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Weekly Chat July 17-21

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We aren't very good at starting new threads, LOL.
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excellent! thanks.


So, 1 minute of contractions every 45 minutes.  stinks.  Last night was worse though, 2 minutes every 2-20 minutes for hours and hours until I finally fell asleep after 3am.


I'm getting really nervous, but no discharge at all, and I can tell that it's not labor, just BHs ramping up to a shitty level.  I go in five days to the hospital to have a cervix check but I'm wondering what on earth has caused the sudden increase in action yesteray?

man her head feels sooo low against my cervix, I can totally tell that she's to the left, I can feel it, and steps hurt.  walking hurts.  even shifting position in bed hurts right where her head is against my um, undercarriage.  blah.  But two weeks ago they said I had plenty of amniotic fluid so thats hopefully still the case.

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Serafina, my BH has been ramping up as well. i had painful contractions the other day, which took me by surprise because so far BH has been painless. 


i had a good start into this week yesterday by staying at home since i didn't feel well, and taking care of stuff on my list instead. made some progress :D  


tomorrow i'm doing my stupid 3hr GD test, so will be staying away from work another day. in the evening, i'm hoping to finally make it to that prenatal yoga class!!


on Monday i'm seeing my OB again for the 30wk exam. i am excited to finally be getting into the 30s :P DF is getting impatient and wants the baby to come sooner rather than later. i hope he's not giving the little one ideas! 


overall, i'm feeling very happy - we're right on track with all our preparations. we toured the hospital we will be delivering at yesterday and it was just beautiful, kind of almost like a birth center (at least how i picture them). really excited i get to give birth there!


and we got a really great doula, so i feel like we're only gonna get more support as we get closer to the due date.


also trying to reserve some time for couples activities, and to hang out with girl friends before the baby gets here. 

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I've noticed my BH are worse at work. I have a job that can be pretty demanding (Vet Tech at an animal ER), so it makes sense. We were BUSY last night, I couldn't keep up with my water intake, and it got to the point that anytime I'd have to bend over, I'd get one when I stood back up.

Hopefully your cervix is fine and the BH are worse because she's just lower.
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Have a date w DH tonight. What he doesn't know is that I am angling to make our trip to the beach a few weeks early. It'll be just the three of us (as opposed to the five of us, since oldest two are out of town), but I want to make sure I don't miss out on getting to the coast.
I am worried that If I wait until the kids get back, I'll be too far along (38 wks as opposed to 34).
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Originally Posted by CDsMom1031 View Post

... it got to the point that anytime I'd have to bend over, I'd get one when I stood back up.


Oh, MAN!  I am so happy to hear you say that (not happy, but you get it, right?!).  I thought I was going INSANE two nights ago.  EVERY time I bent over, it was BH city!  I have had some mild BH contractions with the girls in weeks 39/40, but this is the first time I've felt them this early or...strong?  Not painful, just like I am flexing my abs.  Hey, look, just had another one now.  I don't know what I am doing differently.  I feel like I drink enough fluid, but I know I overdid it the other night when I had the crazy BH contractions.


vc2013 - I am SO glad you found a doula that meets your needs!  It makes me heart sing for moms to have good labor support!!


AFM, Drove to the MW today for my 32 week appointment.  Good for another 3 weeks now.  She is bringing another midwife into the practice (who isn't coming to my birth, I've been grandfathered in to just have *my* midwife!) and she really rubbed me the wrong way.  Seems plenty polite (I am standoffish with new people, so I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt!) but when she was feeling around for DS's position she was asking me how my other two labors went.  When I mentioned I had back labor and one labor was short and one was [falsely] long (membrane strip prior and she wasn't ready to be born = long labor), she palpitatated his chin and said, "Oh yeah, you'll have back labor again, feel where his head is!"  In my heart of hearts, I know that back labor is probably in the cards for me, but my focus in my hypnosis tracks is NOT being afraid of back labor because I think my fear of back labor makes my back labor works.  To basically be told I am hosed on that front was kind of shitty, IMO.  I'm glad she's not the attending at my birth, but now I need to revisit how to "tame that birth tiger" so to speak.


Other than that, this week is all about studying for my IBCLC exam in 10 days.  Egads!

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aidenn, what is back labor as opposed to regular (?) labor? I've never been told anything specific about what I'm experiencing. I know I feel menstrual cramps in my low back, and that's basically where I have felt labor- but everywhere else, too. I'm actually quite nervous about birth this time. It's the worst pain I've ever experienced and I'm not ready to do it again!!

vc- when are you due? I'm due sept 30, and it sounds like you must be about that same time.

Today's my birthday! Not that we're doing anything special. I'm trying to take it easy because I over did it the last few days between being on my feet too much and lifting and carrying my big chunk of a two year old a bunch, and my nether regions are swollen, achy and painful with every step. Plus, only three more days to get this house packed- we move on Sunday!!!
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Jennyanydots - Happy birthday!


Tonight we're doing a "date night" in the form of going to watch a movie in the theatre. I am quite excited although it will take some what I like to call "creative dehydration" in order to get through it. I have to make sure not to drink too much before the movie, make a bathroom break five minutes before the start and not drink anything during it, all in order not to have to run out of the theatre for a bathroom break! This was all a part of my routine in a more relaxed way before I got pregnant as I've just always been one of those "small bladder" types but it's gotten WAY worse.

Also in less than two weeks we're doing a road/ferry trip up north to the Haida Gwaii islands! It's a combination honeymoon and "last trip without kids". I am looking forward to being on the ocean proper (I don't consider Vancouver's ocean to be proper ocean) and taking the inside passage ferry down through the islands. When we first thought up this trip I wasn't pregnant and we were planning to do some kayak-camping but that's off the table now and I don't think I'd fit in a kayak anyway! Hah.

We've nicknamed this baby "Kicky the Baby" and "The Kickiest Yoshida" and "Is that really necessary baby?" because they're not letting up on the kicking, rolling and moving.

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O.o My MIL just saw me and my belly, obviously, and commented that this kid will be bigger than my last and I probably won't have her vaginally.

You, my dear MIL, are a prime example for why I'm doing a VBAC. I love proving people wrong. Ugh.
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Happy birthday, jennyanydots!!


I've definitely seen my BH contractions amp up.  One day I was having tons before going to bed and it freaked me out a little.  But I've been trying to be more diligent about drinking water since then and haven't had another day like that, though still am feeling them quite a bit.  Mine cause some mild discomfort, but mostly just a really tense feeling in my belly (and kinda a feeling like I need to poop).  It seems like switching sides when laying down often prompts them.  I also feel like I tend to get them after I go to the bathroom.  And sometimes if the baby is moving a lot that seems to prompt them, too.

The baby has been super active lately, which I enjoy because it reassures me things are going well.  But I have to confess [Note: If you are really prone to worrying about your pregnancy, maybe you shouldn't read this paragraph] I've been having quite a bit of anxiety about something going wrong at the last minute lately.  I try to just reassure myself and push the anxiety aside.  A big part of it is that my cousin just miscarried at 24 weeks.  She and I had been emailing a lot back and forth about our pregnancies.  I heard second-hand from my mom, so I don't know exactly what happened, but it sounds like some kind of cervical issues, which I guess had been an issue for an aunt of hers who had 2 second trimester miscarriages.  I feel so sad for my cousin, especially cause her family has been through a lot in the last year and the pregnancy was finally some positive, good news.  But it also has definitely seemed to heighten my anxiety that something could go wrong for us, also.  DP doesn't want to think about it.  And I mentioned it to a coworker and she also encouraged me to push it out of my head cause worrying isn't good for the baby.  Other than when I had a raging yeast infection a while back, my OB hasn't done any vaginal exams.  So one night I decided that to reassure myself I would try to feel my cervix.  I haven't touched my cervix since being pregnant, so I didn't really have any idea what a pregnant cervix feels like - but mine didn't feel that different than it does when I'm not pregnant.  It was closed tight, maybe a little bit softer than usual but not much and maybe a little higher up than it usually is.  Just trying to focus on positive thoughts and reassure myself everything will be fine now.

On a separate note, I only have two days left in the office and then DP and I travel to the US next week.  I'm really excited about finally being in Texas at my parents' house...just working from home and waiting for the baby.  Plus finally meeting my midwife in person.  I'm also excited about DP seeing where I grew up and taking him to eat at all the places I love.  I know he's going to love Texas barbecue.  We are taking our cat with us (couldn't bear to leave her for so long).  I'm a little nervous about the trip, too, but also just trying not to dwell on that anxiety.  I got my doctor's note that says I'm good to travel and when the due date is (technically I don't need one cause the airline only requires them for traveling in your 9th month, but I figure it will be good to have something that shows the EDD in case the airline thinks I look 9 months pregnant).

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aidenn, sounds like that other midwife needs to learn some bedside manners! Courage!

Jenny, happy birthday! I can't imagine having to pack up and move at this stage of pregnancy. I wish you all the best in your new place!

CDsMom, ugh indeed. WTF makes people say things that are clearly not supportive or helpful?!

vc, how was your GD test?

I had lots of BH yesterday so I chugged water all day today and that seemed to make a difference. I feel like I need to slow down my work schedule a bit but it's so inconsistent from one week to the next, I don't want to turn down a client because I usually end up getting one or two cancellations each week anyway. And I feel like I need to keep making money as long as I can before I take a bunch of time off. That's really the biggest drawback of working for yourself, no paid leave.

My b'day is Friday and I took the day off but I think I'm going to end up using that day to run errands and get stuff crossed off the to-do list. I looked at the movie schedule thinking I might catch a matinee but there's really nothing in the theatres right now.
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I'm not feeling baby move nearly as much. I'm worried, I'm extra worried coz I'm alone for another week and a half. I'm hoping its just coz we're having a heat wave, I'm trying to drink loads so I'm peeing every 10 minutes lol
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Serena- drink a big glass of orange juice and lay down. I bet she'll start moving.
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Serena, I second MamaMash's advice. My midwife suggested drinking an ice cold, sweet beverage to get the baby moving if I ever needed reassurance.  My little one definitely has days where he is more active then others (he often seems less active the day after I have been really active), so I wouldn't worry too much.  Try laying quietly for a little and I bet you will feel her.

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I've tried sitting quietly now I'm home and I've felt a couple of kicks. Definitely not the 10 in an hour that your supposed to, hope its enough
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If you're worried call your doctor/midwife. The sheet I got about kick counts from the hospital says to call if you don't get 4 kicks in 2 hours or if the baby's activity level has changed from her norm.
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I had read you should be looking for 10 movements (could be kicks, rolls, pokes, etc.) in 2 hours, not 1 hour.  http://americanpregnancy.org/duringpregnancy/kickcounts.htm But this article also says there is a lot of variation in what different doctors and different organizations consider normal kick counts.  So, I would second what MamaMash said (again) and if it is really worrying you, call or visit your doctor/midwife.

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I'm pretty bummed out that my midwife has more than doubled the fee since my last child. I don't know how we can afford thousands right now...
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Originally Posted by CDsMom1031 View Post

I've noticed my BH are worse at work.


the couple of painful ones i've had so far were at bedtime, at home, laying in bed. 


Originally Posted by cmu204 View Post

Have a date w DH tonight. 


i love reading about everyone's date nights here! i've been *hinting* at wanting to do more couple-y things with DF and hoping a little bit he'll surprise me with an activity, an evening plan, or maybe even a short babymoon in August.


last weekend i did something out of the ordinary -- i had heard of an artist installing public pianos along the Californian Coast, so i backed the project with a donation to get access to the secret map of the pianos. i made a card on Paperless Post for this membership in a Piano Secret Society and gave it to DF. he was really excited about it. we drove up to one of the pianos last weekend and he ended up playing it for more than an hour, i filmed the whole thing.


i wish we could come up with more such things, but somehow i'm finding it hard to even think of anything date-like we could do! there's nothing playing in the theaters right now that sounds interesting to me.. dinners sound boring too.. most nights these days we end up on the couch watching Battlestar Galactica. i'm afraid with all the marathons of the last months (pregnancy, baby preparation, taking care of my sick ferret, moving), i've forgotten what else we used to do for relaxation. 


any ideas welcome!!


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vc- when are you due? I'm due sept 30, and it sounds like you must be about that same time.


happy belated birthday Jennyanydots! hope you had a great day :) 


i'm due on my own birthday, 9/28. so yeah, ours might just end up being the last of the September babies!


Originally Posted by dakipode View Post

vc, how was your GD test?


got back from it a few hrs ago.. i took somebody's advice here and had the lemon drink as opposed to the orange drink :P it was less gross! i brought "Birthing from Within" to read while i was waiting and made some progress in the book. i got a bit dizzy from the test, and in the first hour, baby was kicking like crazy. someone please remind me to refuse this stupid test next time. i'll have my next appt with my OB on Monday, not sure if the test will be back by then? 


Originally Posted by serena76 View Post

I've tried sitting quietly now I'm home and I've felt a couple of kicks. Definitely not the 10 in an hour that your supposed to, hope its enough


i haven't heard of kicking counts before or that you should be feeling a certain amount in a certain time. does this really apply? i thought every baby is different.. and you should just check in with it regularly (i do it twice a day).


i also thought it is to be expected that the babies will start kicking less now that they're getting bigger and are running out of space in there.


serena, did you end up calling your doc about it? 

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Originally Posted by vc2013 View Post


i'm due on my own birthday, 9/28. so yeah, ours might just end up being the last of the September babies!




I'm due 9/28, too! :) My birthday is 9/18 but this being my first I'm not getting my hopes up that she'll be born near my birthday. It would be nice, though, as my parents will be in town! Save them a trip back out a couple of weeks later! I'm thinking I'll probably end up with an early Oct baby, but I do so love the month of September.

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