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Weekly Chat July 17th-28th

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Okay, I'll do it


Let's see, I've been having wicked charlie horses in bed lately. The other night one woke me up and I couldn't get my leg to relax at all.  I ended up waking up DH and DS because I was wimpering in pain and DH had to get up and massage my leg for a few minutes before the cramp would chill out enough for me to get back to sleep. My calf muscle is still sore from that  two days later.


How are you ladies doing?

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Ciga the exact same thing is happening to me fairly often! I now routinely wake up DH and make him rub it for me. My calves are constantly sore from charlie horses! One thing that has been helping for me is to not point my toe straight when I stretch. I have started stretching it by pointing it up instead of down and that has totally been helping. For me I think in the night I was stretching and pointing them and thats when they would come on.

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I'm exhausted and emotional.
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me too

contractions for about twelve hrs yesterday, every 2-20 minutes.  Now today they started a couple hours ago but every 45 minutes.  Boo.

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Gearing up!I haven't had a single bx yet but I'm only 26 weeks
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Serafina - I hope the contractions die down!!!

Superbeans and Ciga - You have nice husbands who would do that for you! I'm a little jealous.


AFM: I officially have hit the third trimester. I kind of hated my group prenatal. I kind of hated it. The midwife announced the other women's weights. I feel very private about my weight, especially as a fat mom in a room filled with skinny moms. After fretting about this, my blood pressure (and pulse) ended up high, which the midwife also said in front of others. She wanted me to retest later, but I felt too embarrassed to do it again in front of everyone when no one else did and suspected my blood pressure would have stayed high with my worrying about doing it again in front of others. My next prenatal appointment will be an individual one, and I want to ask that all of my appointments be individual for the duration of the care, though I worry a little about offending the midwife. Otherwise, I got through a few items on my to-do list this weekend, but I've mostly focused on getting ready for homeschooling this fall. I did look at two thrift stores for wool sweaters, and I could find none! Maybe they rotate their inventory seasonally?

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Wtf happened to patient privacy? Wait group appointment? OMG never. I ask questions about sex, incontinence, etc.
What's next pap smear parties?
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revolting- don't feel bad about offending her. she'll survive. It might be good to tell her exactly what you didn't like about the group prenatal. There is a good chance that somebody else in there wasn't a huge fan of having their weight shouted to the room and/or having to hear everybody else's.  Even though I'm a thin person that would make me uncomfortable only because then I'd be mentally tracking those numbers and wondering if I was doing something wrong/unhealthy... It seems like a strange thing for a midwife to do anyway.  In any case, don't worry about her feelings if the whole thing made you uncomfortable.  Its your prentatal care, not hers.


serafina- I hope your contractions are a little calmer today. I've been having BH for a while now but with no kind of regularity.


superbeans- I have had to start making a very concerted effort not to point my toes when I stretch. I did manage to make it through last night with no spasms, which was a relief. My calf was so sore that every time I moved I expected it to freak out but it thankfully gave me a break.


shiloh- I feel you.  I've taken to locking DS in the bedroom with me for as much of an hour in the afternoon as he'll allow before he starts poking my face just so I can lay down with my feet up and possibly my eyes closed for a bit. I just feel so tired all the time which then makes me crabby and emotional.  If he wasn't locked in there with me he would definitely be wandering the neighborhood when I woke up.


My husband is really nice. He actually had to kind of hold me down and force me to let him rub my leg that night.  It was so painful I could barely stand him making me stay still.  Had he just ignored my whimpering I probably would have ended up hobbling downstairs and crying in a heap if I'd even made it that far.

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I woke up from a nap the other day with my right leg twitching - it was the freakiest thing I've ever felt. My restless leg syndrome has been so bad these past couple of months, but the jumping bean leg is a new thing! I hope it doesn't happen again. greensad.gif

I started my childbirth classes last week, and I was surprised at how much I like them. The actual method is Lamaze, which I don't really jive with so far - I've developed my own pain coping techniques over the years (I have terrible, crippling period cramps), and I have different ways of breathing through them. But the classes are so full of information, and they're held at the hospital where I'm delivering with the instructor being an actual L&D nurse who is VERY knowledgeable, so I really appreciate the information. Plus, she kinda cracks me up - she obviously LOVES babies. Like, she started to tear up when she was talking about holding your child right after they put the baby on your stomach, and she was begging people not to refuse the first hour of skin-to-skin (my hospital apparently offers it regularly now, which is so cool - who would refuse that?).

I have an ultrasound tomorrow - level 2 to check growth. It's standard for people on my medication, it seems. I'm kinda hoping the baby has caught up a bit in size - I know the 20th percentile is okay, but it did make me a little nervous. But that was 2 months ago, and I feel like she had a HUGE growth spurt since then. But, as long as she's still growing, everything is peachy to me.

Less than 3 months! I still can't believe it.
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I'm feeling pretty similar to how I have been feeling for a month or more. I'll be 30 weeks tomorrow smile.gif Baby movements are the most uncomfortable thing for me...it hurts!!! I never get soft pleasant movements. I think he is trying to break out through the skin; it actually brings tears to my eyes from the pain. I'm also having horrid constipation, hemorrhoids, and swelling of my ankles that sucks! My BH contractions are often, but I love them because they make Baby slow his movements for a while smile.gif I would be surprised if I went past 38 weeks, so I have about 2 months left!!! My kids go back to school in a month, my baby shower is on the 10th, and I have a lot to do to get ready for everything. I'm more than ready to have my body back (other than my boobs)! I'm glad everyone is holding up ok, and I'm sorry some of you are having the leg problems greensad.gif So ready to hold my baby!! I can't wait!!
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Constipation is the worst.
Mine is driving me mad.
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I just got back from a miserable camping trip. Normally, I love camping. I've camped while pregnant before. This time was different. It was so hot! I can't stand the heat. I've never been able to. My ankles got all swollen and I couldn't go for any proper hikes. I'm expecting #4 and I've never dealt with swelling before! I guess I should consider myself lucky. It was hottest in the tent and I couldn't sleep. We left a day early because DH and I were both just miserable. It really upset me to leave, though.

I've been really stressed about everything and just want the baby to be born already (but to have gestated long enough...I'm still only 25 weeks). I guess what I'm saying is I'd like to go to sleep until the middle of October. I had my other babies at 38 weeks, so I'm hoping I'll have this one then, too. I loved being pregnant with my other children. It's upsetting that I'm not enjoying it this time.
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I hate pregnancy.

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Yeah, I'm feeling the pregnancy hate too. I've got all the constipation, etc. going on over here. No swollen ankles or feet yet, which is surprising because it's been really hot and humid, and with my first pregnancy I had hobbit feet and ankles for the last half. My feet grew a whole size!


Backing up to the previous conversation about nursing clothes/bras, here is a really easy sewing tutorial for the BOOB type nursing tops. I'm going to make a bunch I think:


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Oh my gosh I am sorry for all you ladies having a rough time right now!! That does not sound fun!


Rainyday- Our baby is small too. Her little legs are only in the 8th-10th percentile! It makes me nervous. But the Dr keeps insisting that she is okay since her growth is staying consistent. One thing he also reminded me is that if I ovulated even a few days later than expected she could very well be a few days less far along and that would throw off which percentile she is. Anyways hope you enjoy getting to see your little one at your ultrasound today!! And hope baby is catching up growth wise just for peace of mind smile.gif

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superbeans - thank you! We just got back - I'm at 27w5d, and she was measuring overall at 27w3d, so I feel MUCH better. Her legs were actually also about a week behind, which kinda makes me laugh - I'm 5'3 with SUPER short legs, so I'm pretty sure she's just going to be a shorty like me. :P I suspected she'd had a growth spurt, so I think that's what it was. I think your kiddo will probably just be a bit of a shorty too! smile.gif

My midwives, too, are really reassuring about any growth or size variations, they keep reminding me that ultrasounds are super bad at determining size. To which I say... why do we use them, then? Jeez. :P

In absolutely odd yet entertaining news - when we were having the scan, the kid was bopping around, and at some point, she decided to grab her foot and lift it up all the way to the top of her head to play with her toes! By the end, she had her foot behind her head totally. The tech was laughing so hard and taking all kinds of screenshots. There's an explanation, we think - my husband is double-jointed and VERY flexible, so we're figuring it may just be genetic. smile.gif But I will laugh so hard if she comes out and becomes an ACTUAL gymnast like all of my previous jokes. :P

It's things like this that really help when pregnancy starts to feel so crappy. I wish all of you ladies better times, and I completely sympathize. greensad.gif Not too long now!
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Hey ladies, I really hope some of these pregnancy aches and pains ease up on us all very soon!
I'm 28+4 weeks today. And broken my pubis symphysis dysfunction is the absolute worst. Doesn't help my 3yr old is up multiple times a night lately and climbing in and out of our bed.
Passed the glucose test with flying colours which I was actually surprised about, but my iron is very low. Which with the sleep disturbances is causing me to be a grumpy mumma.
What are Charlie horses???
This baby girl is very active in there, which at the moment is a bit uncomfortable. Doing normal things with my boys is becoming a real challenge, and we still have at least 10weeks to go.
On top of all of that we are tentatively house hunting, the rental we currently live in isn't well set out, and the bedrooms are tiny. But we have outdoor space. Dh and I are off to visit a really great house today just 5 properties from ds1's school but I don't think it has any outdoor space for the kids to play. So I feel caught give up outdoor space for a much bigger house, or sit on our hands and keep looking for something even more perfect to come along. The clock is ticking though, rent goes up considerably here before baby is born. And if we took the house we're looking at today ds's school is just down the street with 3 playgrounds and multiple fields and play areas. My mil's house is 350mtrs away as well. Ahhh dilemma.
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Has anyone else had premonitions of when there baby will be born?
Ds1 was born at 40+3
Ds2 at 39+3
And I have this innate feeling this little girl is going to come at 38+3 on the 26/9/13.
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Oh pubis symphis I had that with #2.
Horrid. Not with other 5 pregnancies.
Knock on wood.
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I'm pretty bummed out that my midwife has more than doubled the fee since my last child. I don't know how we can afford thousands right now...
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