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I don't understand the concern with breech vs head down...
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Lots of doctors aren't comfortable vaginally delivering a breech baby. My doctor (and myself) was not comfortable with attempting a vaginal delivery with my dd being breech. And I can definitely see the concern with traveling to Kenya with a breech baby. I really hope she turns for you Serena!
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I know the concern with delivering a breech baby, not the concern with flying with one. I've never heard of that before.
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I would guess the doctor just wouldn't want to risk her going into labor on a plane with a breech baby? Just adds risk to an already risky situation.
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I guess that makes sense. Hm. Interesting.
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off topic, but does anyone know what "baby shower" mothering.com is advertising for our DDC next week?

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I have no idea what you're even talking about, haha.
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Exactly mamamash. Also my DB thinks Kenyas medical facilities would b ok if I went into labour and had a normal birth, but they r probably not upto a breech. He's being realistic, but I don't want to b apart from him for another month. It's really affecting my mental state. 😔
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Originally Posted by vc2013 View Post

off topic, but does anyone know what "baby shower" mothering.com is advertising for our DDC next week?

no idea


Serena, if she doesn't turn, can't your DB just cut his visit short and come home to you?

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Serena - glad to hear babe is fine though breech sounds stressful!  hoping there's a turnaround!  


tilly - i totally get the partner angst mixed with deep gratitude.  my husband is certainly not perfect but the ways that he supports me are huge - and then i will still focus on the ways that he misses me and isn't my "ideal"....it's crazy-making for us both, actually.  i've been working on full acceptance of his particular relational "challenges" and trying to cut him some slack - that seems to help with our connection.  and to realize that my expectations are often a bit overzealous :)  i do want to validate your reactions though and say that just because you are upset/bothered by some things even though he does other great things doesn't make you a total bitch.  it means you are human and sensitive and vulnerable right now, which makes perfect sense.  our need & desire for "better" support from our partners during pregnancy is soooo normal and to be expected.  of course you want to feel connected to him and feel him paying attention to you and your experience rather than focusing on his own.  you're the one doing the heavy lifting.  but the fact that you can still see that you may be reacting a bit lopsided means that you aren't oblivious to his good traits and keeps you from falling squarely into "ungrateful bitch" territory.  


well i'm suddenly finding myself in the risky camp and not liking it a bit.  my BH ramped up again 2 days ago and some menstrual-like cramping came with them, at least for a short while.  so i finally saw my midwife yesterday and sure enough, my cervix is showing some changes.  i'm apparently 60-70% effaced and "finger-tipping" (meaning the outside of my cervix is opening but the interior doesn't seem to be yet.  not the reassurance i was looking for at 33 weeks!  i'm totally aware that i could stay like this for 4-7 weeks and still deliver at home as planned but it's got me a bit rattled.  and early this morning, my contractions have started back up but there is no pain so i'm appreciative of that.  and my husband is meant to go backpacking for 3 nights tomorrow and will be out of cell range - not liking that one bit!  but it's for my stepson's birthday and i'd hate to ask him to not go...if i do okay in the next 24 hours, i'll just cross my fingers and send him off but if these contractions shift at all, i may have to burst that balloon.  if i knew i could get in touch with him, that would be totally acceptable to me since he'll only be a couple hours away but having him out of reach just feels scary!  


and i think i'm going to also do some deep communing with babe around birth date and encourage him to be a virgo - we don't need another leo in the house (1 is enough!) and he'll provide some nice balance as an earth sign!  

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Well it seems it doesn't matter if she turns or not my DB has been rattled and doesn't want me to travel at all. My trip is off, I've lost a lot of money and have another month alone. At least my mum and brother will be home next week so I get some company to stop me going insane.
What pisses me off most is I said it would b very late to travel and he should just have a quick trip on his own, but no one listens to me😒
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Aww I'm so sorry Serena. I know how much you were looking forward to this trip greensad.gif can he cut his trip short? That seems like the fair thing to do.
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serena, i am so sorry about your trip. i cant even imagine how you are feeling right now. That is so frustrating!!!!




My feet have been swelling insanely after a sunburn last weekend, so we had something of an emergency check-up with a midwife yesterday. My BP is still great and my urine had no protein, so we're clear of pre-E, but i can't deny that I thought there was at least a chance we would end up in the hospital last night. i just had some kind of (thankfully WRONG) gut feeling. my feet are INSANELY swollen, though. i have been elevating them all day every day, icing them, drinking a ton of water, laying on my side, soaking in cold epsom salt baths, etc etc and nothing seems to help even a little bit. i bought some compression socks last night, but they are really uncomfortable and hot. 


im glad we're all still healthy, but feeling bummed that both babies are transverse. i think one of the problems is that they like cuddling head-to-head too much. the midwife seemed to think they still have room to flip, so i am tryin to be relaxed about it. but i would feel better if baby A would get his head down. it's the only chance i have for not having a c-section! i had a chiro appt this morning - she's using the webster technique - and she suggested we start coming in twice a week! i don't know how to have time for working full time, chiro 2x a week, acupuncture, and a weekly midwife appointment. this "being pregnant" thing is its own full-time job. 




is ANYONE sleeping well these days? 



but on a more positive note, our teenage DS got a job washing dishes at a camp this summer, which sounds like a weird job, but I think will be a really positive experience for him. the twins are so big, their movements are really big now. when they squirm around, it is PROFOUND. i spent a lot of time recording little videos of them on my cell phone. i am going to need a separate instagram feed just for them - but then, i would probably never update my personal IG ever again. i feel so connected to them both and waiting to meet them is really challenging - but I don't want 33-week preemies! so i have to wait. 

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Serena, he needs to cut his trip short and come be with you as soon as he possibly can!  I'm so sorry you are going through this.

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I sleep fine. I never had an issue last pregnancy, either. I think I wear myself out so bad during the day, that by bedtime, I'm so exhausted, I just die. LOL
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I never had an issue sleeping with my first two pregnancies, at any stage. This time though, I've struggled with staying asleep. But, when I regularly take magnesium, it makes a big difference with my sleep. I take a liquid form in a glass of OJ before bed or else spray magnesium oil (homemade) on my belly after showering.  I still get up 1 or 2x a night to pee, but I fall asleep faster and stay asleep between those couple wakings.

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I've been sleeping okay except that my body has decided that 4-5 am is the ideal time to wake up and stay awake no matter what time I fall asleep and that 1pm is a really nice naptime.

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Today is weird. Her movements hurt. I swear she's only moving her butt, but it is super uncomfortable every time she does. It's gotten to the point that I dread her next movement. What is going on?
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mrsandmrs- Do you eat eggs? I know I keep bringing it up to everyone, but I'm swearing by eating eggs daily (usually 4) with keeping me almost entirely free from swelling for the first of all 5 of my pregnancies. I figured with the heat and humidity of summer, it was inevitable, but only if I slack a day or two and have no eggs do I start to swell. I've swelled horribly every other pregnancy, and the daily eggs is the only thing different I'm doing this time around.

Serena-I can imagine how upset you must be. Is your DB willing to cut his trip short? If not I would probably insist on going to Kenya still if she turns before you're scheduled to leave. But I'm a pill like that. wink1.gif
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mrsandmrs - I've had pretty bad feet swelling and that is without a sunburn.  Nothing really seems to work for me, either.  I'm trying to see if eating and drinking lots of natural diuretics (watermelon, cucumber, hibiscus tea) will help after my midwife recommended that.  I do eat 2 eggs pretty much every day, but hmmm..maybe I need to eat 4??  The other day my OB got be kinda freaked out/confused when she said I had swelling in my hands and face, too.  But I really don't see swelling anywhere other than my feet and ankles.  I wrote a post in the I'm Pregnant forum about that http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1387002/swelling-gestational-edema#post_17410860


I have trouble sleeping some nights and others it is no problem.  There were a few nights though where I was waking up between 2-4 AM and unable to go back to sleep.  Usually I was also hungry so would get up and eat and do something for about an hour before going back to sleep.

CDsMom - The same thing was going on with me two days ago.  All of a sudden his movements were really uncomfortable, kinda painful.  I didn't know what was up.  It was mostly around where his butt is, like he was doing some weird booty-bumping.  But the next day it was make to normal, weird feeling but not uncomfortable movements.

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