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8 week Healthy Weight Loss Challenge version 10.0 (enrolling through July 24, starts July 22,... - Page 9

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gooseberry, I have found with the digital scales, it matters where you stand on it, too far back it weighs less, too far forward, I weigh more.It could also be time to replace it if it is not digital as the springs inside may not be doing their thing correctly anymore.


It has been a busy week for me. Woke up hungry but needed to take my thyroid meds 30 minutes before I could eat, so I figured I would post up the standings so far.


Week 6 ladies!  Two more weeks to go this challenge.


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Crud; I guess I am behind.


I was at 148.2 again last week. Must have just forgotten to post it. Darn you, Sugar! Darn you to Heck! :irked

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66.2kg (145.94)

A loss is a loss I guess :-)
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didn't do so well foodwise this past week (especially on days when i was massively tired)

but managed to increase energy expenditure anyway so it "payed" in the end, even if it is very little, a loss is a loss ...

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Starting a total diet ass kicking today.  Total plant based, no preservative, processed or pre-prepared food.  No oil, fat, sugar etc.  (Or alcohol - yikes!)

Just fruit, vegies, nuts and grains mainly.  I have a feeling the coming days are not going to be very pleasant - but hopefully they will start to shift the weight! 

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141.5!!!  I'm down 1 lb. this week. 

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I think (and hope) that this is accurate, as I was 206 last week.

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151..... seriously stuck.


DD's bday party was yesterday and her 'real' birthday is tomorrow and we are going camping this weekend..... I will venture to guess it will be another bad week... arghhh.  I am going to kick it up a notch next week...  

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156.6  s-l-o-w and steady now

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Back down to 144 again, hoping the coming week sees a loss!
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138.6! Woot!
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Smh. 135.8. Back where I started from. And to think I was 133.0 on  Friday morning. ;(

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169.5, the exact same!

That's fine with me since I was expecting a little gain. I'm well now so I will get back to my daily exercise and maybe see a loss next week :) And now, for labor day, pulling a double at work!!! What would one do for time and a half!?!

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211. I ate bread yesterday and I am bloated today. Maybe a sign bread is not good for me.
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Well, ladies, we have one week left in this challenge. Remember every little bit gets you closer to your goal!


Focus on your exercise, good eating habits, and lots of water to make that scale move just a little lower.


I have taken out the ladies who haven't checked in for several weeks.  There are a couple who haven't checked in for this week, but I will change those up once they post.  Right now blue team is ahead by just a little bit.

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About 149. I found out last week that the owner of a pony that's been staying with us wants to put him down because it's become very expensive to feed him. Stress eating, big time....
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I did some food prep yesterday,  that yielded me 6 grilled chicken breasts -I mostly use them cold to top salads.  Shredded salsa chicken -I serve it hot burrito bowl style with brown rice & black beans topped with lettuce salsa & guacamole!  I also make a couple kale salads, they hold well.  For snacks plain Greek yogurt with chopped apples, cinnamon & flax, I'm changing it up because I always put berries in my yogurt.  I also portioned out some almonds and ground up a few days wort of flax seeds.  Nothing like food ready to go when you need it.  It's a life saver for me!!!  I can't recommend food prep once or twice a week enough!!!  For me it's Wed & Sun an hour or less is all I need. 

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Sounds like an excellent plan. Being prepared always helps!

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For sure Cookie! For me it's more a 2-3 times a week thing since I'm picky and I like very fresh stuff lol! I'll cook some fish/chicken/beans, some brown rice/quinoa, make some salads and cut up some fruits like melon. Our farmer's market extended their hours so I started going and myyyy I'm unstoppable lol. Good thing I can only buy what fits in my backpack (ride the bike with the baby) cause I'd be broke in a heart beat!

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Ha ha Jaxy.  I have developed a bit of a grocery shopping habit!  I never missed the farmers market once last year and this year I've only made it once so far!  Now that I'm working FT it's just about impossible to make it there!  I make up for it in how often I'm shopping at the multitude of other food stores that I like to frequent :)           

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