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I had a NST today at the hospital. Violet passed with flying colors. Perfect looking reactive heartbeat, lots of movement. She seems to be fine in there. But, almost immediately I started having contractions. They were really consistent, pretty strong. Even more so than on Tuesday. They gave me a shot and luckily got them to chill out so I'm back home. I have pills here to take if they pick back up. Tomorrow I have an ultrasound and I'm hoping my fluid levels are ok and that her small size was a fluke. I'll try to update you all tomorrow
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So glad to hear that Violet is doing well!!  I'll be thinking about y'all tomorrow.  Hope the ultrasound brings good news.

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That's good to hear, hope all goes well tomorrow
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Great update! Thinking good thoughts!

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oh my, i just saw this thread now. it sounds really scary -- did the doctors have any idea why this was happening? i'm so glad to read Violet's heartbeat and movement was fine when you went in the second time. and so glad you have DH's and your sister's support with DD! sending you both lots of good energies!!

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My ultrasound looked better! Fluid levels are in the normal range. She's still just a tiny little thing but the doctor didnt seem too concerned about that. She's measuring 4lb 3oz which would put her due date at sept 21st. I'm due Sept 6th. I know ultrasounds can be off by quite a bit on weight so I'm trying not to stress much about it. And hey maybe she's just a small girl. I'm still on bedrest but overall things seem to be looking better.
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That's great, MamaMash!  So good to get some positive news!  :)

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Good news, mamamash, take it easy.
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Yay! Glad to hear things are well. 

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Awesome news mamamash 😃
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Just saw this! Great news in your updates...and yes, third tri ultrasounds are definitely less than exact when weight is concerned. Sending good vibes for staying healthy, having a quiet uterus and remaining pregnant for another 4-6ish weeks!
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Just catching up here and I'm so sorry you are going through this ordeal!

Are you able to have DD with you at all? That would stress me beyond belief and I'm so happy to hear your mom and sister are able to help! I'm happy to hear babe is doing well, huge relief.

What do the contractions feel like? I'm getting crazy low pelvic pressure I've never felt before. I'm sure it's the norm but I'm wondering if they are BH or not. I'm rooting for you and your in my thoughts mama! Cook that baby at least a few more good weeks!!!
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Thanks again for all the well wishes ladies. Tilly, my dh was able to take from yesterday all the way until Monday the 29th off work. He was supposed to be on a TDY but his commander told him to stay home. so since no one is in the office he can just stay home. After that we aren't 100% sure how we're going to swing it. I shouldn't be alone with dd for very long, she's 2 and obviously I cannot lay/sit all day long while trying to take care of a 2 year old. But I also would go nuts if she had to be away from me all day everyday. The 2 days she was with my mom and sisters was really hard. Her routine was so off she would come home and just be a wreck. We'll figure it out, even if I have to go to my sisters or moms house in the morning until dh gets off work. We'll make it work, we have no other choice. As far as what contractions feel like, I had been having them off and on for a couple weeks and didnt even realize it. For me they feel like low pressure/pain in my uterus that comes on like a wave. They start in my lower back and then spread to my uterus while increasing in intensity. I can talk through mine and they aren't excruciating by any means. Just not at all pleasant. I had a bout of them last night again. I took one of the pills my doctor prescribed and they calmed down some. This could get really old really fast...
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Poor you, MamaMash! Glad things are going better and I hope she stays tucked in there for a bit longer. fingersx.gif
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Just saw this! Praying for you and Violet!
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I have an appt with my actual doctor today. I haven't seen him since I was initially at the hospital for all this stuff. Crossing my fingers that everything looks good and he takes me off bed rest! I really think that will be the outcome because this week has been really calm. Other than a few incidents of more than 4 contractions an hour. Here's to hoping!
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fingers totally crossed for you!!!  

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Originally Posted by Serafina33 View Post

fingers totally crossed for you!!!  


crossing my fingers too!

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