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So I am a little confused. I am already the proud mum of a 7 year old and would like to try and conceive again. My partner and I have been trying since the start of the year with no luck. I usually have a 31 day cycle. I have a little app that highlights my fertile days etc... So on every highlighted day I made sure we got busy. On day 21 of my cycle I noticed when I went to the toilet I had a red /orange creamy discharge. This has never happened before... I put a panty liner in and a few hours later I had a small amount in the liner and it was now a light red. The next morning I had nothing though. I had no cramping at all. Can this be implantation bleeding? Or ovulation bleeding? Or could something be wrong? I'm so confused!
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Sounds like it could be implantation bleeding. It certainly is at the right time. :) Good luck.

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Thank you so much. I am trying not to get excited but I'm hopeful smile.gif
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