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HELP! I really need a west central FL homebirth midwife!!!

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I'm new to the group and am hoping someone can help me. I'm in the beginning of my 6th month of pregnancy with our absolute last baby and NEED to have a homebirth (unless, of course, there are complications). I've had my last 4 babies at home with zero problems. My issue is that we recently moved to west central Florida (about an hour north of Tampa) to Hernando County and found out that I am not elligible for a homebirth without a physician's "note" because I've had too many babies. What????

I have asked every person I've met with children about their physician. I've spoken with Labor of Love and All Women's. Both places have told me that there are basically NO homebirth friendly physicians in the area that would be willing to meet with me and provide the letter giving me the ok to have a homebirth. The "legal limit" is 6 babies and this is our 8th. I guess that the doctors here are either worried about liability or are really just hoping to make money off people like me themselves. I find this crazy since even my hospital practice midwives have told me that I have no reason to not birth at home considering I've never had any of the worrisome issues that come along with lots of babies. They even told me that any one of them would deliver me at home but can't because they only do the hospital thing now. Like I said, I've never had any issues before and if there was an emergency I live about 3 minutes from the hospital.

That being said, I have three choices: 1 - I can birth at home unassisted. I don't want to do this unless I have no other option. 2 - I can PRAY that someone will read this and knows of a midwife that can help me get a doctor's note and be here for my little boy's birth. 3 - I can have the baby at the hospital. In all honesty, I don't think I could go through with this option. I had my first 3 babies in a Florida hospital (other coast) before I moved to Colorado and learned about homebirth. Those births were as bad as you can get but not because of MY complications or anything wrong with the baby. It was all the normal and horrible crap that most hospitals think they can try and force on you or threaten you with.

I know this is long but my hope is that someone will know someone who can connect me with help. I'm willing to do whatever it takes to have my baby at home - even if I have to "lie" on paper and swear to having birthed only 5 babies before. If there is a midwife that can help I can put her in touch with my midwives back in CO who can answer any question she may have about my history, health, and births. I met someone that does have a homebirth midwife in this part of Florida and she worked "outside the box" so to speak but she is due with her own little one and can't take on new clients until after the first of the year.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!

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I know this isn't your goal, but what about a birth center?  I can't tell exactly where you are, but I love my midwife (Jennie Joseph at the Birth Place in Orlando).  Not sure if that is too far, or if you are "risked out" due to "so many" (HA!) babies . . . but thought I'd throw that out as an option.  Hugs!  This must be super stressful!


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I used Kim Verbarg with sweet child of mine in Brandon. She is awesome! Next time I am pregnant I will be in the same boat with the number of pregnancies. Anyway, I think she travels up to an hour and I think she would be able to recommend some doctors to get the approval you need. If you look up Sweet Child o mine midwife you should be able to find her contact info. Hope this helps. 

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If she can't help, let me know. My friend uses a doctor in Plant City that she thought would give me a note to use the midwife next time I am expecting. I can try to get the number from her as well.

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