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Shiloh - if I could sit quietly all day and not move I think I would. I feel like my body is falling apart I'm only 25 this is sucky :-(

Serafina - I truly feel for you ladies having to pay thousands for maternity care, here in nz everything is government funded and free. Home birth would not be an option for me if we had to pay. A friend in Australia paid nearly 5k recently.
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I've had no premonitions about when she'll be born, but DS1 was born at 38+4 and DS2&3 were both born at 38+2, so I'm assuming it'll be some point during the 38 week period...although, I'm pretty worried that I'll go later since I'm already miserable and I'm kind of expecting her around 38 weeks. 38+2 would be my wedding anniverary. We originally wanted to get married a week earlier, but...honestly, I can't remember why we moved it (it was almost 9 years ago). Anyway, we've decided if the baby's born on our anniversary, we'll celebrate on the day we should have gotten married instead of the day we actually got married.

I know I should consider myself lucky. I don't really have any physical discomforts (the swelling has gone down since I got home from camping and into the air conditioning). My problem is that I inexplicably have a terrible attitude this time around.
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Hugs Gracisue! I have never found any of my other pregnancies as hard as this one, there are times when I've just wanted to go to bed for a full nights sleep, as I know I'd feel a million dollars afterwards, well I usually would. But it's just not worth as I usually wake feeling worse. And a grumpy day follows which really sucks. :-(
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I am miserable today. My heart burn is about to make me vomit, I have bruises on the inside of my stomach, I'm so tired, my allergies are causing my throat to be on fire, and I am just over all upset and uncomfortable!!! I would be shocked if I made it past the 38th week. I'm just about in tears from feeling so crappy! EVERYTHING is uncomfortable!!!!
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I guess we're all leaving the 2nd trimester! With a bang, thud, save me.

Dnz - I'm about to turn 40. Pregnant at 25 was much easier.
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Big big hugs abk! Sounds like you could really use some tlc!
Shiloh- I take my hat off to you, I'm feeling rather sorry for myself it's been pretty hard feeling like my body is falling to bits, on top of that wondering how on earth I'll cope for another three months of this. I feel a bit useless sometimes
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I have good days and bad days. Some days I feel chipper and enjoy being pregnant a little bit. Then I have days where I'm so uncomfortable and in pain that all I do is feel sorry for myself. DH and I DTD last night and it was blah. I initiated, but a combination of factors kind of ruined it for me and I didn't get off, so meh. There might not be many more times we do it before the birth. Positions are so awkward now. Anyway I covered most of that in last week's thread...


At least I have a decent amount of energy and alertness. It's almost like being a normal person. I think back on the first tri and how I just wanted to lie down and even the smallest of tasks seemed like climbing a mountain, and it's like night and day. I really need to channel some of this into getting the nursery ready, buying things, making my registry, and maybe even a little crafting. But working full-time means there are only so many things I can get done in a day. I feel like a huge success if I manage to make dinner and if I do a load of laundry on top of that - whoa buddy I'm a rockstar. Lol. If I add on a bit of exercise as well that means my evening is done and it's time for bed. No time for all those other things.


So we're doing Bradley classes and we are supposed to be practicing relaxation and contractions every week but we really haven't. Finally DH and I go around to seriously practicing last night and it was so nice! We probably spent 45 minutes or so doing it. We both learned a lot about how I like to be touched and how he can verbally coach me. I'm proud of hubby for doing such a good job! I think now that we've devoted time to it once we can more comfortably get into it on a semi-regular basis.


I'm usually such a downer on being pregnant, I feel for those of you who are in the dumps this week. I hope everyone feels better this weekend. You're all scaring me pointing out how little time is left...eeek!

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I'm sorry everybody is feeling so crappy.  Whoever was talking about hemorrhoids...oh god. That was the worst part of my third trimester with DS and I'm basically just waiting for it to start this time.  I'm just praying it doesn't start while I'm on vacation at the end of the month.  I'm having a rare moment (as far as the last week or so have been concerned) of feeling pretty good. It's been slightly less gross hot at night so even though I haven't slept through the night in a while I'm at least a bit more comfortable when I'm not sticking to the mattress too.


danielle- a charlie horse is when the muscles in your calf spasm so much that they feel rock hard and make it hard to move. Usually they clam down after a few moments but sometimes they persist and can be HORRIBLE!


I actually haven't had another charlie horse since that night, thank goodness. I've basically stopped pointing my toes ever and that seems to do the trick. at least for now.

I'm 33 and some days I totally do feel like my body is falling apart. Its usually at bed time when I have such a hard time getting comfortable or when I have to significantly shorten the daily walks that we've been taking for the past 2 years because I get so incredibly winded so fast and my hips can't take the hills. Or when I notice myself totally waddling around the house. I hate waddling.


slammerkin- awesome that your class went well.  DH and I did hypnobirthing last time around.  I keep meaning to pull out my book and cds from it to just remind myself of some of the relaxation and coping techniques that I found to be helpful last time. One of these days...

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Ciga, I might check out hypnobirthing too, but the CDs seemed expensive...


I have no idea what a hemorrhoid is even like! I so hope I can avoid them! For those of you with constipation... my midwives suggested a Cal-Mag supplement for that and I think it has helped to keep me regular. My sister also says it helps her. And, if you can do green smoothies, like with spinach, that definitely will get things moving! I frequently make smoothies with a load of raw spinach, a banana, a cup or two of frozen fruit, and a cup of water. The banana and fruit totally mask the spinach taste (though I like spinach myself).

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I use a calcium magnesium supplement AND magnesium citrate, so I am super mobile.

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Part of me is glad that I'm not alone in my misery, but a bigger part of me wishes you were all blissfully happy and comfortable! I can't say for sure yet, because I haven't even gotten to the third trimester (I'm 25+4), but I'm 30 now and my most physically horrible pregnancy was DS2, when I was 25. I suppose I gained the most weight in that pregnancy and that might account for it. The biggest problem I remember was my hips. They hurt if I tried to walk at all for pretty much the last half of my pregnancy. This morning I was doing yoga and had a brief moment of feeling very sad that this is meant to be my last pregnancy. It was a nice break from always feeling like I wish it was over!
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I eat prunes pretty much all day long so that helps me. I also eat a lot of greens and hemp seeds so I'm hoping that all those things help ward off the hemorrhoids this time the same way they are keeping constipation at bay. I should look in my medical file from my old midwife and see when it was that I started complaining of that particular joy of pregnancy.

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My biggest complaints right now are that I have zero energy & I'm always out of breath. I literally feel like I can't get enough oxygen.

I'm 28 weeks today.
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I actually got up this morning on time and made it to work semi on time. (Im a contractor so i bill for what I work, I come early I leave early etc) Helped dp put in the a/c last night. I am feeling stretched in my abdomen...and I took my shoes off at work and could barely get them back on to go to the cafe for lunch.....
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Hi all :)  Sorry I've been a slacker in the forum.. life is crazy (as usual) but my week of  holiday starts on Monday :) Hooray!! 


Feet have officially outgrown all of my shoes, and I can't even blame the heat for the swelling.. it's winter!  Baby movements are really consistent finally, so I may be able to send my doppler back to rental place soon.


Sounds like everyone has left the lovely twilight of 2nd trimester and moved into the yucky 3rd... I was so much younger when I had DS, and everything is so much creakier this time than it was then.  I sprained both my knees (in separate rock n roll accidents)  in the past 2 years, so squatting is more awkward than the giraffe bend.  Sometimes I just can't get up at all lol.. No leg cramps yet, but I remember them well, sorry you guys have them already.  They are gruesome.


Have a great weekend!

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Sorry so many of you are having a rough time! I hope you all find some relief soon! So far, I'm not having too much of a hard time. My main discomfort is shortness of breath, but it's manageable. My doctor told me that I'm borderline anemic, so I've been prescribed a vitamin with more iron in it. Hopefully that will help my fatigue. I thought it was just a third trimester thing! I guess it still could be, but we'll see. 


My husband and I have made good progress on the nursery! We (meaning he) assembled the crib and changer/dresser, and we'll be installing bookshelves this weekend, yay! I've also started hoarding baby clothes. Nesting has definitely hit me hard! 

On a totally unrelated note, has anyone else been having trouble with the site not working? It wasn't letting me log on at all the past few days! Like, totally unresponsive when I entered all my log in info. Weirdness. 


Big hugs to all of you not feeling like yourselves, very soon we'll all be holding our sweet babies, and it will all be worth it! 

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:-) only 78 days to go!!!!
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75 I get an induction!
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Hi! I've always been pretty fond of pregnancy. This one was hard in the beginning because I saw upset about being pregnant and then I ran into some ligament, hip, public troubles. My chiropractor helped a lot and I'm starting to feel like I'm getting on top of this. Maybe it is because I'm distracted by this injury I have. Last Friday I cut my heel on a rotary cutter in my studio and ended up with 7 stitches. So I've been hobbling around for a week. We are going to try taking the stitches out today. Pregnancy seems like it would be easy if I could walk on my whole foot! Luckily my oldest is learning to drive and has played chauffeur all week.
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29 weeks today! joy.gif
Time is flying by! Up early while the boys are still sound asleep, feeling anxious as we drop our application in for a new house this morning. So I have been awake since about 5am thinking about the potential new house, its so difficult not to get your heart set on something you want. We should know in 48hrs whether its ours though. So until then, I shall be trying to keep busy, going to clear out the attic and get some boxes and start packing a few things just in case we do move in the next fortnight. Feel like I'm running on overdrive thinking about it all. Dh is quite laid back but you can tell he wants the house too but is to nervous to put his heart on the line incase it doesn't come through.
I hope everyone is enjoying there Sunday! Any plans for the new week?

Today we are meeting friends for a picnic at a very cool local playground, and beyond the nail biting wait to know about the house its ds2's 3rd birthday this coming Sunday so I am also getting ready for that.
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