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Awful Mood Swings.

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Who else is having this problem? I am SO moody I can't even stand myself. It's either bouncing of the walls with excitement, crying for no (or every) reason, or angry at the universe. Right now it's the latter and writing this is an attempt to calm meyself down. I have spent the day cleaning like a mad woman and giving the evil eye to anyone (or anything) who gets in my way.. I am angry at my husband for not helping out, but it's probably safer for him to keep his distance. 


At least my anger releases itself in a productive manner. Usually. I get my best work done when I am mad! But I need to control myself, because I can see myself doing something crazy, like getting rid of our dog (who I usually love) while husband is gone, or spending a paycheck on baby things. Ahh!

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I can definitely relate...I don't like feeling as though I'm on a roller coaster of emotions. I generally try to give myself a bit of grace and recognize the huge changes in my body, family, and life that are causing these mood swings. Exercise also seems to help me quite a bit even if its just a quick walk with the dog. Hang in there!

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I feel you, Tiffa! And so I'm back seeing my therapist again, for the first time since before I began TTC... And then after I've seen her a few times on my own, DP and I are gonna go see her together, just to get a jumpstart on all the changes coming our way when the baby arrives smile.gif
I'm *not* looking forward to the post-partum hormone shift, that's for sure!
Hugs to you.
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Thanks guys. Exercise is a good idea. Granite good luck with your therapist. I will definitely be wary of the postpartum hormones as well! Lucky for me I love Fall and Winter so having a November baby for me will be good I think. 

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I have a history with clinical depression so I'm extra wary of the hormonal changes.  I don't get angry as often as I get completely weepy and desolate.  And that scares me.  But then it goes away quickly (which it doesn't when I am actually clinically depressed) so I'm not too worried about it.  Yet.  The postpartum period is definitely going to be watched very very closely.

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Yeah, ultrafighter, weepy/desolate is where I go too... Even in cases that previously would've made me annoyed or angry. Are you planning on doing anything in particular to ward off PPD? I know a lot of folks who had their placentas encapsulated & took the pills as a preventative measure, but I'm not sure I believe it works... Though I suppose I could try it regardless!
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I've only looked at the surface of encapsulation, granite.  I want to do some more research for sure, but I'm not leaning one way or the other yet.  My therapist retired so I'd have to find a new one, but I'm most likely going to start seeing one soon after birth just as a sort of preemptive strike as it were.  Talk about things from the get-go before things turn into a problem.

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Ugh, I'd hate to have to go therapist-shopping right now... I'm sorry that's on your plate, ultrafighter!

Going to therapy while pregnant has been... A bit different! I just cry *so* much more than I think I normally would, LOL.
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