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Finally got comfy in my ring sling and I'm loving it! I made it for a friend years ago and she regifted to me after her boys outgrew it....I must say...I did a fine job!
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So sweet, Huck!


We are loving our ring sling, and have just been starting to use the ergo with a blanket rolled up at the bottom as a "booster seat." For walking I find the ergo more comfortable, and love the ring sling at home or at a restaurant.  We have a moby too, but it is such a pain to tie, and sweaty!  It's comfy though, so I hope to get the hang of it when the weather cools off a bit.

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Huck that ring sling is really pretty!

I really want to get a nice ring sling or wrap, but I'm so torn about which one to choose. The ease of breastfeeding in a RS is appealing, but with a 15lb 2 month old I worry about the longterm viability of that option vs the health of my back/shoulders. Wraps are beautiful and I love the way they look, but they seem to have a very steep learning curve, and I think my girls need something more "poppable."
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Kitteh, I think wraps are intimidating due to the amount of fabric. But is not hard, believe me. Maybe if you have a friend who has one you can give it a try.

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I agree, Ive been wrapping and been able to do it quite quickly now. Although it can be tricky when you are out and its rainy and wet out. I'm going to list afew items from my stash to see if I can offset the cost of a good woven wrap. I got the one I ordered before but I'm not crazy about the fabric...I practiced a back carry with my toddler and he loved it and wants me to wrap him every time he sees it now.
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Trill wrapping at 3 months.








How we carrying now mamas?

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does anyone know if any of the carriers area no good if you have POP?

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Blankets!  What a great idea.  I am dying to use the Ergo but Holly is so short she can't see out.  Blankets will help boost her up.

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That's a good idea Spotty!! So are they big enough now for their legs to stick out the holes? I've been keeping Camden's in still.
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My moby is too hot to use right now. I wanted to try a forward facing carrier so I found an Infanto brand front facing/ inward facing carrier at Marshall's for $20. I'll let you know what I think.

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I'm mostly using the moby right now, at least for around the house or out on walks.  on regular quick outings i use the ring sling because it's so easy to pop her in and out of or change positions, although if she is awake, she prefers to be carried facing out (not in a wrap). she's not much of a fan of the buddah legs - she likes to keep her legs out.  i'm dying to get a woven wrap for a back carry.  i tried to skimp and get a cotton gauze wrap, but she hated the material, and it wasn't ideal for carrying, IMO.  she did like the back carry for the brief amount of time we tried it. i have a boba to pull out and try her in, since we are going to be getting a cabin later this fall and i need to get her on my back for that (need to see my feet on hikes!).  she still seems so little for the boba....i'm going to take it out later today.  i'm almost hoping that it doesn't work so that i have an excuse to buy a good woven wrap! 


I practiced the back carry first with DS, and he LOVED it, it was so cute! must get pics!

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JNajla, I'm also finding the Moby too hot for right now.  At the moment, my husband is watching the Washington Professional Football Team play with L in the ring sling!  That's our favorite at the moment for around the house or at a restaurant.  For longer outings and walks, I love our Ergo - we've been using it since about 4 weeks with a rolled up muslin blanket as a "booster seat."  

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does anyone know if any of the carriers area no good if you have POP?


I think it has to do with the weight of your baby and the severity of your POP. My POP is really mild, but I have a pretty heavy baby already. I've found that as long as my posture is good and I'm having a good day in general, I can carry her in anything that distributes the weight evenly. So ring slings tend to be out for me, since they tend to shift the weight to one shoulder/side and that affects the way I stand. Also, I've found that I can't wear her all day long. I've always thought I'd wear her around the house more, but I'm not. Maybe a back carry would be better for longer wears, since it doesn't create the same pull on ones pelvis/posture?


I'm pretty sure Amelia is too heavy to wear her comfortably in the Moby, so I'm thinking of selling that. I'm still in love with my Mei Tai and use it on every outting. I have yet to use the ergo, but I think I'm going to give that a go next time we're out. This recent SoCal heatwave has somewhat tempered my lust after woven wraps. That, and the fact that they intimidate me! But I have some upcoming babywearing meetups that I intend to go to, so hopefully I fall in love with wrapping and get some good information at those!

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thanks so much Kitteh!! 

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Glad my limited perspective might be able to help!

For me, the front carries sometimes cause me to tuck my bum in, sort of curling my pelvis forward/under, which is a posture frowned upon in the Hab-it video. I also find myself curling my shoulders in and down if i front-carry too long. And I tend to lock my knees, even when not carrying baby actually, which is something I need to be more aware of.

I'm wondering how CrystalMarie feels about prolapse and babywearing, since she seems to use her k'tan often.
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oh whats the Hab-it video?

Oh I just looked it up, gonna try to get it.

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I feel similar to you kitteh... I can basically wear her anyway I want as long as I'm very conscious of my posture. I use the k'tan and the ring sling exclusively right now and neither bother me unless I tuck my bum under and rotate my pelvis up instead of down. I have poor posture to begin with but it's actually holding her without a sling/ carrier that seems to do the most damage because I really rotate my pelvis up, I default to poor posture. So for me, any thing is better than just holding her.
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For anyone wondering here is Trilly back- wrapping with my daughter.


Her head is fully supported by the material and she is very secure with three layers of material from her bum to her shoulders.






I've found the closer I can wrap a baby to my body, the longer I can carry them comfortably. Especially if they are chunkers like this one! If I'm in a hurry and just throw her on without adjusting, well..... it better be a short trip :)

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 At the moment, my husband is watching the Washington Professional Football Team play with L in the ring sling!  


Hahahahah, love it!

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Bumkins your daughter has absolutely beautiful hair! And trilly's hair is so dark, what a great combination.
I have my first dark haired babe right now and really was excited by it. So strange but I always thought I'd have all light haired kids.
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