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South Dakota homeschoolers?

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Anyone on here who homeschools in SD? We are currently in Nebraska, but thinking about moving to SD in about a year. Any insights into SD homeschooling would be very appreciated! Nebraska is very low regulation, just turn in your annual paperwork. South Dakota has the school district more involved it seems ... how does that work?


What is the homeschooling culture like there? Is it pretty accepted? In our part of Nebraska, people don't bat an eyelash when you tell them you homeschool ...


Just trying to get a feel for what this would be like. Any help at all would be great!

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Someone? Anyone?  :)

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We just moved here in October so I'm still figuring it out but really it's an easy state compared to most. I did just go to the inclusive HS association meeting a few weeks ago and got more info. So you have to fill out your waiver annually and send it in. You have to test in 2nd, 4th, 8th, and 11th I think? I know 2nd for sure since that's where we're at in life :) The test scores get sent in with your annual exemption form. It doesn't sound like anyone routinely looks at them. Beyond that there doesn't seem to be much. I think we have to teach math, LA, and maybe some sort of civics or something? I'm honestly not too worried because we homeschool partially for academic rigor so I'm sure we'll cover whatever they want. In the meeting it sounded like the only people anyone knew who ran into problems didn't fill out the form, were unschooling, and their family turned them in which was kind of a triple whamy for truency people. But it sounds like a lot of people unschool here, etc. Just have to fill out the simple form and you're good. There are a relatively decent number of HS here. I mean not as many as in Oregon where we are from probably because the PS schools are better here.


What part of SD are you thinking about?

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Thank you so much for replying! We would be on a farm near Yankton (30 miles away). I'm a little concerned about the role of the school district ... here in Nebraska you send the papers to the State Dept. of Ed, and the local school district doesn't monitor you in any way. I'm schooling for academic rigor as well (and to help a son who doesn't do well sitting in one place for very long), and I think we are doing fine, but I don't want to deal with problems from the local school district.


I'm also a little worried about "fitting in". We are in a large community in Nebraska, and people are very accepting of homeschooling in general, and there is a large homeschooling community that you can tap into. I wonder a bit about being more isolated in a smaller town and about the kids meeting other kids. Here, we take care of that through church and sports activities ... wondering what it might be like there.

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I'm still too new to this part of the country to know anything about Yankton unfortunately :( What is that makes you think there's a potential for issues with the school district? The only district-related thing I've heard is that some of the smaller ones aren't used to seeing the exemption paperwork (and I'll admit, it's not the most straightforward form ever).

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Haha .. I'm probably just borrowing trouble by worrying about stuff. :) When I read that the local district is supposed to "monitor" the students, and collect their student information, it just made me wonder what would happen in a small town. I went to a small town school and had a great experience, but I didn't know anyone who homeschooled back then and just wondered how accepted it is now ... feeling nervous about leaving what I've gotten used to, I guess.

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