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8 year old "needing" root canal after filling put in 8 months ago

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Quick background...
my 8 year old went in to a pediatric dentist to have a broken tooth looked at. Found several cavites (wasn't surprised). We had them worked on and she did great. I and the dentist didn't get on, and actually had some words. (I do not like her trying to control what I tell or don't tell my children)
Now, a little over a week ago, she comes to me complaining of pain and has some swelling below her jaw. Her rear molar, which apparently is an adult tooth, is the issue. Spoke to our regular dentist office (Not the pediatric dentist) and they said it is an abscess and called in some antibiotics. Then we had to try another one along with prescription strength pain meds. The swelling and pain didn't subside until I started brushing her teeth with coconut oil/oregano oil, and massaging (gently) that side of her face/neck/chest and armpits.
Called the referal endodontist who we were told would do the root canal, and they don't work on children under 12. I am not sure I want to go back to the pediatric dentist, and our regular dentist doesn't want to do it, as he's not sure he could do a good job on a little one. They usually refer out root canals in molars. They did x-rays, and you could see a tiny amount of inflamation at the base of each root. The tech even said to me later that it's possible that with her age, the roots may grow a small bit more.

All this being said, what would you do? Is there an alternative to having a root canal? I just cannot see killing this tooth if there is a possibility that it could heal. Especially being it is one she should have for the rest of her life. UGH!

Suggestions please!!!!?!!!?

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Bumping for input. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Hi, I know this a couple months old, but we were in your shoes a couple months ago. My 8 year daughter's permanent molar had a big cavity and the dentist treated us like we were horrible parents for allowing this. He told me to stop sodas and mountain Dew. I NEVER give her anything like that and are strict about brushing and eat good nutrious, homemade meals. Anyways, I was devasted that she needed a root canal. She didn't have an abscess and I really wanted to try to heal it naturally enought that she would just need a filling or at the worst pull the tooth. But she did have some pain. I did NOT want her to have a root canal. But we were leaving the country for a trip and my husband felt the root canal was best. Again, I was beyond devasted. She had the root canal done in two procedures (they had to wait for roots to grow more) and thankfully she did great and has seemed to recover okay. What did you end up doing with herr daughter? I hope to never be in that situation again.
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Well, we were going to have the root canal done. And our regular doctor called in some antibiotics for her (The first she had ever been on. She's 8 1/2) They seemed to help, but not totally, and they were upsetting her stomach, so we switched to a stronger, different antibiotic and that seemed much better. Gave her lots of good yogurt during this time. As much as she would eat. :)
The pain finally started subsiding, and we called the dentist that we were referred to. His receptionist told me that he didn't see children any younger thatn 12. Period. In the end, this was a blessing.

So, I continued with brushing with coconut oil and oregano essential oil twice daily, at least. The inflammation has gone away, and so has her pain. I do not know if the tooth is healing, or if we are in for a big problem later, but things seem to be doing quite well.
I will continue to use the coconut oil and essential oil, plus we brush with baking soda also.
Hope this helps you some. I am sorry you had to go through all that too.


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