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Well, I realize this is lightweight stuff compared to many mamas here, but I'm feeling extra crunchy tonight because for dinner I cooked my family a stirfry made exclusively from organic veggies grown in my garden.  We only moved into this house a year and 1/2 ago, and this is the first year I've had a serious veggie garden, so hopefully this will become such a regular thing that it won't even register on my crunchometer, but for tonight I'm super pleased.  


As for my regular, usual crunchiness, we had a home birth, don't vax, didn't circumcise, used cloth diapers (even when traveling to Europe), I made my own babyfood, I babywore, I'm still BFing a 3.5 yo, we try our best to do organic, non GMO foods, oh, and we recently traveled to Cuba with 3 yo DS.  I guess I should have listed that as my crunchiest thing.  Though I confess I did break down and use disposable training pants during that trip. (a month of cloth diapers or training pants with no place to easily wash them just didn't sound like fun.) I did wear him through much of the trip, though, and came home with the pinched nerve to prove it. (In fairness to DS, that might have been the heavy backpack I was frequently wearing -- this was a research trip, and darn, books are heavy.) 

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My country crunchy list would be all from scratch paleo foods, garden, chickens, composting, canning. Hygiene: rare deodorant, no makeup, simple hairstyle, homemade soap, sewn cloth pads. Kids: cloth diaper, babywearing, breastfeed until past 2 years, homeschooling. Nothing really wacky or stand out but the whole deal is a pretty crunch lifestyle.

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We don't do routine doctor visits either. When needed for "politics" of a school or child care we visit our super crunchy doctor who of course is out of network. We make / try tons of natural remedies when sick


Elimination Communication - I did it before I even knew that it was a "thing" and now that number 3 is on the way have explained to my elder kids what we did with them - they thought it was cool


Limited TV / screen use, Babywearing & Bed Sharing (which luckily is no longer so crunchy), Diva cup, cloth pads / diapers when needed


That I'm working towards birthing out of the hospital for our 3rd baby - after 2 c's


We just made our first homemade tooth powder and am about to start trying to ferment veggies


I nurse my almost 4 year old (not that he is getting anything but drops and my discomfort while I'm pregnant) but it still soothes him greatly and have tandemed with his older sister when she thinks she ought to try it


And luckily I'm no longer too much outside the norm that my kids understand the importance of composting, non GMOs, rain barrels, not eating things with food dyes, eating organic and locally grown or home grown. We don't eat meat but my children do understand that my hope is that if one day they decide to eat it that it is locally raised with no hormones, eats organic and is lovingly cared for.

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This is so inspiring for a newbie here.


My extra crunchy things:


-Raise alpacas for fiber and use their manure for compost


-Only flush toilet for #2 or when it is close to smelling


-Biodynamic farming (we make preparations from animal parts for the garden)


-Natural family planning


-Get Raw milk in exchange for vegetables weekly


-We have only used air conditioning once this year, after it was too hot to sleep


-Cold showers

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I never think of myself as very "crunchy" (everything I do just seems.....well, natural!).  Here's the things I can think of:

  • born on intentional hippy community, The Farm, with Ina May Gaskin as my mom's midwife
  • use fertility awareness method and gladrags....I'm aware of the changes in me all throughout my cycle and am always sharing them with DH
  • don't take meds for my epilepsy ("manage" with acupuncture, neurofeedback and other natural treatments)
  • I have pics/tapetries of Hindu dieties allover our house, a meditation room, a Guru and always say "spirituality" instead of "religion"
  • my dad owns a health food store and my mom works at a juice bar
  • used elimination communication
  • had an unassisted birth
  • DH cooked placenta after babies' births
  • buy all kinds of grains/legumes in 25 lb (or more) bags and have a large pantry filled with glass jars of them and of lots of different spices/herbs
  • my kids think it is a big treat to chew up spirulina tablets!
  • home education with lots of "free time"
  • 5 year-old son reads nutritional labels himself before buying/eating anything and shares his opinions with others on the item's health value
  • 8 year old son loves to do yoga and meditate with me
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