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Can anyone help me decipher when my due date is?

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I really hope it's ok to post this thread here. I figured many of you TTC ladies would know the ins/outs of charting and possibly be able to help me? 


Pre-kids, I used to chart my cycles like a champ. I took my temp every single day, checked for cervical fluid, etc. That's how we so easily conceived our son (one try!). Fast forward 7 years and 3 kids later ... and I was very, very loosely charting, using an iPhone app called Fertility Friend.


About 6 weeks ago I got a + pregnancy test. We weren't trying to or not to conceive, really. Just living life. At the time, I was pretty confident of figuring out my due date, but now I'm not so sure. If you're knowledgeable about charting and such, can you help me out?


Here are some facts about me:


Average cycle: 31 days

LMP: 5/11/13

When I used to chart a lot, I used to ovulate around day 17 --- these days, I'm not 100% sure

My latest day to ovulate has been day 21 (when we conceived our first :)

This cycle we DTD on: day 8, day 12 & day 20 (I honestly thought that window would be 'safe' -- I was wrong LOL)

Had a small cramp and implantation bleed/spotting on day 25

Had a + pregnancy test on day 29


I've been basing my due date off the day 12 conception date (knowing it could possibly have happened around day 14-15) -- but could it have happened as late as day 20?? Is it possible to have implantation bleed at just 5 days after conception and a + test at just 9 days after conception?


(Sorry I don't know all the fertility abbreviations that many of you are so familar with -- I'm sure I could've made this a lot shorter LOL!)


Thanks for your advice, girls! :)

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I agree with your assessment. I don't think it was the day 20 act that did it. 

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There are programs online that will calculate your due date based on your last menstrual period. 

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Thank erigeron, for your input! 


Yes, Joshephs Mom -- those calculators can be helpful, but if I went by that date they gave me, it could be up to 8 days earlier (or more) from the actual date, based on conception. (Which could signal a need for induction, when I haven't even made it to the real due date). I tend to ovulate later than the 'standard' 14 days, so that's why I like to try and find the date based on conception. 

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There are some calculators where you input our ovulation date if you know it or want to estimate it, and you put in how many days your cycle is too if you go by lmp.  http://www.pregnology.com/due-date.php  This one works for me by both methods.  I was charting so know my est ovulation, but even if I put in my lmp + days of cycle, it gives me the same dd.  If you have a u/s they'll measure and date then too.  Just make sure your ob or mw doesn't use the 28d cycle wheel, but puts your avg cycle for more accuracy.  A 28d cycle puts me due a week ahead of my ovulation-not possible, lol.  But we still give ourselves a 2wk window, not a specific date :)

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Personally, I would get an early ultrasound if you're concerned about date-related induction issues at the end of pregnancy. But I know that's not everybody's thing. 

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Thanks hippy mum - I hadn't seen that calculator before. That's neat! 


yeah, erigeron ... I've been debating that. I really don't want to do unnecessary u/s, but I might in this case. My babies tend to measure ahead of schedule. Just need to relax and let baby come when baby's ready! ;)

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