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I actually grew up "crunchier" than I became.  When I was a kid we had an outhouse (really I mean- pooping in a bowl of clean water in the house is kind of wild smile.gif.)

I still take a really fast shower because we shared solar shower bags.  We had kerosene lamps and no TV.  My Dad built all of the houses we lived in as a kid and one had a sod roof.  We grew much of our own food.  I know how to milk cows, pluck chickens, and toss hay bales. 

As an adult, I still keep laying chickens and a garden, and believe that knowing where all my food comes from is very important.  I have never dyed my hair and don't wear makeup or traditional deodorant.  I bed share and breastfeed my toddlers.  I believe little kids should be naked and dirty whenever possible.  I would be an avid baby-wearer and carry my LO everywhere on my hip, but neither of my girls have been that into the confinement of any carrier for long.  But I also have my differences from many who consider themselves crunchy.  I love HBO and the Discovery channel and Bravo and believe some TV can be educational (and is VERY useful for parents).  I have never been able to fit cloth diapering or EC into my work schedule.  I believe in vaccination, but I do choose which, when, and do one at a time.   I didn't know that washing my hair only once a week or keeping nice work shoes in my car so I can wear flip flops every where else was crunchy- but then, like I said, I was indoctrinated really young.  smile.gif

I really like the pp who said they rode a horse to the drive in.  It was always my fantasy to ride a horse to the store, but we lived too far from town.


I still am comfortable in very 'primitive' living situations, but I appreciate some luxuries when I can get them.  I share the fantasy of some pps to really move off the grid some day, but I think I would still want WiFi.

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Originally Posted by Lazurii View Post

Ah, I forgot to add that I don't shave my pits or my legs.  And my hair is blue.

Haha! Awesome :-D

lima bean: that Barbara Kingsolver quote is hiarious!! People have so much squash that they try to put it in other people's backseats lol.gif.

kitteh: having an orgasmic birth doesn't make you crunchy, it makes you a crunchy goddess love.gif
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I have been breastfeeding for 28 collective years, much of that in tandem. We homebirth, unschool, and never use commercial cleaners. We use only cloth and never use bottles. We only see a doc for emergencies, relying on a naturopath and my homeopathy kit instead. We offer free and low cost therapy to those in need instead of charging top dollar for it like most therapists do in our area. My hubby offered free mediation during the occupy movement. We have six awesome kiddos. I use a diva cup. I make all our food. And..... My youngest child was conceived in a blizzard under the night sky, in the woods, in 30 degrees below zero while Venus BLAZED in the midnight sky. Hey, how else can a couple with five kids have a romp if not in the woods at night??? wink1.gif. As such.., her middle name is Venus.
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Originally Posted by Tizzy View Post

I've had 3 unassisted births, for now I think that's my biggest crunchy badge peace.gif
We homeschool, do not vax, use herbal and homeopathic remedies, grow most of our own meats, have our own dairy animals, make our own yogurt and cheese, I use a diva cup, we cloth diaper and line dry, re-purpose clothing by sewing rather than buying more. We use natural cleaners, enjoy thriftshopping and the kids and I rarely wear socks 3 seasons of the year!

We heat our entire home exclusively with wood and 90% of our meals are made from scratch. I can/freeze/preserve/dry as much as possible!

Writing all this out reminds me why my mainstream friends think I'm weird winky.gif


I shaved my forearms for several years, the dark hair really icks me out. Now it doesn't grow in dark or thick, contrary to what my grandma lectured me about shrug.gif

Most of this is true for me, too. But one of the crunchiest things we do is EC, and not just at home, but when we venture forth from our rural hamlet and living-on-the-land lifestyle, we will pee our toddler in parking lot medians, public parks, and even right on the parking lot pavement. After I was doing this with my daughter for a while, I read some threads in the EC board, and realized that some people were really freaked out by this. oops! But honestly, I just get grossed out even more by public gas station bathrooms, and don't want my kids touching things in there, so I go on the lookout and do it in the bushes.


Otherwise, we live a passive solar lifestyle, grow a lot of our own food, have a milk cow that we share with other families, I preserve food for winter, we make our own meals cuz there aren't any restaurants here, I Diva cup with cloth pads (same ones for over 10 years! though they are maybe due for replacement), we grow our own eggs, we buy meat from our neighbors, and almost never go to the doctor. My kids have never taken antibiotics (nor have I for over 10 years). I spin some of my own yarn, too. That's my favorite!

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This thread is so inspiring!



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I love my diva cup and cloth pads.  I have a funny story about cloth menstrual pads.  First, I should say that sorting laundry isn't my special skill.  I know that I could put the pads in a mesh laundry bag and keep them all together.  I tend to just throw them in with the dark load.  After leaving my husband and filing for divorce, I lived with my parents for about a year.  I often washed their laundry with my own.  One day my sister found my dad making breakfast in the kitchen.  But what was that strange pink thing in his back pocket?  It turned out to be one of my washable panty liners.  I'm really sorry that I missed the whole scene and only got to hear about it from my sister.  (I'm sure Dad never talks about it.)

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I use homemade deodorant (coconut oil, cornstarch, baking soda, essential oils).


I have one pair of shoes for winter and one for summer. Otherwise I'm barefoot.


I use a squatty potty.


I am a little insane in my avoidance of flame retardants - we don't have a traditional couch (a daybed organic mattress on the floor instead).


Lots of other things too... not sure if they're crunchy or just quirks.

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Oh, and I made my own soap with breast milk - great for sensitive skin!

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I'm just starting to learn about flame retardants.  I hope to get an organic mattress when our futon mattress wears out.  I'm glad that our couch is a Goodwill find from the 1960's.  I'm not sure if they used flame retardants back then, but hopefully it has outgassed everything yucky by now.

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I learned from this thread that what we do is called "family cloth."  I didn't know there were others out there who did it.  Actually, I'm the only one who uses it as toilet paper, since I have all boys who only wipe using toilet paper when they go poop anyway. But our stack gets used as toilet paper, dusting and cleaning rags, breast pads and so on.  It is all made from ugly and unwanted receiving blankets, and lasts forever.

My 9yo son cut the cord at our last homebirth.  He wanted to catch the baby, but  that is dad's job, and all the boys had forgotten what breast milk tasted like and asked to taste some in a bottle.  (I didn't tell their father about that!)

We know about edible weeds and use them in salads when we can (we live in the city, so I will only use what we find/grow in our yard.)

Cloth pads.

Cloth diapers...on baby #4, I figured out how to use t-shirts like flatfolds--I didn't have time to make new cloth diapers, or money to spend. They work great.

Make my own kefir.

No-poo/lo-poo. No make-up.

Make my own laundry soap.


The cold bath outside in the winter thing is intriguing.  I for one can't stand cold showers, even in the summer, and don't even like cold air in the bathroom in the winter.  I keep the house at 68 in the winter, but use a little electric heater in the bathroom when I shower. It could be because I have long hair, and long wet hair is COLD. 

However, we got rid of our car a year ago and do everything on bikes, foot, or transit.  It is amazing how much cold the kids can tolerate on bikes.  They were comfortable right down to 32 degrees, and I can go to about 20 degrees, and the husband more.  I suppose with proper equipment, we could tolerate more cold, but buying warmer equipment costs more than walking instead!


I'm sure there's more.  My husband hates it when I say "Well, how do you think they did it for the past 10,000 years until the invention of x in the last century?"  Because really, I'm not THAT crunchy.

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Quick question since several people have mentioned using the Diva cup and cloth pads. I haven't used my cup yet, but it sounds like you have to wear pads also? Ugh, the whole point of me going this route was to cut down on waste but now I'll be using (disposable, for now) pads, so it kind of cancels out my intention. My "crunch" is getting soggier by the minute!
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I find that a Diva Cup holds as much as a super tampon, so if you need to use a pad with a super tampon then you'll need to use one with the Diva Cup.  On my heavy days I can fill a cup in 1-2 hours, and then it starts to slide out of me.  Wearing a pad helps me to avoid an accident.  Also, pulling the cup out to clean it seems to drag some menstrual blood to the vaginal opening, and I would rather have that caught on a mama cloth than my underroos.


On my light days I can wear the cup for several hours without wearing a pad.

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I had an unassisted birth.

I ate my placenta after 2 of my births.

I prefer to walk barefoot.

I cloth diaper, and partial EC.

We do not ever see the doctor unless it is warranted, and we do not vaccinate. We're all about supporting the immune system with REAL FOOD!

We unschool.

We ferment our own foods.

I had dreadlocks for two years.

My kids are all no-poo.

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Ok, what is no-poo and lo-poo?
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"no shampoo" etc.


Does knowing what it means make me crunchier by proxy?

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Originally Posted by nutmeg86 View Post

Ok, what is no-poo and lo-poo?

We're so crunchy that our diets are perfect for our bodies so there is no waste and we never have to poop.


Sorry, couldn't resist. Cleaning hair with something other than shampoo is the real answer.

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I guess I set myself up for that one smile.gif

Thank you, I've heard of that before but I guess i havent heard the slang for it.
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I make all our medicines, soap, salves, tinctures, and other bath beauty and health products. Including the dogs and cat. joy.gif

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Thread Starter 
Wow, that's impressive ian'smommaya!

Really a lot of the stuff I'm reading in this thread is impressive!
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Originally Posted by Stephafriendly View Post

Oh, and I made my own soap with breast milk - great for sensitive skin!

recipe please!!!


i'm not crunchy!  i just don't hang w/ enough of you peeps.


1. diva cup- old cloth diapers for overnight pads

2. charting for NFP

3. work for farms to get milk and meat

4. no-poo, rare baths for kids

5. homemade deodorant (jasmine and vetiver and cedarwood scented stored in beautiful old avon containers i found for free, mmmmmm)

6. 90+% made from scratch food every day

7. gluten-free house, grain-free mama

8. donated milk to another baby for 5+ months through human milk for human babies

9. 4 kids potty trained by 2 years old through EC starting around 14 months

10. make-up?  just bought organic mascara.  yup, that's it.  i never touch the stuff (ha to all theater people- me too, and modeling, i hate hair products too!)

11. never buy dog food.  my dog is 8 1/2 years old and is on something like the BARF diet called mommy feeds her raw milk, organ meat and table scraps (breastmilk for a season)

12. unschooling

13. non-vaxxing (poor dr's, they're not happy)

14. home-dr'ing on most things.  sweat a fever, chicken stock and cod liver oil for any illness.  i still do well-baby visits, but only b/c

15. 3 homebirths, didn't wash the baby.  didn't eat the placenta.  i should have for boasting rights!  i love my midwife.  

16. unjobbing- both of us.  we are living the dream

17. homemade cleaning products

18. i just got given my first pair of brand new shoes in 4 or 5 years, teva flip-flops.  that's pretty bad.... 

19. only buy underwear and socks new- even for the kids.  we try not to buy any clothes but hubby is needing some updates on the wardrobe.... anyone got men's clothes they want to send my way?  oh- did buy a bathing suit for this summer.  it was so nice to have one that fit!

20. my toothpaste is sea salt, kelp powder, and baking soda.  


i'm sure i'm missing somethings that other people consider crunchy.  i don't think it's extreme at all!  it's just how we live.  

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