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Huntsville Chickenpox

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    I an in real need of finding a chicken-pox party.  Our son is required to either have the vaccination (not happening) or a verified case of chicken pox for admittance to school this year.  The school is not accepting a waiver for this.  We are vehemently against this vaccine due to a history of reactions to vaccines.  If there is anyone out there with a contagious kid, we would love to know about it.  We would be willing to drive up to 250 miles from our home in Huntsville, AL.  Thanks.



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Bumping for attention. Anyone having a party?

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I just got word that someone has come down with it in my hometown area in Southern Indiana. Pox party is in the works and I will try to get my girl exposed if someone catches it from the party. I'm planning a trip up there within the next few weeks. I live near Nashville and if we successfully catch it, we will definitely offer up a pox party. Let me know. I also just started a thread titled "Nashville chickenpox"

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