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Wedding Gift With No Money?

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Hey guys, DH's cousin's wedding is this weekend, and I was wondering if anyone here may have some ideas for me. We can't afford a real wedding present, and I feel bad. They are a super sheik couple, and I feel really awkward. I can get crafty, as long as the supplies don't end up costing more than a gift would - as is sometimes the case for me! And I don't want them to feel like we're cheaping out on them.


I can't think of anything to do for them, though, without spending very much. I feel like it is bad etiquette to show up with nothing, but I am not sure what I could do that wouldn't seem.. uh.. homely. I guess. I think they will understand that we can't spend a lot, but I would like for our guift to at least be thoughtful and worthwhile.


Does anyone happen to have any ideas for me? Google apparently doesn't even understand the phrase, "what to give at a wedding when you have no money" or any variation thereof, lol. I can't be the only person to end up in this situation!

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what about a framed collage? You know news clipping and photos of them from the year they get married.

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Are there any items on the registry that would be easy to make similar looking things? What do they like and what are your crafty specialties?

After checking on pinterest, it seems like a popular homemade gift is the couple's last name etched on to a frame or mirror, along with the marriage date and sometimes first names.

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I was in your position right after I graduated and had two weddings to attend.  For one, I stripped and stained an old painted cabinet/shelf.  For the other I stripped and stained an old painted window with multiple panes, took out the glass, and put a mirror behind it.  The cabinet/shelf was less than $15 at the local Kiwanis shop, and I had stripper and stain in the garage (would have been ~$15).  The window was free, and the mirror cost ~$15.  Both were absolutely beautiful, and I would have kept them myself.  The couple who received the cabinet still mentions it being one of their favorite gifts.  

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Jmo, but is three something even small you could afford off their registry? Even if its a piece of serve ware or a frame?
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IMO a gift is NEVER required. That is why it is a 'gift'. You are giving of your own free will. Make or purchase a nice card and write something more than just signing your name. Have hubby relate a cute or funny story from when the cousin was a child. Something that the spouse wouldn't know. Welcome the new spouse to the family and say you look forward to getting to know them. SOMETHING heartfelt and genuine. People don't invite you to their wedding just to get gifts....and if they do...that really isn't the kind of friends/family you need any way! This way, you will have a 'gift' (card) in hand when you get to the wedding so you won't feel awkward. If it matters to others.....they will think you are giving money.
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When we had our wedding, I had plenty of friends who were..to put it blankly, pretty poor. One gave me a beautiful vintage teacup set that I still treasure, and the other gave me something homemade that was lovely and again, something I treasure..both because they were thoughtful (I love handmade things, and I love tea sets!) That said, I would look and see if (like the other poster said) you can make something off the registry, or just plain ol'e make something thoughtful! 

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I'm not sure how much you can spend, but my top inexpensive yet elegant and practical gifts would be the following..

-Wine and champagne (one good quality bottle is better than two cheap ones). Present it in a beautiful gift box for more oompf (not a gift bag).

-Elegant SS photo frame with the names engraved onto it

-Monogrammed 'His and Her" towels presented in a beautiful gift box with bow

-Willow tree "couple" figurine (not so practical, but quite lovely and you can often find them on sale)

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Are they going away? One of our best gifts was a food basket given to us by a few friends together, including food they had canned or came from other friends. It even had things as simple as crackers, cheese and fruit. We ate everything.
My mom and I go in on every gift together. My relatives know my funds are limited. Is there someone you could do this with perhaps?
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Thank you so much everyone for the replies! I did take another look at the registries after the suggestion, and managed to find something we could swing. You all had lovely suggestions, though, and I will definitely be keeping them in mind for the future. I barely know the couple, so for me that makes it really hard to make something for them.


I, personally, would not be bothered in the least bit by a homemade gift, quite the contrary, but I do know not everyone feels that way. shrug.gif Nor would I think anything of guests showing up without, I didn't pay any attention at all to who did or did not bring a gift to our wedding, aside from including them in the thank you, but I know other people pay far more attention to that kind of thing, or even read into it, I don't want anyone to feel insulted, yikes! At least with something, even though it was one of the cheaper things on their list, I feel like it is easier to think, "this is what they could afford," rather than, "I can't believe they didn't bother!"

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I am not a big fan of registries, though I understand and can appreciate why people use them.

I think any of the lovely handmade suggestions would be more than enough.
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My cheapest wedding gift (was a college student then) was a pair of bath towels.  I have hand embroidered each of their names on them.  They cost less than $15.   Most of the gifts we received for our wedding were quite modest and cost less than $30.    Unless you're quite well off and everyone know how much you make, I doubt they'd consider your gift cheap.

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I just saw area
Ly cute wedding gift. It was a chalkboard in a frame looked repurposed. The giver had written i chalk the bride and grooms names and drew a couple of simple flowers. There was a big white now n the top corner. It was propped against the gift table so looked pretty that day and then could be used later by the could as a memo board in their home.
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