even did the 24 hour urine test and never had pre-eclampsia. Ended up induced at 37 weeks and had a c-section because my baby was not ready to come out.  Since then, I have obvious white coat syndrome when I get my BP read and all of my readings at my midwives office have been much higher than at hoem.  Today, it was the highest.  It is so psychosomatic though because I take it almost daily at home and it has been great: ave. 116/70's, getting a bit higher lately 120/70's so I feel like I am healthy but my readings to them say otherwise and they have to cover themselves and make sure I am safe, which I get.  They take my home readings into account and I have no pre-eclampsia signs but my midwives had me do pre-eclampsia blood work today after my high reading. I will find out tomorrow if I am heading that direction or not.  Trying to stay calm....


The problem is:

I have high readings every time and I imagine I will continue to have high readings through labor and then would just have to transfer to the hospital. I chose a home birth for a number of reasons.  I feel like the moment I step into a hospital, I will be hooked up to IV's, not permitted to labor much in water, asked to be in my bed and just more likely to have a repeat c-section. It is one thing if my blood work indicates pre-eclampsia.  But if my readings at home continue to be normal, I just want to have the chance to have a VBAC.  This is my last baby and as a doula, I know my body is capable and I just want to have that experience.  Plus, I just picture my days of recovery with my 3 year old and infant and it makes me so sad to think I could be in the hospital for 3 days and recovering in that way.  It brings up so much for me and I really struggle with the thought of another c-section.  I just know that is what would happen if I end up the hospital.  Trying to take one thing at a time and I will specifically address the BP during labor question to my midwife tomorrow IF my blood work is fine.  I just would rather plan for a hospital birth now than transfer.  This is just so hard for me to mourn the loss of an experience I have always wanted.  Thanks for reading.

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Aww hon, have you tried doing relaxation techniques for those BP readings?  Have they done any home visits yet? (I'm curious if your BP would still be up at home with the midwives)  Have you considered taking a VBAC class - I found mine to be really helpful in allowing me to really let go of all my negative feelings over my c-section.  Even if that's not an option, have you attended your local ICAN meetings?

FWIW, it IS possible to have VBACs in the hospital (I've had two now), but of course it depends on the individual, the providers, the hospital...

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Also, have you tried Rescue Remedy or Calm's Forte?  I have used those to help me with insomnia, but they are commonly used for anxieties. 


Is it the same hospital that you had a c/s at the first time around? 

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I have gone to counseling, ICAN, Maya Abdominal massage....I felt like I had made peace with my first c-section but every time I am getting BP read, I just get nervous.  I try to relax, mediate, breathe....I am at the point in my pregnancy where everything changed last time so getting it read is just a trigger.  I got the call today that my lab work was fine.  No pre eclampsia as of now.  Thank you.

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oregon,  I am glad to hear that you're clear of pre-eclampsia!  I thought that I had made peace with my last c-section as well.  But I am finding that the closer we get to our due date the more nervous I am becoming.  My c-section was a home-birth transfer (failure to progress over 24 hours after waters had broke) so I don't have a direct trigger like getting my BP taken.  Do your nerves pick up through your whole prenatal appointments, or just when they pull out the cuff?  Do you have a doula?  A birth plan?  Can you schedule a visit to the hospital, maybe ask if your midwife or doula would go with you for support? 

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I'm so sorry to hear this, but glad your cleared of pre-clampsia.  Have you tried hibiscus tea?  I make it every few days in a quart jar, even when there is a little or no sun for 6 hours.  I went to make sure it was safe for pregnancy and found out it lowers blood pressure.  Most of my readings have been in the 90's/50-60's and ocassionally its been 103 to 104 over 60's.  Usually I'm 120/something with my previous pregnancies at least this late in the game and I haven't come close. 


If your interested in trying it I use 1/8 cup of hibiscus to 1 quart of water and brew in the sun for 6 hours.  I know its late, but maybe it will help a little.

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Thanks for your support! A lot has changed since then.  I have decided to let go of my midwives and I have found two midwives who don't see my "white coat" readings as an issue.  I found midwives that are support, encouraging, and who do not think I need to go to the hospital.  I take my BP twice a day and it is fine!  I would be the first person to ask to go to the hospital or to notify them if my readings were high.  I would do anything to keep myself and baby safe but as of now, there is nothing saying I am unhealthy. I had an ultrasound for my VBAC too--scar looks great and placenta is in the back. I realize anything can still happen but I am so glad I found providers to give me the care I need and deserve.  Wishing you all the best these next few weeks too!


Farmer Cathy==totally going to try Hibiscus tea! Loose leaf?  Found most anywhere?  I do the RRL/nettle combo but willing to try it! Thanks!

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I'm so glad you found midwives you like!  Best wishes for an easy delivery!

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Good news, yay!

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Congrats oregon!  And thanks for the tip Cathy, I made some right after I read your post and my BP was down at my midwife visit yesterday.  With DS it seemed to slowly start creeping up in the last couple of months, and my previous two readings had been a little higher each time.  So, again, thanks for the tip!  Plus it is a nice change up from the RRL/nettles!


oregon, I just got loose leaf from the co-op and do a large pinch/small handful into a quart jar.

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What a great update!  Glad you were able to find supportive midwives. thumb.gif

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That's great, oregon2010! So happy to hear you went with more supportive providers. :-)
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Way to go, Oregon! Finding care providers that support YOU and your goals is so important. I'm glad you could do so. Wishing you luck and love in a great home birth!
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Thank you all! I feel so much more listened to, supported, empowered and loved! Even though I did it pretty late in the pregnancy, it still feels SO good.  My midwife is truly amazing--she is a Doctor of Chiropractic medicine, Naturopath, Midwife, MPH and PHD. So her care is so holistic. I am still taking it a day at at time because I know anything can happen.  Still have 4 weeks, give or take.  Wishing you all healthy, happy and positive births as well!

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