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Bed rest. Contractions. Low fluid.

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So, Friday I had a doctors appointment and my cervix was thin and soft. About 50% effaced. I was told to take it easy and started steroid shots and progesterone shots. I was fine all weekend.Then last night I was up all night from 1 on, I just didn't feel right. By about 3 I was able to time contractions. I called labor and delivery and they told to me to chug water (which I had been doing already) and take a bath. I filled my jug back up and took a bath. They seemed to calm down in the tub but amped back up once I got out of the tub. So, I called them back and they told me to head in. I got there not even really sure if what I was feeling were contractions and so positive they were just going to send me home that I made dh stay home with dd. After about a half hour on the monitor they came in and said I was definitely having contractions. They were only lasting 30-40 seconds though and the baby was handling them well. They gave me a shot to try and slow them down, it kinda worked but not really. My doctor came by on his rounds and did the FFN test and checked me. My cervix was still at 50% effaced and soft but not dilated at all. So, he wanted to get an ultrasound to check out what's going on in there as far as her position, fluid, cervical length etc. He went to do a surgery while I waited for an ultrasound and a pill to try to completely stop the contractions. My mom ran to take my dd to my sister so dh could get to work and to get us some food. And, of course the ultrasound tech came in when I was all alone. Right away we could tell my fluid levels were alarmingly low. Her head is very very low and my cervix is very short. Her head and femur are measuring on track but her abdomen is about a week, week and a half behind which is concerning since I haven't really gained any weight in 3+ weeks. Then they wanted to monitor her practice breathing movements. She watched her for a half hour straight but Violet didn't do any practice breathing. So with the low fluid, no breathing practice seen, contractions, measuring small they are concerned she could be stressed. But again her heart tracing looks perfect with peaks and valleys. The doctor reviewed everything and decided I'm ok to go home but wants me back on Thursday for another NST and Friday for an ultrasound. I'm on strict bedrest and have to do vigalent kick counts. Her activity level has slowed down, she's always been such an active baby so I'm making sure to pay attention to her movements now that I'm home resting. If my fluid is low on Friday I'll most likely be seeing a perionatologist (sp?) next week. I'm obviously stressed out and scared. So, whatever you ladies believe in be it prayers, karma, good thoughts, good vibes, or what have you please send them my way. I'm about 32 1/2-33 weeks so we really would like to keep her in there at least another 3-4 weeks.
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MamaMash, Oh, I can't imagine how stressful and scary this must be for you.  I'm keeping you and Violet in my thoughts and sending lots of strength and light y'all's way.  Take care.  hug.gif

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Sending "stay in there!" vibes to you and Violet.

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Thinking of you and your family. I hope things look good on Thursday.

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Thinking of you and your family. I hope things settle down.
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Hoping she stays in longer! I'm glad you were seen. It's nice knowing she'd do fairly well at this point, but more weeks would be VERY good for her.

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I'm keeping my fingers crossed she stays in longer and all is well
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Oh, no! That would be very scary. Thinking all kinds of positive thoughts for you and Violet and family. Stay in there and grow some more, baby!!

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Oh boy, that sounds so scary and stressful!  I hope she sticks it out at least these next 3-4 weeks for you!  I will be thinking of you and I hope you give us lots of updates on how you're feeling, etc!  Are you getting lots of help with your DD so you can take it easy without pressure?  Sending lots of good thoughts your way.

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Thanks ladies! I'm a little less panicky now that I'm home. Still stressed out of my mind, but not a mess of tears. My dh took today off so he's doing everything for dd and around the house. He works the next 2 days so he'll drop dd off with my sister and pick her up on his way home, which makes me a little emotional to be away from her so much but I know it's what I need in order to keep Violet cooking. He's off Friday all the way until like the 29th because he was supposed to be going on a TDY but his commander told him to stay with us. So I should be able to just lay around and only move to shower, use the restroom, or go to appointments. I'm still having 2-4 contractions an hour and her activity definitely isn't as much as her norm so I'm counting kicks and timing contractions. I'll definitely keep you all updated!
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So glad you're feeling a little less scared and that you've got help with your DD!  I hope you can find ways to enjoy your "down time." Glad your DH can be with you- I'm sure that will help so much!  Thanks for the update, will be thinking of you :)

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Hang in there, mama. I'm thinking of you. Stay inside, violet!!!
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It's scary and overwhelming but I am glad you have DH's support and I hope this week brings much more positive news.  Hopefully some more fluid gets her head off of your cervix and allows you more moderate bedrest, mama!

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Hugs!!! I hope bed rest does the trick for you!!! Take care of yourself and try to keep your mind clear. Maybe pick up a new hobby while in bed to keep your mind off the worry and pass the time. If you don't know how to knit for example YouTube has great how to videos.
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Hugs! I hope the contractions taper off and little Violet stays put for a few more weeks.

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Sending the two of you well wishes and moral support! Stay strong!
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How scary for you! Also sending positive vibes, and I hope she stays in there and is content for another few weeks.

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I hope this ends up just being smart precautions and all is well with the baby when you go in next. I'm sending lots of thoughts and prayers your way.
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I'm totally rooting for you keeping this baby girl in to cook another couple weeks.  

I'm only 30 weeks and I was up last night until 3 am having contractions every 2-20 minutes, ugh.  I'm hoping I don't join your ranks of bedrest champions soon!  I'll know more at monday's hospital appointment.

Try to find some sort of hobby to keep your mind off things, or then some really light, relaxing reading?

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Oh how scary and stressful! Sending you all good vibes! 

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