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Fave pregnancy tracker/countdown on phone?

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Hey Mamas, I was curious if any of you had a favorite preg tracker/countdown on your phone.  I have an iphone, not sure if that matters.  I'm going for a free one as well.  There are just so many, I cannot decide. :)  


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I have an iPhone. So far I like one called just "Pregnancy" by Health & Parenting, and another by Sprout also called just "Pregnancy." They both have the basic app for free, but it's $2--3 for the "pro" or whatever version. 


ETA: I downloaded over six of them to see which I liked, and those were the two winners!

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I have several because i didn't know which one i'd like, they all have sort of interesting aspects.


the pregnancy guide has a purple icon of a mother and baby line drawing, it has the best fetus pics i think, broken down by week development, it has a due date calculator, a pregnancy guide, and articles. It breaks the development down in a straight forward common language that the kid's don't find confusing. it's the one i find myself using the most.


The pregnancy companion claims it was made by real ob's. this one has an easy to navigate interface, glasses of water counter that automatically resets every day and tracks your daily water intake, it has a daily planner, a list of common meds and whether they are safe or not, birth/baby/provider question lists, as well as a list of basic information on how various health issues may affect your pregnancy. info about pregnancy and fetal development is accurate and easy to understand but it only has 2d ultrasound pics so far. less exciting for the kids to look at


I also have one called pregnancy assistant that has good pics though the language is a bit much for the kids...they get bored with the medical language.


I have a few others that aren't noteworthy one way or the other. one of them gives me little daily reminders which is kind of cute...i think it's the pregnancy guide. almost all of them track your weight if you want to. Many of them have pregnancy journals options as well

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Ha ha I'm glad you ladies both downloaded so many.  That was what I didn't want - to download a bunch and then have to figure out which ones I liked.  I got the WellnessFor2 app and I'm liking that, plus they mentioned midwife and homebirth. :)  

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I tend to download a bunch and see what I like. I have an Android, so my apps are different. The Babycenter app is pretty okay, too. Kind of bossy, though ;)

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Update! Update! ;-)


My new absolute favorite app is "Pregnancy Day By Day." It's by the publishers of the book by the same name and it's pretty great. Daily (DAILY!) photos, info on development, advice, etc. It is about $4 but I'm using it more than any of my pregnancy books and so I say it is worth it. 

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