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DD Denied Access to the After School Program

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The schools where I live are underperforming but there are some great charter schools here. The good news is we survived the lottery process and got into our first choice. It's a charter school that is overseen by the local district so some of the programs are theirs and some are provided by the district.


The bad news is even though I should have priority (I submitted the application within weeks of the paperwork being available, single parents and working parents get priority and I am both) we still got waitlisted.


I called the school and the principal answered the phone and told me he usually the a few spots he can allocate in certain situations and asked me some questions. He replied it seems like I really do need it and the other options they have wouldn't be enough so he was going to try to talk to the program and get her in.


This was 3 weeks ago. I've sent 3 e-mails and have called the school 15 times and still haven't gotten any type of reply or confirmation. I only got through to an actual person once and she just took a message and wouldn't do anything else. School just closed last week and while I know they come into the school from time to time I have no idea when.


Does anyone else have any ideas on how to navigate through these programs or the school? Especially with them now being on break? I would hate to have to pull dd out and put he in the public school but that may be our only choice if we can't find care. I've explored a few other options but I can't come up with one with care covered 100% of the time I need it; 80% at best.


Even when they are open, I work 30-40 minutes away and I have to leave much earlier so I would hate if I have to show up every day and miss a half day of work and use up all my vacation time over stuff like this.

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The only way to navigate this is to keep looking. It sounds like, if a spot opens, you'll have it, but there's no guarantee a spot will open.

We wound up using a private daycare, and then the school age care program at the Boys and Girl's Club for after school care - ds went there by schoolbus. We got a ton of leads off the website for the state's Department of Early Education and Care. The advantage to independent after school care programs is that they're sometimes available during school vacations. They cost more, but you can sometimes get vouchers.
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I'm a little confused. She got into the school but not the afterschool program? Or she is waitlisted for the school itself? It's hard to imagine them not telling you for sure in late July that she is accepted into the school. Re-read your post but still can't figure it out!  :)

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Lauren, it sounds to me like she has a spot in the school but not the before or aftercare program. I didn't know that schools did this - ours, I think, has a spot for every kid who wants to attend. OP, I would think that if your district does not offer before and aftercare for all students in the public school system then there must be some comparable, affordable private options. Of course, this could be totally naive. Have you called around to some private programs? Also, have you looked into what time you can drop off in the AM without enrolling in before care? In our school parents get about a half hour of free childcare for early drop-off. It's not a lot but it's something!  Also, what about after-school programs? 


One other thought, I think most schools get back to business way before our kids come to school so you may be having a delay but will hear from teachers and admins when they return to work in early-mid August. 


But sorry to hear about your communication problems with a new school. That can't feel good!   

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Yes, dd had a spot in the school. You have a different application process for the before/after school care. This school doesn't contract with a private option and they are less than a mile away so I really hated the idea of trying to find and pay for something private offsite where I had to worry if dd got the bus, etc.

The principal finally responded back he was going to try to use one of his spots to get dd in but I won't get any confirmations until a few years after school starts. So I have to work really short hours on days I have dd and hope it works out.
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This is actually really common, I am sorry. Depending on their funding sources a lot of schools don't have enough slots. Some schools even have two tiers with subsidized programs/ non-subsidized programs.

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do you know how many children they take in?


i dont know of any school in our area where you apply and get in. you usually have to wait for about 6 months or so. its easier to find part time care spots, not full time spots.


in our middle school there was only 60 spots for 200 students for incoming 6th graders. it was set on need base - and yet many needy families did not get in. they are a pretty strict afterschool too. you cant miss days (meaning show up to school and then dont go for aftercare). thankfully there was a YMCA nearby that comes and picks up the students.


in the elementary school there were a few private places that came and picked up the kids. YMCA and a local karate club which also did afterschool care. 

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