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Gratitude, Joy, and Affirmations

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So I've only known I'm pregnant for a week, and yesterday I realized that almost all of that week has been consumed with worries about miscarriage, telling myself "this isn't real yet --- don't get attached!" fretting over every symptom or lack thereof, etc. 


Now, I don't believe in the power of positive thinking in the sense of if-I-say-it-it-will-happen (in that case, no wanted baby would EVER be lost), but I was kind of thinking, "is this helping me any?"


I figure I will be just as devastated to lose this pregnancy whether I downplay it to myself or not --- and if I DO carry my little tadpole to term (and chances are, after all, 85% that I will), I will be sad to have missed celebrating these amazing weeks where I have pretty much the most exciting secret I've ever kept and I want to be on top of the world. 


SO I decided that I am just going to go for it. I am going to love this baby, and I am not going to worry. When I worry and fear I will sit with my feelings and acknowledge them and then let them go as best I am able. 


And I thought others might want to join in? And have a thread focusing on joy and hope and new life and all those wonderful things? And support each other lovingly if something awful does happen, but try to let go of the fear?


Because in the immortal words of Office Space, that'd be greeeeeaaaaaaaaaat.

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What a great idea.


I am thankful for a supportive and patient partner who thinks i'm cute when i'm all bloated and full of weird cravings.


I am thankful for children who are excited and delighted to be having a new baby added to the family.


I am thankful to have a blended family that works as well as any blended family ever can.


I am thankful for the nausea that's making me miserable and the little squidlette that is growing inside me whether it's a boy or a girl squidlette lol

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I'm grateful for all of it. And that I have a merciful toddler who entertains himself nicely while I have zero energy.

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I was watching my girls play today and I found myself talking to the little tadpole, telling him or her how much fun s/he will have with his or her two big sisters.
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I love this post. It reminds me of this quote:


We never know what the future will bring. If we spend our time and effort worrying about worst case scenarios, and they come to be, then we will have felt their impact twice. If we imagine the worst and it does not happen, then we have wasted all that time and energy. However, if we embrace uncertainty and prepare for a good outcome, we can experience the best life has to offer alongside a dose of bad news now and then, so they balance out.


Someone from MDC sent that to me after I suffered a loss, and I found it very helpful. I have hypnobabies pregnancy affirmations on my phone from my last birth -- I think I'm going to start listening to them now! I have always held my breath through the first part of pregnancy, though, and the only times I haven't I have had bad news. But I'm going to try to be positive. Thanks for posting.

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Ahh, gratitude. I had every intention of being nothing BUT grateful for everything this pregnancy brought me, until I got pregnant. I guess it's when it's hard that it matters the most to be grateful, right? 


My hubby for being patient, cooking breakfast, and keeping quiet. :)


Star Trek on Netflix, which gives my kids and I something to do when I am too tired to take them anywhere.


Being pregnant and having a 39 year old body that is handling it ok. This was a much wanted and ached for baby. 


School is starting in 2 weeks and will bring back some much needed routine and ALONE time for me and hubby. 


My 17 year old (almost 18) finally has his first girlfriend.


We have a baby chick in the coop. A mama chick hatched some babies and out of 5 we only have one left, but it's the only yellow one and we love it. 


That my nausea isn't that bad and I can still cook and grocery shop. 

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I have a little devotional book that includes this quote: 


". . . for more and more am I unwilling to make my gratitude to God what is commonly called 'a Thanksgiving for mercies,' . . . Instead of this I would have it be gratitude for all that belongs to my life and being. For joy and sorrow, for health and sickness, for success and disappointment, for virtue and for temptation, for life and death."  ---Orville Dewey


That's where I'm trying to be, too. Porcelina, I love the quote you shared!


ETA: here's the full passage in context. Orville Dewey was a Unitarian minister and the brother of educational philosopher John Dewey. I don't think I agree with him that all things are meant for the good, but I love this passage regardless:



All that I know is, that I have lived a life mainly happy in its experience, not merely according to the average, not merely as things go in this world, but far more than that; which I should be willing to live again for the happiness that has blessed it, yet more for the interests which have animated it, and which has always been growing happier from the beginning. I have lived a life mainly fortunate in its circumstances both of early nurture and active pursuit; marred by no vice,—I do not remember even ever to have told a lie,—stained by no dishonor; laborious, but enjoying labor, especially in the sphere to which my life has been devoted; suffering from no pressing want, though moderate in means, and successful in every way, as much as I had any right or reason to expect. I have been happy (the word is weak to express it) in my domestic relations, happy in the dearest and holiest friendships, and happy in the respect of society. And I have had a happiness (I dread the appearance of profession in saying it) in things divinest, in religion, in God, in associating with him all the beauty of nature and the blessedness of life, beyond all other possible joy. And, therefore, notwithstanding all that I have suffered, notwithstanding all the pain and weariness and anxiety and sorrow that necessarily enter into life, and the inward errings that are worse than all, I would end my record with a devout thanksgiving to the great Author of my being. For more and more am I unwilling to make my gratitude to him what is commonly called "a thanksgiving for mercies,"—for any benefits or blessings that are peculiar to myself, or my friends, or indeed to any man. Instead of this, I would have it to be gratitude for all that belongs to my life and being,—for joy and sorrow, for health and sickness, for success and disappointment, for virtue and for temptation, for life and death; because I believe that all is meant for good.
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