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Well, I kind of resigned myself to a 2-5-month potty strike (LOL!) based on all I had read.  Again-- this will be one of those things that, in 20 years, there will be an easy-peasy EC guide about, but for now, "Western" women are still muddling through.  It seems a "strike" from around walking until 13-15 months or so may be common, because if we lived in a hut or whatever, she would be taking herself outside to pee in the dirt.  She might not be ready to pee/poo in the exact "right place"-- to developmentally "get it" that we go in a specific trench or outhouse or potty until 15-18 months-- but she would be clear on not eliminating around her living space or on her mom (and she wouldn't be peeing on mom for sure-- because she wouldn't be in-arms anymore).  But I was thinking, in the context of "Western" EC, it's frustrating, because it seems they know how to do it and suddenly are "rebelling"... but I don't think it's rebellion at all.


Anyway.  That was my theory!


I wasn't quite ready to "give it up" (for the time being-- like maybe just go for morning/wake-up catches and nothing else), so in the meantime, I just more or less proceeded as usual (a cheery "we make ihi/tae in the potty"), despite many many many misses (still a few catches daily).  I did let her pee in the "shower potty" and the "bathtub potty" quite a few times (more independence when standing), and got to the point I was considering a bottomless baby + a plastic shoe mat with raised sides and a piddle pad in every room so she could walk herself over to the "dirt patch outside our hut"...  :laugh


But then...  her protests got less and less emphatic over the past week, and she seemed to signal a little more and a little more...  And today, though we had a couple misses (still not quite back in sync-- it's tough when you don't know if you're offering too much/too infrequently)...




First of all, her typical brief "potty fuss" was much more insistent and agitated if I didn't correctly guess her need right away-- more like she used to only kvetch when hungry.  And she's just been sorta starting to nod her head "yes" in a semi-reliable fashion, but when I asked her "do you need the potty?" she would nod vehemently and pee a gallon in the potty!  Awesome!  Like 5x today!  Totally initiated by her-- incredible communication-- the BEST!  Again, I'm reminded that my favorite part about EC is the C!




It's not like I didn't know before that I wasn't just "getting lucky" when I'd think she was "telling me" she needed to go, and then I'd put her on the potty and she'd go-- YKWIM?  But sometimes, you doubt yourself.  When you ask your kid, "potty?" and you get a big nodnodnod (and in one case, "yeah!") and you put her on with zero protest and she pees a ton?  Well, you KNOW it's working!



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Awesome buko!

I've dialled back a bit with EC recently, going out lots more during the day (public transit not driving), so its pretty much back to first thing and postnaps.
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naomi goes in her potty 4-7 times a day. she's awesome. :)

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Originally Posted by kellybeth View Post

naomi goes in her potty 4-7 times a day. she's awesome. smile.gif

Indeed! Cat, sounds like you're really keeping up with the communication.

Baby kept her diaper dry all day today-- I feel like we should wash it regardless, like you would underwear.

Just two things to share... 1) Miss L is making what DH calls "human poops" now (most days), which is awesome, despite the smell, LOL... Because she's still not much of a poop signaller, but now because she really has to grunt and push a little, there's plenty of time to get her to the potty. 2) I don't think I mentioned it, but during the strike, she had a couple of days (in a row) where she peed every 20 minutes or thereabouts, and I didn't think it was just the strike, but rather (though I am skeptical of such things), a possible food intolerance. Especially because she had had waaaaaay more dairy and gluten than usual and also refined sugar and food dyes (not much, but she had virtually never had any) because DH brought home a boatload of Filipino baked goods from his trip to SF and she tried some... Anyway, we laid off all of that for a week, she came out of her strike, and then I gave her both a bit of dairy and bread, and she had another day like that. I wonder which it is (seems less likely that it's a total coincidence)? Good money is on dairy, which is a shame, but maybe she'll grow out of it. I just wanted to mention it in case anyone goes through anything similar. Amazing that we were able to possibly detect this, thanks to EC! It's my understanding that with disposable diapers and diapering, people typically change pee every X hours and might not know if frequency had increased...
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Hi there, 

I part timed EC with my first, but am having trouble practicing it with my second. I am not sure if it is because I have more going on this time around with 2 little ones, more in sync with my first, etc. Some days I get discourage and just let it go for the day. Yours in motherhood adventures. 

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