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I feel ya on the fleas. When DS was about 2 months old our living room became infested with fleas. We didn't bomb, since I was home with the baby and really had no where else to go in the middle of winter, but we were able to beat them with frequent doses of Advantage (Frontline did not even put a dent in them!) on both the cat and dog, lots of combing & squishing, and daily vacuuming of the entire room. It took a week or so but we eventually beat them. Somehow, I never found a flea bite on DS, and we spent a lot of time in that room before I realized there was an issue. Good luck!!

Oh my gosh, I would be having a heart attack. This is giving me bad bad memories of an old apartment of mine that got bedbugs from I still don't know what. That was such a nighmare, but I think they are hardier than fleas.

I had to throw out half of my furniture and douse everything with pesticides twice.
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I am actually relieved  in a way to find fleas, because I was getting mysterious bites  (only me) at night, and I was petrified it was bed bugs! I spent alot of time reading bed bugger.com and did a whole protocol to check for them and cleaned the room top to bottom, put traps under the bed posts, even encased the mattress. The traps turned up nothing, and there were no other signs of bedbugs.


Fleas seem much easier to treat, I am thankful it did not turn out to be bedbugs. So I am looking on the bright side and checking into a hotel for a night! Have to use frequent flier miles before they expire in Sept anyways, so staycation it is. Hope not to go into labor in a Comfort Inn though. At least they have a pool!

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Ugh, sorry to hear about the fleas. Had a brush with them many years ago (way before kids) and it took a while of aggressively treating the outdoor kitty to clear it up. I agree though; I'd rather deal with them than bedbugs - those suckers sound scary!
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Absolutely, fleas are the better pest to have. I hope the treatment works and you can get back to feeling comfy at home!
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Flea problem here too! We bought some bombs and plan on moving the cat to the garage and setting them off when we go to the hospital. My mom can come pick up my fur child and watch her at her house and that gives the house at least a day or two to air out before we bring LO home. 

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Due date: July 20th

Plans to go post-date: Will go as long as I am "able" whatever that means. As long as everything goes well they don't start pushing for induction till 42 weeks so that's good. Planning on scheduling a chiropractor appointment soon and maybe an accupuncturist. I'm pretty sure the closest one of those are in the city, which is over an hour away from me-bleh. Also thinking of going to whole foods (also about an hour away) and picking up some homeopathic stuff to jumpstart labor. I don't want to be pictocin induced. 

Internal exam info if available: 2 weeks ago I was 3cm and 80%, last week I was 2cm and 75%... two different people did the exams though so there is obviously room for error. MW said I could "go any day" but scheduled appointments for next week anyways. Now it's Sunday and my appointment is on Monday so bleh I guess it's a good thing we scheduled it. 

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Inconditus treat the cat too! Advantix or frontline. It's pricy but worth it. My indoor cat got fleas last year from the dog AND a case of tape worms from eating a flea. Gag!! Nasty!!! Freak out!!
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I've had really good luck treating flea infestations with diatomaceous earth, but you have to be aware of the dust from it. Use a vacuume with a really good filter. Get the stuff that doesn't have pesticide in it.
I moved into a cabin with insane fleas and had to treat all the floors once.
Took care of the wood roaches too.
There's probably online info about it- I can't remember much, it was twelve years and three kids ago. smile.gif
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I did not mean to hijack this thread and turn it in to the flea thread, but I really appreciate all the input and it is helping me calm down about it to be able to vent here. I have decided on the following IPM (integrated pest management) plan:


Step 1:  Diatomaceous earth/washing all soft items in HOT water /vacuuming/ sealing off the room so they don't spread.


Step 2:  I'm looking at doing a IGR (insect growth regulator) with methoprene to kill the eggs:


The active ingredient is an insect hormone that is not a poison that is toxic to humans or cats.


Step 3: If needed I will do a pyrethrin bomb when the kids and I can be out of the house visiting my parents for two weeks. The half life of pyrethrins in soil is 13 days:
and apparently infants can not break it down:



Have treated the cat with topical flea/tick stuff, and he is already an outdoor cat for the summer due to a huge problem with Deer Ticks earlier this summer.
Really the flea situation is not as worrisome as when I thought it might be bedbugs, when I was getting bites at night before I saw any fleas. And neither one is as dangerous as Lyme/ the various co-infections.
I had a cat for 15 years and never had flea or tick problems before!


Thanks be for the Internet and the ability to research all this and get support from you all!

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With my second pregnancy, my inlaws house had a major flea infestation and they bombed the place a few times before we came to stay for a couple months, but they still had them. So, I had bites all over me and when I went to the hospital they were worried there was something wrong with me. I explained that they were only flea bites. Yey me. haha 

Hope you get it all worked out whoever is dealing with those. 

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Still waiting? Yep. I am kind of happy though, because my doula just came back in town over the weekend, and my mom is flying in today, and those were the last 2 things I was hoping would fall into place before the baby arrives. 


However, I just found out that our OB is on vacation this week. Really? Why isn't it just common courtesy to let your patients know something like that? 

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I'm still waiting too and trying so hard to be patient, even though patience is so NOT my forte. I think I'm going to switch up my walking plan today and walk the mall, looking at all the cute clothes I want to get after I'm not pregnant anymore! I hadn't bought new clothes in at least a year before getting pregnant and I bought the bare minimum of maternity clothes, just making my regular clothes work. But now I'm tired of them and sure they'll be all stretched out from my belly. So, new clothes it is, and my mom gave me a gift card for my bday so I can buy them guilt free too.
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I love my sister. This was her status update today:


" Kate who? It's the Aya Goodrich and Jaedon Aaron Goodrich baby watch that I am most tuned into. 40+ weeks and counting and it's a GIRL!!! :) :) "

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Has anyone heard about the "Super Moon" tonight? Here's hoping it brings on the babies! It seemed to work for Kate!

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40+ 5 days here. Still waiting and hoping on the full moon here too. I didn't do my clever hotel plan, as we didn't do a bug bomb. I cleaned the house all day, which brought on contractions so strong I was sure it was happening, and I had to sit out dinner to go on the birth ball. Then I took a bath and everything stopped! I'll go to my midwife for acupuncture tomorrow. Definitely having feeling like effacement is happening. We tried to do a cervical check, but husband could not figure out what he was feeling/trying to see.

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I don't think the last full moon did anything for those due earlier in the month, so I'm not putting my hopes on it. I wish...
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I was having strong contractions this morning and thought I'd go for a walk to help progress things. Nope, walking STOPPED them. 

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I had another night with 1-2 hours of mild contractions but they were erratic and went nowhere.

Happy to be showing some signs of preparation though!

Should I have a cervical check to see if they've meant progress? Or keep it mellow and mysterious but at least not disappointing?
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Rainbownurse, my experience is exactly the same! Everything that's supposed to star/intensify/strengthen contractions causes mine to stop so I gave up. My plan is to sit on my butt and eat ice cream after DD let's me leave her bed lol

Cynthiamoon, I plan to get another cervical check/stretch n sweep tomorrow (39w 5d) in the hopes of starting something but also to be in the know. For instance if I'm only 1-2 cm then I'll be more leisurely about getting to the hospital once that unmistakable "I'm in labour" feeling hits then if I'm walking around being 4 cm. I'm not expecting a miracle one hour labour but my induction with an epi was 14 hours the first time around so my body seems to go at a decent clip. There's certainly a chance this could be fast n furious and I don't want to be crowning in the car or have some on call dr deliver me because my lovely MW simply cant get there in time.
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Interesting, I hadn't thought about that way of using the info. I am leaning towards going for it. I wonder if they will offer a sweep? I will be 39+2 tomorrow.
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