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All the ones on the list at the top have been sent.. but for some reason, it's not showing up when I try to add to the other thread... I'll try again to post a link back here.
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Yeah, mamadosa told me that you had completely changed the first post-I didn't even look at it, I just went straight to the bottom. Duh.
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Yippeee!! I got my bracelet today!!!! It is so COOL!!!

When are we going to do the birth blessing?? Hopefully everyone else will get there bracelet this weekend and we can to the blessing before we have any babies!

Rynna- Thank you so much for all the work you did on these beautiful bracelets!!!!
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Jaredsmom will be the last person to receive her bracelet (unless someone else pm's me in the very near future) because she was the only one I apparently missed the first time around, so hers was the last sent out. Two people have already gotten theirs.. so I'm guessing that almost everyone else on the list will by Monday... Julie, you wanna take it from there?
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Evidently I was doing just that while you were posting!
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This is what I get for being missing in action most of the week, I guess... I was completely clueless that this thread was even here!! Anyway, Im not on the list, so I've PMed you Rhynna!!
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Well crud! I should have been checking more vigilantly, but I had two things I had to finish up, plus I am still doing the conference stuff.

Rynna, I am guessing you didn't get my beads? I know sent them a while ago, but I don't remember exactly when. I even asked at the PO if the packaging was sufficient.

Crap, I think I have too much going on right now......
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I got mine in the mail this weekend!
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Just got mine!

Mine just came in the mail. It's beautiful, thankk you Rynna. Now I just have to figure out how to get it around my bony little wrist. I may wear it as a necklace.

ETA: Tried it on as a necklace, and it looks great! I think I'll have my mw tie it on for me at my appt.
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ModestoDoula, I just found your envelope; I didn't have your real name for some reason, not on either of my lists.

And I don't think I got beads from you, wildthing... perhaps a post office snafu? I'll pm you.

Smithie-- I wondered what skinny people would do, as the bracelets were a bit long. I myself have gigantic hands and wrists, but I know that not everyone does. :LOL
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I've decided to wear it as an anklet. It would probably be uncomfortable at night if I wore it as a necklace. Now if I can just figure out how to reach my ankle...
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I got mine yesterday! It's beautiful! I love the diversity of beads that we all chose the the bracelets!

I was thinking of doing the same thing as you, wearing it as an anklet or necklace. Right now, I have it on my wrist until I figure something out.
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I got mine!!! Thank you so much, it is so beautiful!! I am also wearing mine as an anklet, I love it down there! Now off to post my blessing!!
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Rynna-I am going to pm you as well, but Mamadosa just told me she got a bracelet in the mail (she just moved and her internet isn't up yet), and you sent one for her in my envelope too.

She said she will mail it back to you, but that could explain someone getting skipped.
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