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I wish I could say that I didn't care and that any age is fine. but the reality is that I think I would be not comfortable past 6y.o. not sure.

Ds1 weaned at 2 and half, during my second pregnancy. ds2 is 16 months and going strong.

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It's been really interesting reading these replies!

My answer is a bit strange, my mental limit would be around 2-3 years old, in theory I would be more than happy to go to that age...but my physical limit seems to be around 15 months. With dd I really wanted to get to 2 but started to get an aversion to her around 14 mths then got pg shortly after and had hyperemesis, so with me leading the way we weaned gently and happily.

With ds, again, I'm happy to go to 2 or 3 but the aversion has come back greensad.gif I'm really sad, he's my last baby and I have a terrible tug of war going on in my head. Hoping its temporary and we can go back to our happy nursing relationship again.
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Mamazee, I'd be really interested to hear how you continued nursing for so long with a nursing aversion? I really admire you, i have to stamp my feet and grit my teeth to get through night feeds at the moment and can't imagine getting through another week let alone another 9 months!
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The aversion started out fairly mild and got worse as time went on. I just tried to watch TV or something to not think about it as I nursed. It was worse with the second child, which is probably why I stopped nursing 6 months earlier with her.
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You know, I get little "aversion patches", like it feels super gross and wrong for, like, a few days, or a week, and then it feels normal again. Maybe try to see if you can get over the hump?

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I think 2 is my limit. I guess we'll see when we get there. I used to think one was my limit, but we're almost there and definitely not ready to wean.
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Thanks mamazee & MichelleZB, going to ride it out for now, comitted to getting him through all his new teeth & hoping it'll be gone by then! (Don't know how I'd cope with a teething baby and no nursies!) smile.gif
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I started to get increasingly tired of nursing when she was around 18 months and started cutting back, then stopped entirely at 23 months after finding out I was pregnant because I am completely uninterested in nursing while pregnant or tandem nursing. I think she had gotten into this habit of having nursing just be her fallback activity and I had gotten into the habit of letting her nurse any time... and it was just driving me bonkers. I switched to only doing a certain number of nursings and doing the "no, we'll nurse after we do X or at X time" thing. It was breaking that habit of boob anytime and having her hear a "no" sometimes and learn that she couldn't nurse any old time she wanted anymore that was really the challenging part, and going from umpty-ump nursings a day down to five was much harder than cutting back from five to four, from four to three, and so on. (I would have taken the typical advice to drop one feeding at a time, but she snacked all the time so there were no fixed "feedings".) By the time we weaned entirely, she did ask a few more times and I nursed her one more time after the "official" stop day, but I think that she adjusted pretty readily. And that makes me question the idea of waiting until the kid is ready... what does that mean? She probably would have gone on nursing just because she could for who knows how long, but stopping it didn't seem to really faze her. So was she ready or not? 


I don't have an age limit for the next one. We'll play it by ear. My goal with my daughter was one year and I figured anything else was gravy. 

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4th birthday maybe. We've gotten close to that a few times but I can't really see going any longer. I don't really enjoy nursing and have usually already had one baby and am pregnant again by that point. Last two were too spaced out to tandem though. If I didn't get pregnant again,I don't know.

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In my head, I imagine that DD will be done by age 3. I don't care at all what other people do, for me, 4 feels like longer than I would want to go. Right now she's 21 months and nurses at bedtime and her 4 am wake up, and when I get home from work (I work 4 days a week). When I'm home with her she nurses to sleep for her nap, and probably 2 other times during the day. Every month before I get my period, nursing makes me really cranky and I want to quit. I've started holding some limits with her for my own sanity, particularly at night, but, for the most part she can nurse whenever she requests it.
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my son is 2.5 at this point and I will continue breastfeeding till he is ready to stop. i believe wholeheartedly in child led weening. He will let me know when he is ready.

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I don't know. I nursed my 9 year old the longest, until she was almost 6. I didn't feel I was at my limit there, she just stopped and never asked again. Though TBH she really stopped breastfeeding with any regularity before she was 4, so maybe I'd feel differently had she been more demanding of it.


I wouldn't be comfortable if she asked now, but I think 6 would have been fine. 7 or so might be my emotional limit. But who knows. When I was young and with my first, I said no more than a year. I followed through with that, weaned her at 11 months, and it was painful for both of us. I regretted it while and especially after I did it and I've regretted it ever since, because that limit was based on society's and family's pressures and hang-ups. Maybe my limit of 7 is too but it's definitely more biologically appropriate than 11 months so until/unless I'm confronted with it in real life, I'm sticking with saying that's my limit since I haven't gotten there.

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I let DS self wean, and he did so shortly after his 4th birthday. Originally I had planned to wean him around 18 months, but he had not interest in stopping and then I learned more about child led weaning and I figured I'd follow his lead. I actually really enjoy the physical closeness with my children that breastfeeding gives me, and the fact that there's one thing that only I can give them.  DD is 2.5 and still going strong, stronger than her brother at this age. I originally planned to let her self wean. I may still for daytime nursing, but I've come to the point where I think I really need to night wean her soon. She still wants to nurse multiple times a night, and it's beginning to seem ridiculous. DS night weaned himself at 4 months. I thought she might take a bit longer, but would certainly do so by her first birthday. Yeah, not so much.


I think the length of time we nurse our children is a personal preference. Barring some kind of medical limitation, I think every mother should do her utmost to breastfeed or provide pumped breastmilk for at least a year, and better yet two. After that, I think you should go with whatever you're comfortable with.

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I like reading this thread especially since my husband was just saying our son (now 2.5 yrs old) will "never" wean himself and joked that I'd be nursing him when he got home from high school in the afternoon!

Hubby saying that made me realize I do have a limit, I guess! I will not nurse a high schooler, lol. I am pretty dedicated to letting him wean himself when he's ready but I find myself imagining (maybe even hoping?) he'll be done by about 4.

Nursing is a funny thing. I was going to say I hope he's done by 3 but when I realized that is only 6 months away, I was like oh no thats too soon! Just when I think I'd be okay with him weaning, I realize how much I would miss it. It's just such a sweet thing to share with him, to help him sleep. I do love it. I do have to tell him to stop if it starts hurting or feeling overly sensitive but overall we are both still happy nursing right now.

I had gotten pregnant again and experienced a lot of discomfort while nursing but pushed through and had even decided that I'd tandem nurse. But then I had a miscarriage. I don't know how I'll feel if I get pregnant again. I may wean him in that case but it would depend on so many factors. It's hard for me to imagine weaning him as I always just thought he'd wean himself at some point and I still believe he will. Who knows when though!
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I weaned both my children at the same time.  My son was just over five years old and my daughter was almost three.  I weaned them because my nursing aversion had hit its peak and was severely affecting our relationships.  I start getting the "nails on chalkboard" when they're around 18 months old.


If I were nursing just one child at a time I think my limit would be much higher, probably around 7 years old.  We're planning on having one more, so I guess I'll let you know if we make it that long.

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The aversion set in with DS at a little over 3 yrs, we weaned at 3.5. My DD is nearing 3 and I'm feeling very strongly about weaning her in the next few months. My body is tired and I'm ready to be past the nursing stage.  I've loved nursing for the past 6 + years and wouldn't have done anything differently, though.

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Very interesting! DD is still going really strong at 16 months. A lot more than I'd like her to...I feel like I can't sit down without her climbing on me to nurse. I'm definitely not ready to wean though so I still let her, but I do feel annoyed by it sometimes. I always thought I'd wean by 1. My family already thinks it's weird that she's still BFing, but I put DDs needs before their opinions so while it's disappointing to not be supported I don't really care that they think it's weird. I suppose my mental limit is around 2.5/3. We'll see though, I'll probably get there and change my mind!

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:-D pp I can never sit or lie down either without my 20month old looking to nurse.

I have no idea what my personal limit will be ... I honestly think maybe 4 years, but I only have respect and admiration for other mothers who allow their children to nurse until older ages as part of the child led process. My original aim was to breastfeed until 1 year, but I had no idea back then just how passionate my son would be about nursing ;-D
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I am still nursing my 3.5 year old DS, and I have hit several rough patches when I thought I would have to wean him or go nuts, but they passed.  Recently it occurred to me that a natural limit is when his first milk tooth falls out, if he hasn't stopped on his own before then.  So I guess 6ish would be my limit in theory....

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I have 2 teen boys and an 8 yr old daughter. Both my boys nursed until almost age 7 and my daughter was still occasionally nursing after age 7. She is no longer nursing now, but it's mainly because she has other interests now and has outgrown nursing on her own. I recently met a woman (now a friend) who still nurses her daughter who recently turned 9 years old. I see nothing wrong with this as long as both mom and child are ok with it.
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