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All New Birth Blessing List

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An entirely new list!

Okay, as of this (Wednesday) morning, I will have sent bracelets to the following:

Modesto Doula

**If your name is not on this list, you need to pm me; it either means that a)I have not received beads from you b)I do not know your user name c)I do not have your actual address or d)for some other reason (tbp, maybe), I've lost you. These names are all the ones that I have listed on my list with addresses and astresks and such saying that I've got everything straightened out with you. Thank you!**
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Rynna- Thank You for all the work you have put into our birth blessing bracelets! I'm so excited to get them this week!!!
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I finally mailed mine this morning!! Thanks SO much Rynna!!!
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Good! I'm glad you got the beads. Let me know how much I owe for shipping! I am so excited, thank you for doing this!!!
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ummm- i am so blushing..i have yet to get off my butt and get a bead..bad liz bad.
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Okay... I tried to buy padded envelopes today at Wal-mart, and they were all out of the smallest size! The next size up was more than twice as much money and I totally refused and walked out :. I'll look back later in the week.

Does anyone know what June's birthstone is? Noone could remember and I couldn't find a calendar or list anywhere in AC Moore, but there was a woman there with a daughter born in June who said that her mother's ring had a pinkish-purplish stone. So I got pinkish-purplish beads to fill out the bracelets. I'm pretty sure I have enough all together. Time to start assembling! If you haven't sent your beads, you've been granted a bit more time by the ever-so-American-Gods of Wally World. :LOL Oh! One more thing: there was a nifty, large collection of beads on sale at AC Moore for $8; if you're seriously procrastinatory, or just too big and tired to waddle out to a craft store (I have soooo been there!), I'll give ya'll the option of PayPaling a bit towards such a box. No work at all involved for you, and you don't get to have the personal satisfaction of picking out a bead or two and seeing that connection, but you'll still be involved in the project. Sound good?
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looks like it is pearl and alexandrite-weird thing is, my mom and sister were both born in June and I always remember their birthstones being pink, but on a jewelry site online, the alexandrite was blue-ish green. I also found it pink so I guess it comes in a variety of colors.
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June birthstone

I sent a little hand-shaped charm with a pink stone in it that was advertised as a June birthstone. Sounds like you made the right choice on the filler beads, not that I would object to have the "wrong" color and getting this baby out in May!
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Rynna, is your paypal set up to accept credit card payments? If it is, I'll do that today. I've been housebound for awhile (my car is being very cranky), and all I want to do is sleep.

If not, I'll pry myself out of this chair and get to the post office today.
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June's secondary stone is Alexandrite, which in reality changes colors from pink to purple to bluey-grey (it's really very cool) but mostly they use a synthetic that's just pink and boring.

OK, I'm going to the PO again tomorrow and will try to remember to bring the envelope this time!
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Yes, the alexandrite is one of the stones...but I have always been partial to pearls...
Rynna, I am a serious slacker...I am sending you the beads I bought tomorrow. I have to leave the house anyway.
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Okay, the bracelets are all finished and are getting mailed tomorrow, Wednesday at the absolute latest (I'll say Weds in case tomorrow is as hot as today, in which case I won't want to walk anywhere again. )
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Rynna - late comer here... could you please explain the bracelets to me? I have no idea what you all are talking about!

i am preggers and due in September - can I still get in on this and what do I need to do? or am I just too late all together?
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Soontobe3: your own due date club (September 2004) might do something like this when y'all are a little farther along...
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YEAH!!! I am so exscited about these!! Thanks so much for doing them!!!

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Oh yay!! I can't wait to get it!!! Thank you SO much for doing this Ryanna!!! You are awesome!!!!!!!
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Hey Rynna, did you get my package?? I sent it on Tuesday last week.
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Thank you so much for doing all of this, Rynna! You're awesome! I can't wait to get mine!

Blessings to all!
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just a friendly bump. could someone please point everyone else over here? i'm sort of in a hurry as i have to leave and haven't dressed Eli yet.
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So have they been sent out yet?

When should we start the blessing thread?
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