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My daughter Chloe was a reluctant reader and I started her at Leaders are Readers Saturday School.  She has made great progress, but I don't want it to slip away over the long hols. And left to her own devices, she's still not going to grab a book or maths worksheet of her own accord! Lol!


So I've decided to book her for Leaders are Readers Summer School.  I went along to a presentation just recently.  They will make sure she doesn't forget what she's learnt. And she's still got plenty of time to relax/play/have friends over.


The vision of me trying to encourage (worst still - force her) to read and revise maths leaves me cold!  It's money well spent in my book, and money I'd only be spending trying to keep her entertained.


What are others' views about slipping out of study habit during the holidays?

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Especially for kids who are behind in skill subjects like Math and Reading, I think extra help over the summer is an awesome idea. Some kids can jump back into school without a problem even though they did nothing academic over the summer. I was like that (though I did read tons of books over the summer and otherwise :)). My DS (8) is dyslexic, and it would be an absolute disaster if he took a break from tutoring over the summer. This summer he's doing 3 hours of reading tutoring and 1 hour of math tutoring a week, and it has been great. It all takes place in the morning, before most of his neighborhood friends are up and ready for the day. Among other things, in math he's learned multiplication tables, which he wouldn't have learned in school until next year. His school has many more differentiated levels in math and reading than the average school. He's always been in the low groups, but, this coming year, I think he'll be in the middle for reading and slightly above the middle for math. That wouldn't have happened if he'd taken a break this summer. 


I hope your daughter both learns a lot from and enjoys the camp. 

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Is Neen the name of a curriculum or a camp? A little confused by the name of the thread, and getting distracted by that!

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