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We are not doing anything too exciting this week. My oldest daughter is getting teeth pulled tomorrow morning to get her ready for her braces. All three of the smaller kids then go to the dentist in the afternoon for a check up! All of our spare time has been spent enjoying the rest of the summer and getting ready for school to start in a few weeks smile.gif

I changed my diet this last week, and have been feeling much better. Baby still kicks constantly, but I don't feel so weighed down and bloated. I'm hoping I can keep from feeling too horrible these last two months. My weight gain is up to 16 pounds above my pre pregnancy weight! I'm really hoping I don't gain more than a pound a week from this point on.....with my diet change it may be less than that. I was thinking this morning that I will be 31 weeks later this week which then means I will only have 6-8 weeks left!! Ahhh! That's scary yet so exciting to me! I went and bought a bunch of baby clothes and jammies today; it was so fun! I can't wait to see my little man!! smile.gif)))))
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I really hope the dentist goes well for your kids Abk! I have to say the dentist my boys see is amazing, nothing like I ever envisioned their experience to be, but that was solely based on my own dental trauma from my childhood.
I am so up and down at the moment emotionally great this morning stUpidly awake at 5am planning the new house and the move ( we don't even know if we have it yet, so I could be very sorely let down ) and now I'm flat as a pancake. I can hardly move. My pelvis is broken I'm certain of it, this baby is head down and so low it hurts. Moving is agony :-( worst of all I should be seeing a physio but with school holidays I just don't have time nor do I have anyone to take over with childcare :-(
Is anyone else finding the same issue with there emotions this time around? I have two sons and this is my first girl and I'm finding this pregnancy so different. I also feel like I'm having trouble bonding with her, and unsure of how to rectify it. :-(
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Cervix is looking long and hard!  They aren't even going to monitor me anymore, but advise me to take it easy as much as possible for another 4 weeks and then not to restrict activity at all!   joy.gif




and roses are blooming....



And DF made lasagne in the crockpot last night for dinner, with help from the boys, and I didn't cook at all!  Yay!

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I got a refferral for prenatal psych.
I thought my mw was doing overkill until I spoke to them. DP just gets angry when I say I'm not bonding, not excited. We too are planning a move in August. I'm working, I'm exhausted. I have so much else to do a baby seems so far off. I wish I was more excited.
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I feel like it's only in the last few days really that I've started to "bond" with the baby. I've been looking at pics of other people's babies and starting to really be able to imagine and look forward to OUR baby being here and holding her. It's nice to finally feel something other than vague panic about having to care for another human being for the next 20 or so years! Maybe this will finally help me get into buying things and setting up the nursery? Hopefully? :)

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I'm totally unbonded with the baby, and still just as ambivalent as I have been all along about having another child.  I really don't feel any love or connectedness towards this little kicking, punching, hiccuping little thing inside me.  
I feel happy for DF that he is going to be a father.  I feel happy for the theoretical daughter that is going to have such a loving dad.  I feel totally outside the situation and not at all connected.


I too don't know how to rectify it!  Luckily the rest of my life is making me feel upbeat and happy these days, but the pregnancy .... I just want it to be over, and I can't even really imagine loving a third child, I'm so crazy about my boys but it just doesn't transfer to the baby inside me.  Just thought I'd comiserate, wish I had advice.

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Bonding - I struggled w not feeling bonded w my second child, but w my third... I have lower standards. I feel excited for the baby to come. I enjoy feeling the baby move. I don't expect much more than that.
Abk - What kind of diet change did u make? 16lbs weight gain seems perfectly healthy to me!
Danielle - I look forward to u updating about the house!
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Thank you mamas for sharing!
I thought I was losing it.
I might start a new thread on this.
I need to fix it soon.

I'm not unhappy just unconnected
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I'm so sorry you ladie are having such a hard time with bonding. I felt like that during my other pregnancies; just afraid and not looking forward to it at all. This time he is my rainbow baby and my first son, and all I feel is joy and excitement. The discomfort is a huge downer, but I just keep picturing my babies face and praying to get through this with my sanity in tact! Haha
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I remember not really feeling super bonded with DS until after he was born. I was excited about him but I remember even right after he was born looking at him and thinking.."you are so weird looking" I mean I knew I loved him and would protect him with my life but at the same time he seemed like this strange little alien I had birthed. We'll see what it's like this time around. I talk to the baby a lot and I feel like he/she responds to me. When I ask for movement when it's been too long, the baby moves for me...

Serafina- congrats on the cervix! That's awesome

I also feel like an emotional basket case. I had a crazy emotional roller coaster ride the other day when my brother called with a major life trauma. He is usually a very private person so I knew that him calling me meant he was having an incredibly hard time. Everything ended up resolving itself but I spent a good portion of the weekend crying uncontrollably whenever I thought about my big brother in so much pain. Almost anything makes me cry lately.

On the upside, we bought a new car on Friday after months of weighing the pros and cons and freaking ourselves out about it we finally bit the bullet. We're both having nightmares about car loans but I'm also incredibly relieved to know that we have one family vehicle that is reliable. Saturday was the first family car ride we've gone on in a long time where dh didn't spend the morning before fixing something on the car so we wouldn't get stranded. Phew!
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wow, quiet on the weekly chat the past couple days.  anybody else started feeling hiccups? I noticed it last week and it took me a while to remember from my last pregnancy that that was what it was. I kind of love imagining this little baby with hiccups.


I have a prenatal this morning.  I have to tell my midwife that I'm declining the GTT today and for some reason I'm so nervous. I just finished reading what every pregnancy book in my arsenal has to say about it just so I'll be prepared for a potential conflict.  If they are super annoying about it I am willing to take the alternative test, which is basically just a normal meal and then blood test.  Fortunatly my friend has agreed to come along to watch DS so I can at least have an uninterrupted conversation. Anyway, that's what's on my mind this morning.

Also, we're getting ready to go spend a week with my whole family at my parents' farm and I am soooo excited. I haven't seen my siblings in a year and I'm really looking forward to an entire week where there will be so many people around that I can have a little break from full time parenting.  DS will have cousins and aunts and uncles to play with and I'll be surprised if he even remembers I exists more than a couple times a day. Oh, the naps I'll have and the dinners I won't have to make!

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Sounds like a fun family reunion, ciga!


Not much to report here. My DH is visiting friends in NY for most of this week, so it's a little lonesome around the house. I haven't exercised the last couple of days and I feel like crap for it. Tonight, I swear!


I went to Walmart on Monday to try and find some bra alternatives since I am still DYING anytime I wear a bra. I thought I got a few things that would work - tried one out yesterday - NOPE. I just don't think anything is going to work for me right now. I can't handle any compression around my ribcage at all. A bra has to have SOME snugness to the band or it just doesn't fit right, and I just can't hack it. So now I have to try and find some layering solutions to camouflage the nips and allow me to go braless. I seem to be the only person with this issue. None of the ladies in my first-time moms group are complaining of anything similar.


I have to go to a different birth center tomorrow to get a Rhogam shot, since my midwives are CPMs and state law prohibits them from using any "controlled substances." I've been looking for a family practice for all of us to see after the birth, since neither DH nor I have a primary doctor right now. I think I found a place that will be a good fit and I was hoping they could do the Rhogam, but nope - they said it's usually OBs that do that, so they don't carry it. Pain in the butt!


My mom is hopefully going to go with us to Babies R Us on Saturday to browse, find things to register for, and possibly buy some stuff. This is assuming my sister, who is due any day now, doesn't go into labor, which my mom needs to be there for.


Next prenatal is next Tuesday, when I'll do the glucose test.

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Slammerkin, are you super short of breath like me?? It's the only thing that I really am not loving about pregnancy. It makes me feel so panicky when I feel like I can't get a full breath! 


Ciga- I hope your appt goes well and that your midwife doesn't give you any crap about the test!

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Dahlia, no it's not exactly about being short of breath, though I do sometimes feel like the constriction makes it a little harder to breathe (I think that's mostly mental though for me). It's more just pain from feeling squeezed. I'm carrying a lot of tension in my back right around where a bra band sits and any constriction just causes pain that sometimes even radiates up to give me a headache. And I swear I'm not wearing super tight bras! They have plenty of give in them. Every time I go to the chiro she has to adjust that area because it's so tense. So freaking uncomfortable!


I've had that feeling before, though, of not feeling like you can get a full breath, and it's awful! I'm pretty surprised that pregnancy isn't really causing that issue for me (yet).

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Yup, hiccups here.


I removed a giant pumpkin from my garden to give my zucchini and the rest of the veggies room to thrive and everything seems happier.


But this transplant is just not working out.  The giant pumpkin seems dead.



And my son headed down to the pier to go swimming with his new turtle dragon, so we all went too, and it was a heavenly hour in refreshing water!

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I've been feeling all sorts of thumps and bumps! I did feel hiccups a few weeks ago, but not again recently. Mostly this little girl seems to enjoy bouncing off my ribs and hip bone. It actually doesn't bother me at all, but I do wish I could breathe. 


Serafina: 1) Super jealous of that turtle floaty. 

              2) Give that pumpkin a shit ton of water. lol

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Okay 5th baby I have never felt hiccups what do they feel like?
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shiloh- it feels like a recurring little thump. For me it's like those early movements before they moved my whole belly or hit me in the ribs except they happen at even intervals.


serafina- i just transplanted a couple squash plants and though they looked like they were going ot kick the bucket at first they did rebound. As dahlia said...shit ton of water


yay! just got home from a long day of errands and my appointment.  Though the nurses and lab techs were all like "what the hell?" when i said I was declining and one of them tried to tell me that no one EVER declines, my midwife was totally fine with it. she said that since I have a healthy diet, didn't have gestational diabetes last time and still had a healthy 9lb 12 oz baby vaginally she wasn't worried about me.  So that was a big relief. She was also the last midwife in the practice that I had to meet and I really liked her. So, phew! that's done


i also totally want that turtle floaty serafina

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Yay Ciga! Glad your appointment went well!

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Sigh. I went in this morning to do my glucose test at 8AM after fasting since 10PM the night before (my midwife office does the 2 hour test only), sat down to get my fasting blood drawn, and the phlebotomist COULD NOT DO IT. She's drawn my blood several times before with no trouble (I'm tough to get), but she just absolutely could not get it today. She said she had the needle in my vein, she knew it for sure, but nothing was coming out.

After 3 pokes, she looked at me and went, "Yeah, we're going to reschedule. I'm not going to put you through this anymore, especially when there are two more draws to go." She's so nice, but man, I'm so irritated. We figured out that it was definitely due to my being dehydrated. Usually, I have an appointment at 11am or so, and I have enough time to drink a couple of bottles of water. Today, what with the fast, it being a hot and sweaty night, and then getting up so early, I hadn't had nearly enough water.

So, there we go. I get to try again on Monday, and I'm under strict orders to drink craptons of water. Which I was gonna do anyway - I really think I've been having hydration problems ever since the summer weather started. I'm getting lightheaded when I never used to, and my energy level is crap. I know part of that is being pregnant, but I'm not helping with the not enough water.

Even odder - my blood pressure was 110/88. So that's the real sign to me that it was dehydration - my bottom number has never been that high since I started my meds, and I read that dehydration can definitely increase your BP. And because it was the bottom number, I know I wasn't stressed out or nervous or anything - they said that things like that typically affect the top number.

Sorry for the little pity party over here - things aren't really that bad. The midwife said baby is awesome (although still on the small side), my fluid is up a little bit but nothing major, and my weight gain was only 3 pounds, which is nice. Still, I'm just ready to get this kid out at this point.
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