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Help-milk not coming out-only drops

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Hello my baby is 6 days old and in the Nicu. Been pumping like crazy. I bf my first son and pumped for 10 months. My milk just drops out while pumping. I'm not getting that full spray effect out of the nipples- just these lane drops. And milk is transitioning from colostrum to reg milk. Noobs are really full and sore still. I'd really like the milk to blast out of me. Do u think my nipples have something wrong? I don't remember shooting milk taking this long to come out. Any thoughts? Massage them or squeeze them?
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Hand expression seems to be very helpful under these circumstance. It may the skin to skin that the body responds more so to. Good luck and congratulations on the birth of your baby. Here is the study:

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It took me weeks before I was making enough milk, but eventually I did. I had to supplement at the breast to get there. Pumping did not help. Do what you gotta do, it's so worth it.
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Thanks asagio I watched the video too and will try that. It's gonna hurt with how full I am oh well. I have to remember that it's only been a week.
Yes sageowl it is worth it I just wish I had more time with Cole than all this pumping and that it would all come out!
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You are welcome and good luck.
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At the hospital where baby is at, more than likely there is a lactation consultant. Get in to talk to her asap! Are you using a hospital grade dual electric pump? If not, let the lactation consultant know. Make sure to dual pump both breasts every 2 hours during the day and every 3 hours overnight. Don't skip or delay pumpings, no matter what. This makes a difference. Pump for at least 15 minutes. Sometimes massage can help with the letdown. Another thing I would use something like Breastea to help with increasing milk supply at least until my milk was going very well.

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I find that if I'm worried about how much I'm pumping I pump hardly anything at all.  If my mind is elsewhere (e.g., working on the computer while hands free pumping), I pump much more and have many more letdowns.  I think it's related to the stress vs relaxation.


I know it's almost impossible, but try not to think about it.?.

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I missed The part where you said you were in the NICU. That's an even harder situation for breast feeding. I don't know if you have a premature baby or not, But I'm almost convinced that sometimes your body doesn't know that supposed to make milk Until closer to your actual due date. Being in the NICU Is very stressful And that makes it really hard to breast-feed Or to use a pump. I was never very good at pumping the two tricks that I have Make sure you have a picture of your baby with you, Or recording of your baby crying That always seem to help me. Make sure you read the forum about premature babies because a lot of the parents in there have experience with a situation like this. Best wishes and hope this what phase of your life is short And that you can get home and enjoy your baby soon. Sorry about the random typos I'm nursing at the keyboard.
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Thanks everyone. At a week old I get not quite 3 oz per pump total. I am soo tired That I skip on pumping at night so I am very full in the a.m.. I just wish I could get past these drops and get the squirting out. I've met with 2 consultants but I knew already what they were telling me.
At least my son is getting my milk thru a stomach tube now and he is off the ventilator and breathing in his own. He wants to suck so bad and I can't wait to nurse! I get to hold him tomorrow so I hope that helps the milk increase. I need to get fenugreek at gnc as well. Love that stuff
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I went through the same thing.  I cried everyday.  Eventually, I actually had an over supply.


1. Take Brewer's Yeast.  It can be bitter, so you can take tablets.  They are available here:




and here


http://www.drugstore.com/gnc-brewers-yeast-500mg-tablets/qxp41666  (I take these, up to 10 a day, but you can take up to 16)


2.  Massage your breasts


3.  Drink lots of fluids.  If you can drink whole milk (grassfed milk even better), eat whole eggs, if you eat bread, sourdough is very good.


4.  Try to relax.  Stress and tension can actually hinder milk flow (this happened to me too)


Best of luck.  Your milk will come in.


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Little guy nursed for the first time today! 7 minutes! Woohoo and I think he got ducts drained that the pump is not. Now I need him on the other side.
And I do need to massage them but need time to do that!
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Wonderful news!!
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Hang in there. My post is right next to yours right now on the breastfeeding challenges forum, and I got a ton of really amazing advice that may be of some use to you too. My problems stem from a NICU stay too, although we're on the other side learning to exclusively breastfeed at home three months later.

I just wanted to give an Internet hug from one NICU mom to another. It's the hardest thing I've ever lived through, but when my son was in there the nurses kept telling me 'before you know it this will just be a memory' and they couldn't have said it better. The second you get out it becomes just part of your baby's story. Before you know it you'll be lounging around at home nursing your baby and the memory of walking down the hospital halls at 4 am to hand the nurse a bottle of whatever you've managed to get will be just that, a memory.
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Have you watched videos about hands on pumping?  They are pretty useful.

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I'm getting about 3 oz per pump but my problem is that the milk isn't shooting out like a hose like with
My first son. I pump for. 15 min.
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I finally have spray! I realized that if I wait 3.5 hours or more in between pumps ill build up enough pressure in there for pumping time. I'm getting to nurse Cole a couple times a day in hospital so it's helping my supply. He may come home tomorrow!
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Wonderful news all around!
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A friend of mine just sent me this to try...apparently really good stuff...



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I am getting on fenugreek today to see how that goes. Little guy drinks 2 oz at a time and I'm having trouble keeping up and I wanted to have enough to pump for extra supply.
I hate anise and licorice and that taste seems to be in a lot of lactation aids
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