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I read the Continuum Concept  a million years ago and didn't even realize that there is a whole parenting style around that until quite recently.  But I always liked the idea of being in-tune with my children and being able to meet their needs so that they could grow and meet their own needs (with no emotional attachment in that, you know, just the being alive part of being).  I couldn't quite figure out what I needed to be a mama (other than a baby, some diapers, some clothes, and a car seat) so I didn't really go out and buy any baby gear.  I figured that in our modern world anything that I could want could be on my doorstep in a day or two with the click of a mouse, or I could venture out into the world of baby boutiques and/or Target if need be.  It wasn't hard to convince DP that we didn't need to spend a ton of money on baby gear!  Then, as my due date got closer, and even more so after DS was born, mamas came out of the woodwork to give me wraps, ring slings, packs, bouncy chairs, swings, etc.  Every mama had a story to go with their gift!  Either the sling was baby's very favorite thing in the whole world, or she never used it b/c baby wouldn't even get in.  The bouncy chair was thread bare b/c of how much it was used, or baby cried every time he was put in.  Like some of the PPs have said, nothing works for every baby, for every mama, or for every family.  It worked great for us to carry DS, because we would rather pop 10-30lbs of baby into a pack than haul around a heavy and awkward car seat/stroller combo.  We finally did get a stroller when he was 2yo so that we could go for longer/faster walks and not have to carry him the last mile home because that is what worked for us then.  I guess my rambling point is to be flexible with yourself and do what works, even when that changes.  Oh, and if you want to play that card (so to speak), baby wearing, breast feeding, and such can be a lot cheaper than the alternatives!  winky.gif