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Still waiting thread.

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Congrats to all the new mamas! I see so many lovely posts about sweet babies coming earth side, that I can't help but wonder: how many of us are left, still waiting. I thought it would be interesting to see who is due when and maybe guess who will deliver next. It should help pass the time.

Let's post some info.

Due date:
Plans to go post-date:
Internal exam info if available:

I'll start!

Due date: July 26th
Plans to go post-date: I'm willing to go 41 weeks, maybe 41.5
Internal exam info if available: at 38w 5d I was 1cm, cervix low and anterior, soft but long. Baby's head sitting right on cervix. I'm hopeful but not holding my breath.

Who else is still out there? Please tell me I'm not alone lol
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Due Date: July 28th

Plans to go post-date: its my first, so I'm pretty willing to go to 42 and past if everything looks good on the NST and BPP
Internal exam: no internal exam, but he's pretty much dropped, he was....4/5 engaged at my last appointment and I'm finally noticing that he's lower

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Due date: July 12
Plans for post date: already there. Looking in to acupuncture or chiropractor on the next few days. Sex but it's pretty uncomfortable for me. I feel like my sensitivity level goes from level 1-10 in a second, making it unpleasant. Next appt with midwife at 41+5 I might do a Foley catheter. Not sure yet.
Baby Lila's position: head down and low. Moving a lot still. 80% effaced and 1 cm
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You are not alone!


I'm having a scheduled c-section on July 24th tho . For the past 3 weeks I've been having a lot of BH contractions.

I had my pre op appointments and a NST today and Monday I will have an ultrasound ( a lot of appointments when you have gestational diabetes) . I'm interested to see what the ultrasound tech says my baby's weight is compared to when she is born.

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I'm still here!

Due Date: 7/23/13
Post dates: Dr. is cool going to 42 weeks with no intervention so I'm willing as well (but hopefully won't last that long)
Internal exam: declined an exam this morning since I feel like they aren't really predictive of timing but more a point in time piece of info.

Other: would love to know what fun things you all are doing before the baby arrives. Every one says enjoy this time before the baby comes. My husband is wanting to take me out on dates but I'm not sure what else we can go out and do. This is coupled with the fact that its Ramadan right now, so he can't eat or drink until 8:30 at night so it limits us a bit.
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A million thanks, ladies!! I'm glad to hear there's still company wink1.gif

Chipi, I really hope you're next!! My DD went to 41 weeks and that last week was difficult. I'm already feeling post due in this inferno so I can only imagine how you're feeling hug.gif

Harmonious, all my leisure plans involve chasing my 28 month old around in the hopes that the exertion will trigger labour. With my first, we went out a lot to movies, and restaurants. She was due in late March so weather limited us to indoor activities. Otherwise we would have gone outdoors to festivals and events, etc. The most recreational thing we've done recently was be intimate - again in the hopes of starting labour lol

Rainbownurse, I had an exam because I also had an attempted stretch n sweep. Otherwise I'd skip it too. I'm just so desperate; and the contractions aren't helping!

Mavis, you have an end in sight! That's great! I feel like I'll be pregnant forever :-/
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so far my leisure activities include going to the lake and floating on my back in all my preggo glory.

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I'm still here, too!


Due date: July 17

Plans to go post-date: I'm in it for the long haul: my midwives are OK with 42 weeks as a baseline, then as long as NST/BPPs look good and I have a consult with an OB, they're okay with me calling the shots in terms of how long I wait it out. I'm not necessarily against stretch and sweep or other natural kickstarters, though I'm still feeling okay about letting her take her time for now.


Internal exam info if available: No internal, but at my appt yesterday, my mws said she was "very well engaged and flexed" and were feeling her shoulders pretty close to my pubic bone. I'm feeling a LOT of pressure and her little bum seems ridiculously low (2-3" above my belly button) when I'm standing up. So she's down there and hopefully ready to come out soon!


It is a little hard for me to enjoy this time the way I think I could be because it is soooo hot and I live a long way from anything. I met my husband for lunch yesterday as sort of a due date celebration, which was really nice. If I still don't have a baby this weekend, I want to go to the movies partly just for the a/c! It's hard, too, since DH is totally nesting and barely wants to leave the house to go to work, much less to goof off. I guess I should be glad that *someone* is nesting, because I'm pretty much over any kind of work/chores that are not absolutely necessary for our survival/general cleanliness for homebirth.

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Due date - July 26th

Plans to go post date or right on it, my boys were 1 and 2 weeks overdue

No internal exam, I pass on that until I'm at least 40 weeks or in labor. I hate having it done and don't like to get my hopes up.

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Due date: July 24th. 

I will be induced next week on the 25th. I have gestational diabetes, and apparently it's a small miracle my doctor is letting me go this long. 

Monday I was 1.5 cm, 50% effaced, and -2 station. Not letting him check me this week. 

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I'm still here! 
Due date:  July 23rd, so just past 39 weeks here

Plans to go post-date: I went to 42 weeks with my son before deciding on an induction. I'd really like a homebirth this time so I'm willing to wait just a few days past 42 weeks.. I'll play it by ear.

Internal exam info if available: Havent had any.  I find them really uncomfortable so I dont think I'll ask for one
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Due date: July 29th
Plans to go post-date: I was willing to go 42wks, but our insurance is dropping us like two hot potatoes on Aug. 19th which makes me REALLY nervous about going any later than 41wks just in case something goes wrong greensad.gifgreensad.gifgreensad.gif
Internal exam info if available: at 37wks midwife could barely reach my cervix, and it was still firm.
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Due 22nd
Planning to go 42+3, sooner if anything is not right...my blood pressure was very borderline high this week
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Yay more mamas smile.gif It's nice to hear I'm not alone.
I'd love if this child actually had a July birthday. That's as far as I'm hoping now.
Cynthiamoon that sucks about your insurance! How messed up is that?! So they'd prefer an expensive c section rather than wait a few days if all looks fine? Makes no sense to me..
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cynthia, why is your insurance dropping you?

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My insurance follies are a big big OT rant...

I no longer qualify for it because you need to be an enrolled university student, and i am taking the fall off, so it's not the usual insurance evil, but I thought it would be easier to get a new plan and cover her...

Instead, I found out I have a pre-exising condition that makes me an untouchable, and my husband discovered he can't add dependents to his plan AND was denied for a new plan BECAUSE he intends to put a dependent on it.

So now, me and the babe are just in the nether until Obamacare kicks in and we can try again under the new laws. greensad.gif
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Cynthiamoon - That really stinks! I really hope something works out for you.




I'm still around too!


Due date: July 14

Plans to go post-date: Already nearly 1 week post and trying not to stress. My first was two weeks late (with failed induction), and both my sister and I were 13 days late. Must be a family trait. I have massage, chiro, and acupuncture appointments scheduled for Wednesday, so here's hoping all that body work + acupuncture induction points will encourage this babe along. My doula and midwives keep suggestion more sex, but that's only been stressing the hubby out! Ugh. I may have the MW do a membrane sweep at 42 weeks, but am nervous about waters breaking - I really don't want to be put on that clock again. I refuse to try castro oil again. They will let me go to 43 weeks, then they'll seriously be talking a repeat c-section, which I'm really hoping to avoid!


I have a NST and Bio-physical ultrasound scheduled for Monday to verify baby is still doing well.

Internal exam info if available: Had an internal on Thursday, mostly for my own curiosity. Midwife said my cervix is soft, but still intact, and she was able to touch baby's head. The head's in a perfect position, although baby turned itself posterior about 1.5 weeks ago (little stinker!).


Even if the babe stays posterior, I'll just be happy if this little one initiates labor and I'm able to labor on my own, without hospital intervention this time...

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I'm here too!

EDD: July 17th. I was not really expecting to go into labor before 41 weeks, so I'm just waiting it out. My older daughter was 41+3 and I induced with castor oil (which I would never do again or reccomend to anyone!). My own birth was at 42+5 and was induced with Pitocen. And get this, my mother's birth in 1946 was 44+1 weeks! My grandmother swore by her dates. My mother was due on Christmas and was born on Jan 23. So I am not going to start to feel anxious about post dates until 42+, and my midwife is on the same page.


I am freaking out about a flea infestation I just discovered in the new baby's room, due to a chair the cat used to sleep on. That was to be my nursing chair! I have to re-wash all the diapers and clothes. I have never used a bug bomb before, but my dad swears that is the only thing that we work. We are looking at getting a hotel room w frequent flier miles tomorrow while we treat the room. So maybe I'll be killing time in a hotel with air-con, cable TV and a pool tomorrow!

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Here I am! Still here! 


Due date: July 22

Plans to go post-date: My midwife said she won't let me go past 41 weeks without inducing. And she using Pitocin to induce, but doesn't do epidurals. So that doesn't really add up to me. If no baby by early next week, I'll schedule an acupuncture appt - and step up the physical activity. The heat wave is breaking tonight, so next week might be easier to deal with getting out and about. I WANT baby to come next week because I've already not been working for a week and I'd hate to squander time off with no baby to take care of! 

Internal exam info if available: 1 cm dilated 2 weeks ago. For what that's worth. 

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Originally Posted by mizlizzy View Post

I am freaking out about a flea infestation I just discovered in the new baby's room, due to a chair the cat used to sleep on. That was to be my nursing chair! I have to re-wash all the diapers and clothes. I have never used a bug bomb before, but my dad swears that is the only thing that we work. We are looking at getting a hotel room w frequent flier miles tomorrow while we treat the room. So maybe I'll be killing time in a hotel with air-con, cable TV and a pool tomorrow!


I feel ya on the fleas. When DS was about 2 months old our living room became infested with fleas. We didn't bomb, since I was home with the baby and really had no where else to go in the middle of winter, but we were able to beat them with frequent doses of Advantage (Frontline did not even put a dent in them!) on both the cat and dog, lots of combing & squishing, and daily vacuuming of the entire room. It took a week or so but we eventually beat them. Somehow, I never found a flea bite on DS, and we spent a lot of time in that room before I realized there was an issue. Good luck!!

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